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Man indicted in 2015 hammer attack at Leesburg outlets set to appear in court

Bradford Cellucci Courtesy Photo/Rapsheets.org
The man charged in the 2015 hammer attack at the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets is expected to appear in Loudoun County Circuit Court Friday for a 10 a.m. pre-trial hearing, according to online court documents.

Bradford Cellucci, 25, was indicted in late January on one count of aggravated malicious wounding stemming from the heavily publicized 2015 attack.

The attack happened at the Polo Ralph Lauren store, where the victim – an employee – suffered puncture wounds in the neck.

The employee was reportedly assisting Cellucci with a clothing purchase and escorting him to a fitting room when he was struck in the neck by the suspect, according to reports. The claw end of the hammer made impact with the side of the victim’s neck causing puncture wounds. After striking the victim, the suspect fled the store and ran toward the parking lot.

The victim, an 18-year-old Leesburg man, was taken to the Inova Fairfax Hospital by ambulance. The hammer that was used to strike the victim was recovered on scene.

Cellucci was located and arrested in Texas following a special grand jury indictment.


I don’t think all hammers should be banned… just the scary-looking ones with black paint and pistol grips. I don’t care if that style of hammer is not the most dangerous. They scare me and nobody NEEDS one.

The semi-automatic gun used in the VA Tech massacre was a handgun.

I didn’t cherry pick anything.  More people commit murder with blunt objects than rifles.

Handguns (not rifles) are still the murderers’ weapon of choice and are used to kill the most people.

I just looked up the fact and found it interesting and wasn’t looking for a debate…but, it is clear that liberals are up in arms over assault weapons, which are rifles.  If you think the tool is the problem, then handguns are what you need to focus your efforts on.

David Dickinson
The FBI statistics you have cherry-picked were published in 2017 covering 2016.  Murders committed with all types of guns total 11,004.  Murders committed with all types of blunt objects (including hammers) total 472.
I echo the brave teenagers from Parkland Florida. Lies and Statistics coming from right wing kooks are not to be believed.

Can I conceal carry a hammer without a permit?

2-day waiting period?  Hilarious.

Lawman, I can’t believe you aren’t constantly at the chiropractor with a chip on your shoulder that large.

I’m calling for a total ban on Hammers.  I’m also starting a group called DUHH….Dads Using Hammers Harmlessly, to advocate responsible Hammer safety and usage.

What the Ashburn Farm resident doesn’t understand that there are probably half million CHP holders in Virgina so I feel much safer knowing that.  But I seriously think we should ban the carry of hammers.  I wonder if he bought across the street at the Home Depot without a two day waiting period.

I know why some little guys like big trucks and guns but I wonder what sort of compensation a hammer provides this fellow?

Is “Weapon of War” the latest liberal catch phrase?

Well at @Dave Dickerson if he got hit in the neck by a round from an AR-15 or other Assault Weapon, the charge would be murder. So don’t you feel silly. BTW, the victim was Black. Don’t it would have took nearly three years to convict a Black man for hitting a white man with a hammer or a feather in Loudoun County.

David Dickinson- I will follow the lead of the brave kids in Parkland FL.  The FBI statistics for 2016 (the last yearly statistics published) are as follows:  Murder by handgun 7,105.  Murder by Firearms, type not stated 3,077.  Murder by rifles, 374.  Murder by shotguns, 262.  Murder by Other Guns, 186.  Murder by Blunt Objects (clubs, hammers, etc.) 472.  I will save you time with your calculator.  The murders from all guns was 11,004 versus 472 from blunt objects, including hammers.  There are lies and statistics.  You my friend are using statistics to spread right wing lies.

Resident of Ashburn Farm:

Yes, I can see the difference.  I can also recognize and understand the point of the comment…......

Just because of this article, I looked up how many people are killed with hammers every year.  It turns out that, according to the FBI, more people are killed with blunt objects (in which category they include hammers) than by rifles.  I’m not making this up.  It is true, if you believe the FBI, who are bit suspect as of late.

David Dickenson - Hammers are tools that are not designed to attack and kill human beings.  The same can not be said for semi-automatic weapons of war.  Even you can see the difference.

I am outraged that in 3 years we still don’t have a federal ban on hammers.

Good thing he was armed with a hammer and not a semi automatic weapon of war.  Carnage avoided.

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