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LPD officers surround shirtless man at Leesburg shopping center

Officers surround a shirtless man who was bothering customers at at Del Rio restaurant in Leesburg on July 31. Times-Mirror/Trevor Baratko
Passersby of a Leesburg shopping center near East Market Street and Fort Evans Road may have seen an alarming scene around 12:30 p.m. Sunday with police officers surrounding a shirtless man with their tasers drawn.

Leesburg Police Department officers received a call about a shirtless man who was acting suspicious near the Del Rio Mexican restaurant. A restaurant worker said the man appeared intoxicated. The restaurant worker said the man has been "panhandling" and approaching the eatery's customers.

According to LPD, when responding officers arrived, they located the man “who was noticeably unstable on his feet and was unable to keep his eyes open.” After seeing police, the man, who had a can of beer in a bag in his hand, immediately became hostile toward the officers and began cursing and yelling.

LPD officers had their tasers drawn, and repeated attempts were made to calm the man down. The man at one point clenched his fist and began advancing toward officers, according to LPD.

After a short struggle, the man was taken into custody and was subsequently transported to a local hospital. An emergency commitment order was issued after a mental evaluation was conducted.

An LPD spokesman said Monday there is no other information, including whether charges are pending, available at this time.

Correction: This story has been updated to correct the location of the plaza where the incident took place.


That dude is lucky it was not LC Sheriff, he might not have made it.  Anyone who has watched more than one episode of cops has seen cops take an unruly character down and cuff him with out tasers or guns.  Its all about the training, the LC Police have more stuff on them than my guys had when we crossed the LOD into Kuwait and Iraq.  Military people are trained to kill, so you dress like a soldier and train like one, in a stressful situation, what are you going to do?

and let the Monday Morning quarterbacking begin from all the people who have no LE or Military training or experience.

Agree with Thomas, LCSO has had numerous scuffles that ended bad.. Someone intoxicated around noon on Sunday has issues. I’m starting to see more and more panhandlers in Loudoun, especially near Walmart/Sam’s club and Mall area.

Rude Loudoun - please don’t confuse the LPD with the LCSO. You left out the fact that the psychotic woman, regardless of size, had a large knife and was running at two sheriff officers. She was shot 4 times to be exact (I don’t know how many times it actually takes to make a ricochet, but it did cause her death). They did try to taser her initially, but their equipment failed. Perhaps I would have done something else, under the circumstance, but perhaps not as I was not at the scene. I eat at this restaurant with my family and the type of behavior from this grown man, at noon or any other time, is saddening. The Owners of the restaurant are nice folks and the food is generally good.

.. Now if he had a rock or paper that would have been another story Rude Loudoun.

Well good. A couple of years ago our Boys in Blue couldn’t take down a tiny Asian woman in Costco with a pair of scissors, opting to instead shoot at her so many times a ricochet hit another officer.

I’m pleased to see they’ve trained up some and can now take down a drunkard. Luckily for the drunkard he wasn’t carrying scissors.

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