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Man posing as Hillary Clinton robs Sterling bank at gunpoint


A gun-wielding man wearing a Hillary Clinton mask robbed a Sterling bank on Dec. 27, authorities said.

The man walked into the Wachovia bank in Community Plaza about 9:14 a.m., approached a teller, brandished a firearm and demanded cash, according to Loudoun County sheriff’s office reports.

The robber then fled the bank in an unknown direction with an undisclosed amount of cash.

No injuries were reported, according to Kraig Troxell, spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses described the robber as a 6-foot-tall black man. He was last seen wearing a black jacket with a red shirt underneath, according to reports.

The Dec. 27 robbery is the second time the Wachovia bank in Sterling’s Community Plaza has been robbed this year.

On Nov. 20, authorities said the bank was robbed at gunpoint by Benjamin L. Sebastian, 32, of Inwood, W.Va.

Sebastian, an alleged serial bank robber, was arrested Dec. 11 and charged with six regional bank robberies, including the Sterling Wachovia bank and an Oct. 6 armed robbery of the Bank of America in Sterling’s Regal Plaza.

He remains in police custody.

Authorities are asking anyone who was in the area of the Community Plaza or the Towncenter Plaza at Route 7 and Dranesville Road between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 27 and saw anything suspicious to contact Investigator K. Poland of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at 703-777-0475.


funny how they KNOW it was 6 foot tall black man if he had a mask on…

With those buck teeth it looks more like Eleanor Roosevelt

Well, I don’t know - I think the headline did its job.  It got us to read the story!  :)

He needed money to pay for his obamacare health insurance so he wouldn’t go to jail.

The guy wearing the Hillary mask was Obama.

This is almost as intriguing as the Vince Foster case.

It’s frightening to know that so many goofy people (the commenters, I’m assuming) live within a stone’s throw of the seat of power—LouDobbs, VA.

Oh My Stars!! HAHA!! This is hilarious. I am so sorry. I mean no disrespect. But Wooo! I have to say, I don’t know which was funnier, the “incident” Or the COMMENTS!! Thanks you guys, you all cracked me up! ROFL..
Gabs ~

Maybe he needed money to pa for expensive Christmas presets!

Yablinowitz writes a very emphatic rebuttal. Big shock a jew gets worked up over money.

Anyone make sure it is not Hill

He thought about using a Monica mask, but was afraid he might blow it

Did the robber also have cankles?

Hillary is way uglier than the robber in the mask.

It was a rich wall-street white man wearing an Obama mask looking like a black man, that then wore the Hillary mask when robbing the bank.

Yablinowitz; Oh My God!!!!!!! Really?!?!? Well, it seems to be true you just can’t fix stupid

Is’nt is Normal for Politian’s to Rob people of their money? Especially Hillary! So what else is new?

Hillary, Hillary . . .  I know you still owe the bills from your 2008 campaign, but robbing banks to pay for them is not the answer.  Why not hit up Che and Franklin?  They appear to be Libs.

Report sez:  “The robber then fled the bank in an unknown direction with an undisclosed amount of cash.”

Unknown direction???? What’d the robberman do? Vanish into thin air?

Bob is absolutely correct, It’s like a real life “point break” anymore.. All the presidents are robbing the public purses? And the banks are aiding and abetting through accepting bailouts! One hand wash the other, kinda like “wax on, wax off”! ROFL Washington wreaks of hollywood, wait; that’s not right….

There was a case recently where a guy wore a mask of a black man for similar escapades.  This sounds like Hillary wore two masks, one under the other, and did it wearing elevator shoes to appear taller.  This could be the perfect crime for her, they’ll never even suspect her!

well this story isn’t really that shocking… I mean the Clinton’s have been robbing tax payers since they were in Arkansas

So how exactly do they know that it was a man and not Hilary Clinton herself?  There’s really not much of a difference is there?

my wife has a Hillary Clinton mask..she wears it every time I ask her for sex!

Why does a bank post a black and white immage of the suspect? You know darn well a bank, of all places, would have some modern security equipment.

Looks like David Bowie to me.

Sarah Palin has no power to “rob” you Mark.
Hillary Clinton is in a position of power to rob you though.
Stop drinking the kool-aid. Our current administration are the thieves and the only thing that would have been more appropriate would have been an Obama mask.

Franklin. The “one” mention was in the HEADLINE. And in the first paragraph.

Oops! That’s twice. Learn to count, and learn what it means when a newspaper puts a fact in both the headline and the lead: they consider it the most important fact in the story.

He’s black? How dare you write such a thing. Thats racist. I’m gonna sick the NAACP on you.

Oh for the love! The writer mentioned “Hillary Clinton mask” once….ONCE!!! If the robber had been wearing a bandana, the writer would have said “a bandana”. If the robber had been wearing a John Karry, Ross Periot, Bill Clinton, or Ronald Regan mask I’m pretty sure the writer would have mentioned that too because it’s the discription of the robber…Much like if the robber was black, white, Mexican, or Asian…you can’t make everything about politics! Now what if someone reading this remembers being a block away at that time and seeing a guy carrying a Hillary Clinton mask?? Are YOU going to cry foul again! Should the police not follow up on that because he had a Hillary Clinton mask? You just can’t fix stupid!

And the Hillary Clinton mask is removed to reveal the robber’s true identity: Hillary Clinton!

Let me guess what party the writer is affiliated with???  That somehow the attention should be on Hilary Clinton. Yea that really makes sense. C’Mon man!

Are we sure that’s a Hillary Clinton mask?  The photo isn’t too clear.  If so it appears to be one with buck teeth!  Fascinating mask choice!

He should’ve worn a Sarah Palin mask but this wouldn’t have arisen any suspicion because people are too stupid to see when their being robbed by a pretty face…

....why did the writer think the kind of mask the guy was wearing was the most important part of this story?

Are we entirely sure it wasn’t actually Hillary herself?  I think she should be brought in for questioning at the least.

I love it!  Too funny!  I’m glad no one was hurt.

“posing as” and wearing a rubber/plastic mask are two entirely different things. Come on, man, don’t mislead.

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