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Maryland woman dies after Christmas Day crash on Route 15

A Maryland woman died earlier today as a result of injuries she received in a two-vehicle crash Christmas Day on Route 15.

Annalee S. Marshall, 20, of Adamstown, was airlifted from the scene to Inova Fairfax Hospital. She died from her injuries this morning.

The 12:43 p.m. crash occurred on Route 15 near Black Walnut Lane, only five miles from the Maryland state line.

According to Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office reports, Marshall, who was driving north on Route 15 in a 1997 Honda Civic, ran off the east shoulder, overcorrected and crossed into the southbound lane of traffic.

Her car struck a 2005 Acura driven by Todd Willman, 55, of Chambersburg, Pa.

Two passengers in the Acura were treated for minor injuries. A third passenger, Scott Tarner Jr., 23, was also airlifted to Inova Fairfax hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.

The crash is under investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Crash Reconstruction Unit.


It is a Catch-22, because if you improve RT.15, all it will do is spur even more development. I agree, the road should be made safer with a shoulder to guard against the people who drive off the road and then over correct, causing a wreck. As for widening the road, I vote no. Let those in Maryland relocate to Virginia if they don’t like the RT.15 commute. Same with those in WVA on RT.9.

Route 15 should be widened. If it takes eminent domain, a state bill or a act of congress. Hiding property using so-called preservation gives leave to the nimby association.

You mean the Board of Supervisors is approving swaths of developments without thinking about transportation? 


It would be perfectly fine keeping Route 15 as a “country road” that would be fine (preferable to me actually) if they weren’t approving so many new developments. Either keep the roads narrow with little traffic while limiting development or expand the roads if you are going to build like mad.

FredSanford….whatever it takes is fine…the difference between driving 15 in Maryland (from Point of Rocks to 340) and driving 15 in Virginia (from Point of Rocks to Lucketts) is like night and day and there should be some type of shoulder improvement done….I think the Maryland folks would be very understanding since their state obviously took major steps to improve the safety of that road in their state.

Rt 15 is designated as a “historic” highway. That’s the argument in why it can’t be widened. Well part of it anyways. The other part is why should Loudoun and VA pay for Maryland drivers to cut through the county? Same argument with Rt 9 and WV commuters.

The county needs to do something. If you think the traffic is bad coming through Lucketts/Leesburg now, just wait a year. There’s a ton of new developments cropping up all over Lucketts along 15. It’s going to be a nightmare.

The county needs to start thinking long term. Be proactive and beef up the roads and infrastructure now instead of reactive after everything is built up and Loudoun is gridlocked.

Route 15 is a “Country Road”. It was never designed to handle these traffic volumes. I propose we setup a tollbooth at the bridge to pay for road improvements.

People have been getting killed on this stretch of 15 for decades now.  VDOT made minor improvements in a few places during that time, but overall, this is one very dangerous road.  There is little to no room for driver error.  Unfortunately for this very young woman, the shoulders are not nearly as safe as they SHOULD be.  It’s time we demand more safety from Richmond on two-lane highways. She is not the first fatality on that portion of 15, from an over-correction.  Additionally, it ought to be required training in Driver’s Ed, on how to avoid just such a situation.  Prayers for her family.

I agree.  When you enter RT 15 from MD, the road immediately becomes more dangerous (two-lanes, no median, no shoulder).  The county has time to make fancy Welcome to Loudoun signs, but not enough to improve the safety of a very busy two-lane road.

There seem to have been a number of fatal accidents on Route 15 recently. Are most these accidents taking place on the stretch north of Leesburg as this one did?

It is time to make decent shoulders on both sides of Route 15….there are so many places where there is really no shoulder and only a deep ditch that it isn’t surprising that a driver would over-correct.  RIP.

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