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Man charged in Nabra Hassanen killing had history of ‘violence and aggression’ at Loudoun schools

Darwin Martinez Torres
The Sterling man accused of murder in the high-profile killing of Nabra Hassanen near the Fairfax-Loudoun county line had a history of “violence and aggression” at Park View and Potomac Falls high schools, according to new reports.

The accused, 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres, had “recorded disciplinary incidents while he was a student” at the Loudoun County high schools. “The incidents include acts of violence and aggression,” according to a search warrant in Loudoun County.

The warrant was first reported by the Washington Post.

Hassanen was attacked around 3:40 a.m. June 18 as she and a group of friends were returning to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque in Sterling for early morning Ramadan observance. She is believed to have died after Torres beat her with a baseball bat and dumped her body in a Sterling pond. A medical examiner's report showed Hassanen died of blunt-force trauma to the head and neck.

The incident sparked vigils across the nation, as many view the killing as a hate crime due to Hassanen being Muslim.

Authorities have classified the violent attack as stemming from “road rage.” Torres reportedly got into a dispute with the group and then chased after them with his car, eventually catching up with and chasing down Hassanen.

Another search warrant filed in Loudoun and reported by the Washington Post shows Loudoun County authorities investigated an anonymous call to the ADAMS center the day after Hassanen's murder.

“I hope the guy shoved pork down her throat,” the caller said. “Why don’t you go back to where you came from?”

The call was eventually traced to Florida, but no charges were filed.

A third search warrant filed in Fairfax County states Torres eventually led detectives and investigators to Hassanen's body after being arrested the day of the attack.

Torres, a citizen of El Salvador, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Fairfax County on Oct. 13. While Hassanen's body was located in Loudoun County, the Fairfax County's commonwealth's attorney is handling the prosecution since the incident began as a missing persons report in Fairfax.



This is an illegal from El Salvador. Please correct this agregious error, LTM.

Let me remind folks that Liberals want us to open the floodgates to all, including mostly unskilled labor. We are told to ignore the (significant) gang members and focus on the very few “dreamers” who become valedictorians.

Yet when Arkansas Senator Pryor proposes an immigration bill to prioritize such valedictorians and highly skilled labor on entry, Dems told us that was “racist”. Say what! If the goal is to get talented immigrants, we should prioritize talented immigrants, Hispanics, Africans, Asians and all.

The Dems open border policy is simply a way to get future Liberal votes via abdication of our laws. It’s shameful yet none the Dems on here will admit to supporting such underhanded political trickery. And thus one of their prized “oppressed” (Muslim) was murdered by one of their “cherished assets” (Salvadorean illegal). Maybe one of McAuliffe’s future Dem teammates can reinstate this guy’s voting rights down the road.

Disgusting all around.

FredSanford, I think the theory behind allowing undocumented kids to attend our schools and get driver licenses was that otherwise they would become criminals.  There seem to be some exceptions to that theory.

Virginia SGP,

No way he’s a dreamer.  Dreamers are too busy curing cancer and inventing cold fusion.

Curious whether Loudoun County Sheriff’s office was ever called to the schools for his violence and aggression? And what was his age when he attended Park View and Potomac Falls?

Media continue to play down the fact this was NOT a hate crime.  Police said it was not.  But it was an American killed by an illegal, and the media play that down, too

Lévrier: Requiring an SSN isn’t checking immigration status. It’s simply a tracking number issued by the Federal Government for enrolled students. Now if people illegally in the country can’t seem to obtain an SSN (preventing them from attending school), that isn’t our problem.

@FredSanford You can thank the US Supreme Court for that.  They have ruled (Plyler v. Doe) that K-12 schools are not allowed to check or use immigration status as a reason to deny education to a student.

Why does the subject of story and introducing the data about the phone call, pork and Florida have anything to do with the MS-13 illegal alien murderer?! Stick to the story…..

A “dreamer”!

“Torres, a citizen of El Salvador”, and this guy was enrolled in Park View and Potomac Falls High School?

Why is it that we cannot require all students enrolled in LCPS must have a Social Security Number? We require they have their shots and enforce that requirement. Requiring students have an SSN will guarantee that only legitimate citizens are enrolled in our schools.

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