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McAuliffe heads West to fundraise

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is planning a trip to Los Angeles and Aspen, Colorado, to fundraise for his political action committee.

McAuliffe is scheduled to be in Los Angeles on Wednesday for a fundraiser hosted by billionaire grocery store magnate Ron Burkle, according to McAuliffe aide Michael Halle.

Thursday the Democratic governor is set to attend an Aspen fundraiser hosted by Samia Farouki, the wife of defense contractor A. Huda Farouki.

McAuliffe's Common Good Virginia PAC raised and spent nearly $1 million during the new governor's first six months in office.


Republicans lost their minds forcing Cucc on us, they could have taken the seat easy if they let the voters pick the candidate

Virginia was stuck with two corrupt men running for gov. A rock could do a better job then either man…..

Memo to Terry, you won and are now Governor. Fundraising is no longer your number 1 job. We didn’t hire a fundraiser but it looks as if that’s all we got. Where is this bi-partisan work you promised us? Our governor is the kind of politician that gives government a bad name!

Another loss for the Great Terry as the judge threw his 85 million dollar joke of a defamation suit out with prejudice!

He’s a good boy.

How about those tax loophole Cuccinelli was talking about. Is the governor going to do anything in that vein? Maybe he is too busy out west getting over the budget beat down he suffered. If it wasn’t for Delgaudio cleaning everyone’s clock this guy would be the poster boy for ridicule! I saw a caption of him in a car from his plant in another state it said, the immovable object.

Like I said before the election I would rather see McAuliffe’s bad ideas failing than Cuccinelli’s insanity passing no issue with republicans in control.

DNC ring a bell for you? If not them who then is he raising money for, let them foot the bill and why isn’t he taking care of Virginia business instead? After the latest beat down I am sure he rather be out west then here in Virginia.

At least our new Democratic governor raises money in public.  Far as I know he’s not trying to score rolexes or Ferrari rides…that would differentiate him from the Republican governor, wouldn’t it?

Oranges (norges) it is the Democratic Party. You should be well aware of this. There is no “Democrat"party in existence to pay for these trips

Better that than a whacky radical right wing guy adding new morality laws to the books.

These corrupt politicians spend more time campaigning and/or on vacation then actually doing any work. Easy to see why the majority of them are rich.

Just curious, does the Democrat Party pay for these fundraising trips?

The honeymoon is over! Now he is going to have to work unlike his latest executive order that produces affirmative action for government contracts. A bad thing if you want the most for the taxpayer dollar but it sounds good in a sound-bite!

I wonder why these very rich people out west care about Virginia. They don’t seem to live here.

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