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Lyme Disease disclosure bill passes hurdle

The Lyme Disease Information Disclosure Act, sponsored by Del. Barbara Comstock (R-34th) passed another hurdle Feb. 19 as it passed the House of Delegates 56-40. The bill will now go to Gov. Bob McDonnell for signature.

The new law would require doctors to disclose the possibility of a false negative when being tested for Lyme Disease. False negatives have been a recurring problem with Lyme Disease, an illness where early detection and treatment is critical.

Disclosure of the possibility of false negatives for Lyme Disease is intended to encourage retesting for those with Lyme symptoms. More information on Lyme Disease is available through the National Capital Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Association at their website here.

"The passage of House Bill 1933 is a great step in raising awareness about this terrible disease and the high incidence of patients receiving false negative tests for Lyme. I have heard from many of my constituents about how they or someone in their life suffers from Lyme Disease," said Comstock in a prepared statement.


Believe me, if you had this disease, and you had had the opportunity and knowledge to do further testing,  I think you would embrace this legislation.  All it is, is a disclosure to patients to be aware that Lyme tests have higher false-negatives than other screenings.  Since most people are not versed in Lyme Disease and its myriad of symptoms and effects, the ones who are aware, are unfortunately the ones who already have it.  I have it, as does my whole family.  It sucks on many levels.  I don’t wish it on anyone.  So, if this bill educates just one person about the seriousness of it, then I’m all for it.

Isn’t there the possibility of a false negative in nearly any test?

For a political party that is supposed to be so hands off, these Rs sure love to tell doctors what to do.

In other news, healthcare is up 20% due to additional testing for Lyme Disease due to false negative tests…..

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