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A luxe gun club could be coming to Commonwealth Center in Ashburn

Proposed high-end shooting range at the members-only Caliber Club. Courtesy Photo
Imagine spending the day at a shooting range, then taking up a self-defense and yoga class, snagging a massage and throwing a party, all under one roof.

Later this year, you may be able to do so under a new concept that’s being proposed by Caliber Club, Shooting Sports, Inc. at the Peterson Company’s Commonwealth Center off Route 7 near One Loudoun.

The company submitted plans with the county earlier this month.

If approved, the new Caliber Club venue will be a members-only club that will boast a two-story, 96,700-square-foot facility and include a 16,718-square-foot indoor shooting range with three “separate and distinct ranges,” meeting spaces, party rooms, billiards room, a juice and smoothie bar, a cigar bar and a cafe.

The Caliber Club will have member lounges that will boast private locker rooms, massage rooms and saunas. An athletic facility will also be on site with a variety of fitness classes from Jiu-Jitsu, Krav-Maga, to Muay-Thai, boxing, mixed martial arts and self-defense, as well as yoga and spinning.

“There is nothing like it in the country,” Jeff Brown, the leading investor in the proposal, said in a prepared statement. “ … We know that we’ll have members who join for the athletic facilities or gun range alone, but our research shows there is a demand for the full lifestyle experience.”

With the help of extensive soundproofing and design, the company said the club will be sound isolated and protected from other noise within the facility.

The proposal is still pending a zoning determination and approval of a modified process site plan with the county.

What a lounge area in the proposed luxury shooting range would look like if approved. Courtesy Photo

Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run), who represents the Commonwealth Center, said the company still needs approval from the Board of Supervisors on a zoning change request from planned development office park to planned development industrial park.

Meyer said his office has been working to land the shooting range in his district for weeks. He thinks the shooting range will add to the "unique model" the county is trying to create in the area with the One Loudoun and Commonwealth Center developments.

"This model is going to make this corridor really stand out," Meyer said of Caliber Club's plans.

The company said that although there are a number of other high-end clubs around the country, none combine the level of “ luxury, athletic facilities and other amenities” they are proposing.

The club will include a 36,791-square-foot athletic and recreation area, an 8,800-square-foot café and more than 30,000 square feet of retail space and membership amenities.

The company said it hopes to break ground in early 2018 and open in early 2019.

“This is all about VIP treatment and great customer service,” Brown said.

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According to Everett my guns must be broken. They haven’t killed one person.

Are there special air filtration and ventilation criteria that need to be met for indoor gun ranges?  I agree with RavnManSam that it be available for non-member training.

Everett - Criminals have guns and will always have guns.  This place will teach responsible people how to use their legal guns so that they can protect themselves, their families and the neighbors from those criminals.  The more education and training, the better for everyone involved, except of course the criminals.

Seems like the same model the silver eagle group was supposed to be.  A shooters country club.  Glad to see the county have two high end shooting ranges within a mile of each other.  Too bad it’s just another warehouse space.  That seems to be what Ron Meyers wants.  Warehouse office parks, residential, and a bridge to Maryland.

Awesome idea! Sounds like the perfect place for those of us who choose to responsibly excercise our 2nd Amendment rights by enjoying the sport of target shooting and practicing how to use our firearms effectively and safely.

Why limit the entire facility to Members only?  I would like to use the range (for a fee of course) like I do Top Golf.

they should serve alcohol just to round this place out. (sarcasm) I am against this place. guns kill people and should be only in the hands of law enforcement. I would have preferred more townhouses or shopping center.

C’mon, what’s the worst that can happen?

It is obnoxious when you take guns out of the realm of personal protection to the point where a mani pedi or a massage is the perfect chaser after squeezing off a clip or two. Guns are now a status item or a fashion accessory. The world laughs at us.


Just when you thought this country’s gun culture couldn’t get more obnoxious.

What a stupid comment. This country doesn’t have a “gun culture”. We have a Second Amendment culture, and it isn’t “obnoxious”.

Just when you thought this country’s gun culture couldn’t get more obnoxious.

Its better than more housing or another data center.

Lets make it happen.

I thought this was a joke…

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