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McAuliffe hires private consultant to try to lure Amazon

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) says he's hired a private consultant to help in trying to get Amazon to build its second headquarters in the state.

The Virginian-Pilot reported Wednesday that Richmond, northern Virginia and Hampton Roads will craft pitches to the company. The state will submit a proposal offering Amazon its pick.

Speaking at an elementary school in Norfolk, McAuliffe said Virginia is a legitimate contender. He cited the state's central location on the East Coast as one of several advantages.

Seattle-based Amazon announced nearly two weeks ago its plans to build a second headquarters. The site would employ 50,000 people. Proposals are due by Oct. 19.

McAuliffe said the second headquarters will be "a game-changer for whoever gets it."


Everett:  By the time Amazon’s new HQ would be built, there would be several metro stations.

Skyprince:  Denver, really?  What’s the gain to being in Denver? Amazon’s HQ2 doesn’t involve shipping packages, so Airport Access doesn’t really mean all that much. This is a question about the best location for “Executives” to wine/dine clients, politicians, etc..  Denver might have affordable housing, but that’s about all the benefits that place offers.

The Washington Metro region makes the most sense on many levels. The real question is, what County gets the building? 

MargeGeneverra:  The people who will work at this new HQ can afford direct fiber circuits to their homes. They won’t have to wait for broadband via some cable provider.

Sky price is right with his points. Loudon does not stand a chance.

Then you have the absurd housing prices. A person/household with a nice income of let’s say 100K will get you MAYBE a 400K loan approved from the bank and that will buy you an avg townhouse or a beat up/fixer up SFH.

Every freeway in Loudon is jam packed from 6AM to 9AM and 3 PM to 7PM including the 28 freeway, the 7 freeway, and the 50 freeway.

IF the DC area is even selected (which I doubt) I would guess PG county near some metro stop. Cheaper land and access to highways while still being near DC and educated work force.

Keep in mind…Loudon does not even have a single metro stop YET so that point is moot.

Fred - “fiber optic circuits under ever inch of ground”????

If that were true, residents in western Loudoun would have broadband acess.

No way would Amazon move to a county where many employees would have no broadband options!

dream on Loudoun….you ain’t getting it! I know someone in Amazon press office and the money is on Denver!! Lot of affordable land near the airport and a much better quality of life than Loudoun ever would have. Been on 15 north lately as early as 230pm? A parking lot!! Haha…too funny to see people thinking LoCo has a chance…NOT!

Loudoun is the logical choice for an internet based business to be located right in the middle of data center central and fiber optic circuits under ever inch of ground. Not to mention the highly educated population of the region. Throw in the fact that WashingtonDC is down the street to wine and dine memebers of congress at the Amazon HQ to make sure they vote for Amazon friendly bills. 

This area is the best place for Amazon to relocate. I wouldn’t be surprised if they buy some empty land around the Greenway and Loudoun County Parkway.

mainly because the inept business governor cant lure anything, but a bottle of booze and tax increases…..

Hope we get it, though the 50K (100K total) HQ number is not true in my opinion.

Doubtful that Amazon would choose Loudoun, where employees living in a large part of western Loudoun would have no access to broadband internet.

Who is the consultant and how much is being paid?

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