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McAuliffe announces nonstop flights between Dulles and India, says Virginia welcomes everyone

Gov. Terry McAuliffe at Dulles Airport announcing Delhi to Dulles nonstop flights. Times-Mirror/Alex Erkiletian
Starting in early July, Virginia plans to welcome 30,000 more tourist and business travelers and $30 million more in revenue with the launch of nonstop flights between New Delhi and Dulles International Airport, officials announced today.

The new India-Washington route, which was reported by the Times-Mirror last month, has been a long time coming for business travelers and Northern Virginia's large Indian-American population.

Speaking at Dulles Airport Friday morning, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) touted the economic opportunities Virginia would reap as a result of the new partnership that took nearly two years to develop.

“Instead of putting walls around our country, today’s announcement is very important to taking barriers down and building a bridge, a bridge that is of 7,480 miles,” McAuliffe said. “Opening up new opportunities ... here in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the great country of India.”

Through the partnership, Air India will go between Indira Gandhi International Airport and Dulles Airport three times a week.

McAuliffe said the new flights will help connect businesses, tourists, students and, most importantly, families in a region with a large Indian-American population.

According to the governor's office, by 2020, arrivals from India to the U.S. are projected to increase by nearly 7 percent, making India the ninth overseas market for the U.S.

Meanwhile, visitors to the capital region from India are slated to double by 2025.

McAuliffe has proposed a $1.25 million incentive package over a three-year period beginning in fiscal 2018 to support Air India and create more travel to Virginia through Dulles Airport. Washington, D.C. also plans to provide $250,000 this year to support the partnership.

McAuliffe’s announcement came less than a week after he and Attorney General Mark Herring (D) made an appearance at Dulles Airport vowing to figure out how to reverse President Donald Trump’s executive order issuing a temporary entry ban on citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Amid the launch of a travel partnership with one the largest Muslim countries in the world, the governor said Virginia is a state for everyone.

“After what we’ve seen over the course of the last couple days, where there had been issues raised about an immigration policy, let me be very clear, please tell your government that we are open and welcoming to everyone,” McAuliffe said. “ ... We do not discriminate here in the commonwealth of Virginia."

The Trump administration has defended the executive order, saying it's not a religious ban or discriminatory, but rather about keeping the country safe from terrorists.


Here we go, all Closet Racists are coming out in Loudoun county

It would be nice of McAuliffe to use this service with a one way ticket….

I saw one truly unfortunate comment here and legitimate concerns posted about the quality and safety of Air India.  It is not racism to tell the truth—Air India is a truly terrible airline—and it is also worth noting that our Governor had zero to do with this decision but couldn’t wait to glom onto the news for a photo op.

Here’s a question, Governor…even fly Air India in all of your international travel?  Didn’t think so…

The Reality TV star in the White House has given license to a lot of latent racism here in Loudoun County and around the country.

It’s time to show we’re better than that.

India gave ,Yoga to the world and in particular to the west.Some comments mentioned here replicated the racist views of some of the commentators.If a person is from India,it does not mean they are terrorist ok.India itself is a victim of firsthand terror.

India gave yoga to the world which gives peace.India itself is the victim of terror.Indians are all on a legitimate visa.Why this racism.

Dear Gov,  What is the method of accounting for millions to an airline to subsidize seats/efforts to fill seats? When will airlines who willingly take revenues from flyers pay for their own security at airports? When will you start a study to determine the process of returning Dulles Airport land unrelated to national security back to Loudoun County so it can be properly taxed for property under those highly profitable parking lots that support the metro? When will you apologize for undermining Loudoun’s paid relationship with the Redskins to draw them to Richmond? When will follow up on a campaign promise to adjust the composite index which extracts over $250 million per year from Loudoun’s educational funds? When will you professionally represent the people who voted for you one of which was me?
Bob O__ Esq.

While the other 2 comments are focused on how terrible Air India is and I couldn’t agree more.  Not only as an airline but as a country, armpit capital of the world, smells to high heaven, terrible poverty, children dying on the side of the road but yet a cow can walk down the street and it won’t be touched or used to save the babies from starvation.  Not to mention the fact that our terrible Gov says all are welcome, then when the terrorists come and kill we’ll know where to place the blame.  It’s time to rethink our “all are welcome” stance and make absolutely certain that the individuals wishing to come to our great land are coming here for the right reason. Make America Great Again

Many years ago there was a KLM/NW foreshore via Amsterdam. Not direct, but it was on a first rate carrier.

Air India is worse than bad.  It will likely haul Indians to and from,but not many westerners due to the safety and sanitary issues. 

Check the stats on Ethiopian, which has non stop serviceto Addis Ababba, and you will get a good indicator of the traffic.

Best routes to India are via Luftansa, Emirates, and retinas.

I’d be a lot more excited about this if it was anything other than Air India—an airline with such an awful safety reputation that the USG won’t allow their employees to fly on it.  I can understand why—I’ve flown it in the past and on one occasion went to my seat to find the padded arm rest had been removed and a piece of jagged metal there.  Sorry but you couldn’t force me on one of their flights at all.

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