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Gov. McAuliffe touts first 100 days

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Gov. Terry McAuliffe celebrated his first 100 days in office Monday by highlighting his work to improve the state's economy and by renewing his call to expand Medicaid eligibility to low-income residents.

The Democratic governor gathered state agency heads at the Library of Virginia to talk about improvements in transportation, health care, education and other areas since he took office in January.

"Since my first day in office, I, along with members of my administration, have worked hard to find mainstream common-sense solutions that will create a stronger and more economically competitive commonwealth," McAuliffe said.

McAuliffe said much of his time was spent trying to convince business owners to move their companies to Virginia or increase their operations here.

He said has met with ambassadors or officials from Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Britain, Qatar and South Korea to discuss economic development opportunities and signed a new trade agreement with France.

"This is what I believe the voters elected me to do: to focus on job creation and diverse our economy," McAuliffe said.

The governor said his administration has helped create more than 5,000 jobs since coming into office.

A database of job announcements maintained by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership shows that 5,355 new jobs have been announced since January. In that same period, data shows nearly 1,600 jobs have been lost.

McAuliffe and his wife, Dorothy McAuliffe, received standing ovations from an enthusiastic crowd of state employees Monday. The administration printed and handed out glossy booklets listing the administration's accomplishments.

The governor's spokesman, Brian Coy, acknowledged that many of the accomplishments mentioned by the governor or in the booklet had been set in motion before McAuliffe was sworn in. But Coy said Monday's event was also meant to thank state employees and to highlight their work.

Many Republican state lawmakers have been sharply critical of the governor's early tenure, accusing him of being more interested in political gamesmanship than governing.

GOP lawmakers oppose the governor's plan to expand Medicaid eligibility to as many as 400,000 low income residents, which McAuliffe reiterated his support for Monday.

"Let us redouble our efforts on behalf of those 400,000 Virginians who are counting on us," McAuliffe said.

Expanding Medicaid coverage is a key element of the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama's signature legislative accomplishment.

The current fight in Virginia has led to a stalemate on passage of a proposed $96 billion two-year state budget, with both sides accusing the other of refusing to negotiate.

State agencies could run out of money if no budget is passed by July 1.

Matthew Moran, a spokesman for House Speaker William J. Howell, said the McAuliffe's most significant action to date has been creating the stalemate.

"He's put Obamacare ahead of Virginia," said Moran.


FredSanford - You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. The feds pay over 90% of the cost.

The part you leftist are forgetting is that Virginia’s population won’t remain at these levels forever. As the population grows, so will the cost. How many billions will this cost Virginia in 2050?

Dont we all miss our corrupt, gift-taking, almost future Vice President Bobby McDonnell.

Its gonna be tough to trade his fancy free suits for fancy prison pinstripes.

CBO numbers came in today and it will be even cheaper over the next 10 years for Medicaid expansion.

At least Terry Mac can look into the eyes of the poor in south west Virginia and all over the state, who have no insurance, and he can say he is trying.

The GOP house in Richmond cares about National Party politics over the health of its constituents.

Budget accomplishment, not so much. Bar bill, voted and approved!

Nothing radical about his agenda. McDonnell was not a radical either though the republicans in the state did some radical things.

The Medicaid issue in VA is supported by voters including 55% of republicans in polls. The feds are paying 100% for several years and 90% after, it makes only a small difference in our budget to get more people covered by healthcare which is supported by 60% of voters.

Is the nightmare over? I’m already sick of this fool’s radical left wing agenda and there is still 1,360 days left.

Did the state workers get paid to attend this circus???? over 5000 jobs announced, how many are actual jobs? have any been filled? And again, 400K is a very low number of Virginian’s to hold up any budget…..Lead, follow or get out of the way….This means you McAuliffe!

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