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McDonnell declares 2013 ” The Year of the Teacher”

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) declared 2013 to be “The Year of the Teacher” in Virginia, calling for programs and special recognition of teachers in the state.

“Virginia’s teachers demonstrate selfless leadership day after day in classrooms across the Commonwealth,” said Governor McDonnell in a press release. “Everyone knows a teacher who’s stayed after school to support students; who’s buying their own supplies; who’s grading homework until 10, 11, or 12 at night then getting up early to put together the next day’s lesson plan. This is amazing dedication. We must do more to recognize and appreciate these professionals.”

As part of the initiative, McDonnell has invited citizens to share stories about an excellent teacher who inspired them.

Applicants are asked to send an essay as much as 100 words to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). The contest ends Jan. 30.

The move comes less than a month after McDonnell unveiled an ambitious legislative agenda for education in 2013.

The agenda includes a 2 percent salary rise for all teachers funded as part of the Virginia Standards of Quality. The raise would cost the state about $58.7 million.

McDonnell is also asking the Virginia General Assembly to the pass the Educator Fairness Act, which would extend the probationary window for newly hired teachers from three to five years and redefine incompetence to include one or more unsatisfactory performance reviews.

The governor is also asking for $15 million to be distributed to school systems in the form of competitive grants.

The grants would go to teachers in each system who help meet the system’s strategic goals. The grants could be awarded to teachers who help students make significant progress, teachers who mentor other teachers, or teachers who transfer to low-performing schools.


You are correct Western Loudoun guy and I admitted my mistake earlier. The employee norm is a 3 to 1 split on health care costs in the private sector. Your using the 62 dollar a month number and the LCPS system pays 600 dollars or a 10 to 1 split. See the discrepancy. The employees of the LCPS need to pay more for their healthcare plain and simple or do you condone the teachers being blood suckers?

According to this document, all LCPS employee’s pay towards their health coverage (in addition to what they pay to the feds for medicare/aid and SS).  It appears that an employee with only themselves on the plan pays $62.50 a month.  My understanding from friends is that they also pay co-pays of $15 or $30 per doctors visit and co-pays of $5, $25 or $50 for Rx’s. Facts people- they are out there so lets try to use them.

I stand corrected Mr ResidentUSA.

Isn’t co-pay regulated by the insurer not the LCPS system? Everybody’s co pay went up. If you are referring to the BOS I have no affiliation with what they do. There is no party affiliation in Virginia and there shouldn’t be anywhere. I do not agree with their bloated spending on our schools, the silver line, changing the parameters of every development once they are under way, averting the planning commission rules for every construction job, the Degaudio issue, funding LL baseball or the Redskins facility. At odds with the Spendaholics on our Board of Supervisors I am if that means I have a GOP slant then so be it I prefer to think of it as a fair and balanced approach. Give me your addy and I’ll send you a grain of salt and a crying towel Kenny.

@ ResidentUSA How much was your premium? Not Medicare or Social Security your health and dental premium?  I am using Hatricks numbers and the WABE, it says health and dental are paid for 100% please educate me if that is incorrect.

Much like most of Oranges’ posts, this one is also inaccurate.  LCPS teachers pay towards their healthcare.  $ is taken out every paycheck, and co-pays went up several years ago. 
Another example of the GOP slant in every Oranges869 post.

So, teachers should pay their far share of healthcare…
But top 2% of earners should pay less taxes then the rest of us
Republicans are weird

A 15 million dollar slush fund that has no business seeing the light of day It should be the year the teachers start paying their fair share of healthcare. Healthcare has gone up 138% since 2000 I am sure no one envisioned that increase when Loudoun started paying 100% of the health and dental for teachers.

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