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Sen. Warner starts statewide tour in Loudoun, nabs Telos CEO endorsement

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) started his first day of Congress's August recess in Loudoun County, where he was lauded by prominent local businessman John Wood for his business-savvy and willingness to strike deals.

Wood, who said he's known Warner for more than a decade, is the chairman and CEO of the 500-employee, Loudoun-based tech firm Telos, where the senator spoke to and took questions from Telos workers.

Introducing the senator, Wood said, “As the governor, you're the CEO, you can get things done. You can actually make change. As a senator, it's a lot harder to get things done. But if anybody can, I believe Sen. Mark Warner can.”

After the event, Wood told the Times-Mirror he doesn't consider himself a Republican or Democrat and “has voted all over place, for Republicans, Democrats, independents.”

Warner, Virginia's senior senator who is up for re-election this year, hit on many familiar issues in Loudoun. He spoke about his efforts to reduce the federal debt and deficit, something he said he's been a leader on through the budget "Gang of Six," reducing student loan debt, recent bipartisan legislation he sponsored to combat sexual abuse on college campuses and continuing to find improvements with the Affordable Care Act.

Several Obamacare fixes Warner proposes include adding a lower-cost, higher-deductible "Copper" option to the federal insurance marketplace; raising the employer mandate on small businesses from those with 50 employees to those with 100 employees; and cutting back administrative requirements.

Speaking both generally and about the ACA, Warner noted "Congress never gets it right the first time," and that most significant public policies have undergone tweaks and fixes to be successful.

A former Virginia governor, Warner is squaring off against Republican Ed Gillespie in his re-election contest. Gillespie, a former adviser to President George W. Bush and former lobbyist, has made Warner's support for Obamacare a primary focus of his campaign.

Loudoun County Supervisor Ralph Buona, a Republican and vice president at Telos, attended the program and asked Warner about federal financial support for the second phase of Metro's Silver Line project, which will extend rail to the Dulles airport and into Ashburn. The first phase of the Silver Line, which opened last week, received nearly $900 million in federal funds, but the second phase isn't set to garner any federal support beyond a low-interest loan from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Warner, who called on Buona to ask the question, tied his answer to the federal Highway Trust Fund, which was set to run out of reserve funds Friday until a patchwork fix from Congress on Thursday. While there's no surefire way to guarantee the feds can contribute dollars for the second phase, more available monies in the Highway Trust Fund allows for more flexibility, Warner said.

The senator's visit to Ashburn in eastern Loudoun County was the first stop on his five-day “Fair Shot for All Virginians” tour -- a trek that will be made via automobile. Warner was highlighted in a USA Today report Thursday that showed he spent roughly $30,000 of public tax dollars last year to travel via chartered flights to public town halls and meetings with constituents.

This story has been updated from an earlier version and corrects the amount of money Sen. Warner spent on chartered flight travel.

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workhardgetahead - ACOG is only a joke for people who don’t believe in listing to doctors or scientists. I mean why would we listen to doctors about medical issues? That is crazy talk.

Dec. 2013 Gallup poll - lobbyists rank lowest of 22 professions 4 high/very high ethical standards. 6% approval, worse than 14% Congress.

“If you really believe Ed” own it and admit your foolishness - Run Enron Run, lol

I agree with orange. There is no hope for F’edup. ACOG is a joke and he passes it on as a unbiased opinion. I wonder if F’edup was still fed up when his dumocrat party held all 3 branches of government. Hey F’edup, are you Fed up with guy you voted for twice. If not there is no hope for you and you are part of the problem not part of the solution. Remember to vote the 1st Wednesday of November.

I beg to differ sir the biggest fraud in U.S. history currently resides at the White House. If you voted for him own it and admit your foolishness. Now it is compounded by our senator agreeing and voting for his failed policies that he has to lie about to get passed. If you really believe Ed was a huge part of the Enron scandal there is no hope for you and I bid you adieu!

By many you mean less than 3% side with your side. ACOG represents the vast majority.

F’edup, there are just as many doctors who have a differing opinion than what you have or your so called source ACOG, a source that says the ACA was a good thing (which we know how that is). You’re trying to push it off as an unbiased opinion, which is a total laugh. You are only proving your ideology and your liberalism.

workhardgetahead - That is funny, taking the expert opinion of doctors on a medical issue over that of lawmakers and preachers is ignorance. HA!

Ed = lobbyist 4 Enron lgst corporate fraud in US history. RLSC 2010 scam = documents allege misconduct “laundering” $ from AL tribal gaming industry. RLSC front man = Ed = got baggage?

the only ignorance in this thread is the one who takes a biased opinion and tries to push it on as a fact. You sound like a proud, bleeding liberal F’edup.

Even the right leaners in my office think this race is a joke and plan to vote Warner

Chartered flight numbers go up and people see him for what he is and his poll numbers are going down, down, down!
That’s $30,000.00 for air fare what did the bar bill cost, the hotel rooms, the meals…?
Better rethink your prediction fedupdude!

