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McAuliffe proposes boost in mental health spending

Virginia's governor is proposing a multi-million-dollar effort to move dozens of people out of state mental hospitals.

The Daily Press reported Wednesday that Gov. Terry McAuliffe's final budget proposes boosting funding for discharge planning by $6.9 million for 80 to 90 people who are on state hospitals' extraordinary barriers lists.

Another $4.8 million would go to community mental health services intended to help people leave the hospitals.

His budget will include funding to ensure same-day access to mental health screenings at Community Services Boards, with $11.8 million of state funds and $6.4 million from the joint federal-state Medicaid program. More than $11 million would pay for primary medical care screening at Community Services Boards.

Additionally, the budget contains $2.9 million to setup specialized units to treat inmates with serious mental illnesses at several correctional centers.


I would prefer money going to non-profit organizations to do this service. Canada did this in Edmonton, I think in the 80s, and quite a few mentally challenged folks ended up on the streets.

@Jon He’ll be cutting/holding back money that should go to Northern va. Probably find a loop hole to take some of our transportation tax money.

I worry this would kick out people who really need to be IN the hospital, and cause horrible financial burdens on their caretakers..but will wait to find out more.

What cuts will he make in order to add to mental health spending. Surely he is able to find some funds not being used so the additional spending does not burden the taxpayer even more.

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