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McAuliffe proposes 2-year pilot Medicaid expansion

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) is proposing a two-year pilot of an expanded Medicaid program, a suggestion he hopes will persuade Republicans to end an impasse over the state's budget.

McAuliffe announced Monday that the federal government said it would not penalize Virginia if it ran a two-year pilot program. McAuliffe said the approval allows the state to try expanding Medicaid eligibility to 400,000 residents with no risk.

House Republicans oppose Medicaid expansion. The federal government has promised to fund the bulk of the expansion.

The fight over Medicaid has led to a budget stalemate and a special session that started Monday.


Once a program is started it will never end! This is a trillion dollars added to the debt every 10 years. No harm you say? The interest on our national debt will be more then we spend on defense in 5 years and you want to add to that by subsidizing health-care for individuals and insurance premiums for those who have not earned it, no risk you say?  Quit stealing our money and saying it’s for my own good!

Let’s get real here.  There is no harm in going ahead with this idea.  Really.  The biggest problem is that it involves politics.  That means that those on one side (hint - some republicans) want to turn this into an attack on President Obama, and (hint - some democrats, want to turn this into an attack on tea-baggers), and as usual, there are those of us in the middle, who just want to do the right thing.  What a surprise!  That is what politics is all about.  One can actually disagree with a president, and be fine, because we actually have a great country.  However, that does not mean that the anti-side is right.  There is enough here that actually helps, more than it hurts.  But that is, as always, just my opinion.  Bottom line for me - each can have an opinion.  Doesn’t mean the opinion is right.  It also means you should not pull political games, just to play games.  Nor does it mean you can make up facts - on either side - as the truth.  There is nothing wrong with trying the idea.  If there is any truth in the idea, after two years, you look, see if it works, and if not, go in a different direction.

Medicaid expansion is a trillion dollars added to the nation debt over 10 years. The feds have no money to spend on this just credit to borrow against, the coin of the realm is debt don’t use it anymore. Robin hood was a thief and so is anyone who wants to buy into this program. After all it’s a hospital problem not taxpayer problem. How many of the 400k actually needed medical treatment last year? 420 million Virginia didn’t soak the federal government for that adds to the debt, quit spending. The onus should be on the 400k people to step up and take charge for their life and health not the taxpayer.

VA House & Howell holds up budget - costs VA taxpayers > $420 mil since Jan.

I find it hard to believe that any politician would hold up a budget for only 400K Virginians. For those that want them to have medicaid, let them pay out of their pocket since they feel it’s such a good thing(and that includes any other Virginia). Just add a checkbox to VA tax form asking for a donation. Then the millions of hard working middle class taxpayers don’t have to worry about services being cut or inadequate education, due to giving money away.

A 2yr trial run is just another trick to getting it implemented. Democrats know that once they get 400,000 people hooked on free stuff it’s here forever.

Today’s absurdity by VA GOP:

They “only scrounge up 10,500 Virginians (out of 8 million) on their petition for passing a budget without Medicaid expansion in it. Just for comparison purposes, that’s similar to the number of hard-core, right-wingnuts who attended the 2013 Virginia Republican convention (the one that nominated the Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain “extreme team”).” DPVA press release

Even a 2010 UVA study showed that fraud-ridden Medicaid patients were more likely to die than those without insurance. 

No risk? It’s 1.8 billion for Virginia alone paid for with the coin of the realm, federal debt! Instead of adding to the debt we should be funding our debt.

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