The Warner wormhole is how he is traveling nowadays. First class was to slow and he has to spend the Yankee dollar to get the economy going. Same logic as McAuliffe being a new governor but fundraising out west, yikes! This is not new age politics just fools and our taxpayer dollars being spent for their party’s benefit.

Bias is the eye of the beholder, ACOG is the largest organization representing doctors that specialize in women’s health in the world.

Its what we call and expert opinion in the field of medicine and it shows your bias and willing ignorance of the subject you accuse others of being misinformed about.

Yes it is propaganda. An organization who promotes the ACA aka Obamacare is hardly a reliable source or an unbiased source. NEXT!!

Is he flying Air Warner to get to his campaign stops paid for with the taxpayers dollars? What about hotel accommodations? Who okay’s these expenditures?

Propaganda it is.

Read what ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) wrote on the matter for instance. They represent the majority of our Obstetricians and Gynecologists in America.

Draconian laws? Hardly. Maybe this will make you think, whats wrong with requiring the mother to see or hear the heartbeat of a child in the womb? Maybe that child will be a doctor that will find a cure for AIDS or for that matter, Ebola. Is that so cruel and inhumane? And which Doctors are you referring to? I know of many Doctors that didn’t see a problem with the laws.
Now referring to abortion. The media loves to dish out propoganda to frame their distorted point of view for the lsitening public. Referring to the Hobby Lobby judgement, the MSM was out telling everyone that the Republicans want to take birth control away or make it illegal. Now if you’re intellectually honest you will know that is a bunch of bull.

workhardgetahead - Yeah total bull that is why THIS STATE tried to pass some of the most draconian laws on abortion clinics in the nation as well as the ultrasound bill; neither of which drew any support from doctors. In fact doctors denounced these laws. They did zero for women’s health and safety they were just back door attacks on abortion. One a shaming method the other an attempt to shut down 80% of clinics.

Some one is low information here, or just a propaganda lover, it is not the women in Northern VA who understand exactly what BS the state republicans support and have pushed.

Yes f’edupdude, one of the most wealthy and ‘educated’ electorates is low information. If the local electorate was educated they would know that the Democrats ‘War on Women’ was a bunch of bull. Just because someone has a degree and money doesn’t necessarily mean they are up on current events or are capable of holding a correct opinion on issues. Look at yourself for example.

LOL one of the wealthiest and most educated areas is low info. HA! Warner happens to be popular with even moderate republicans. Gillespie is a no body running against one of the most popular VA politicians besides the face the republican brand is suffering, the time to get victories on the ACA was the last election and it did not work.

As much as I hate to admit it but the Northern Virginia low information female vote will push Warner to victory. It’s ashame that an issue like the birth control issue (which is a made up issue and is a false issue) will determine who wins this seat. I’m sure F’edupdude has no problem winning a seat on the basis of a lie. Remember democrats, come November, vote early and vote often.

Warner is still going to win, the republicans did not want to waste a good candidate on this race because they know they cannot win it.

Improvements to ACA, then why vote for it? And why the need for more H1Bs? Just raise the fee to $100K for each H1B and watch the US companies hire US citizens. I wonder how many H1Bs work at Telos? Cheap labor.

First class you say!
I wonder what the hotel accommodations were like? Who approved the expenditures?
I do not speak for, nor am I registered as a republican. I tend to vote for people who I would trust with our taxpayer dollars even if I do not agree with their complete agenda see Liz Miller. It’s not the amount but where the money is being spent, Greason and Rust supported the biggest tax increase without suitable oversight in Virginia’s history. As for Woods I often have a conflict of interest with him on the LT, letters to the editor. Woods, Buona and Letourneau are not republicans and Reid is too afraid to be a republican. You are fooled once again this time because they have a R by their name but look at the voting records and spending then you’ll see the real picture. The board is divided with 4 republicans, 2 independents York and Williams and 3 rino’s with Buona, Reid and Letourneau.
How did you manage the jump from Reid and Dunn to Warner without breaking your neck, quite a stretch there.

We’ll have more flexibility says Obama to Putin or Warner to Buona, yeah look how that worked for us. Was Warner given the question Buona asked in advance and was Buona a plant? Wait, wait, hold the presses this just in from Warner’s spokesperson the so-called first class jets he used for campaign stops were really first class turbo prop planes but still first class for Warner on the taxpayer dollar.

Yes, republican eat their own.  John Woods helps the 9-0 republican board of supervisors get elected, and almost four years later, John Woods is supporting Senator Warner.  The fact that oranges869 is mocking John Woods is a clear indication that the Loudoun County republican party is in total disarray.  Always fun to watch.  And can you blame John Woods? With the likes of Ken Reid and Tom Dunn, is there any reason to wonder why John Woods would support Senator Warner?

Is this the same John wood who attended and was mentioned by Terry McAuliffe at his first speech, yes. Is this the same guy that got 500,000 from the state and matching funds for a road by Loudoun County when he held the state and county hostage vis a vis moving Telos to Maryland, yes. Oh my Ralph Buona asked a tough question just like he did when the Sheriff was over budget and the results, a bigger budget and firing range and sub-stations and so on and so forth.

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