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McAuliffe signs repeal of hybrid vehicle tax

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has added his signature to legislation to repeal the state's $64 annual fee on hybrid vehicles.

McAuliffe signed the legislation Feb. 26 during a one-hour appearance on WTOP radio in Washington. He said the repeal is effective July 1 and will affect the 75,000 hybrid vehicles in Virginia.

The tax was part of a massive transportation funding bill passed last year. It was originally set at $100 but reduced to $64 by then-Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Critics said the tax on hybrids unfairly punished drivers who are trying to use less fuel.

In signing the repeal legislation, McAuliffe called it the “right thing to do.”

Much of McAuliffe's WTOP interview was devoted to the Democrat's efforts to convince Republican House lawmakers to accept billions in federal Medicaid funds.


Rich car owners…yeah I’m sure out of the 75k it is 50k Porsche and Lexus hybrids. 

Cadillac just launched one this year, that is a limited production model, so I doubt they account for many. 

That “rich” person’s car is most likely a 4 year old Toyota Prius, worth about $15k.  Rich get richer!

Even the guzzlers as they say. Oh, but that’s for the Porsche and Cadillac owners hybrids that get really crummy gas mileage. About 11 million dollars a year is what this will cost over 4 years, 44 million. Did Rust come up with a way to replace those funds or was it just a gimmick for the rich car owners?

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