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Rose McGowan granted waiver to skip Loudoun arraignment; preliminary trial set for January

Rose McGowan in her booking photo. Courtesy Photo/Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office
Actress and activist Rose McGowan, one of the leading and most vocal accusers claiming sexual assault by film mogul Harvey Weinstein, was not required to appear today at an arraignment on a drug charge in Loudoun County District Court.

McGowan was booked on a felony possession of a controlled substance charge in Loudoun County Tuesday. She was released on a $5,000 unsecured bond. The Class 5 felony charge “stems from a police investigation of personal belongings that tested positive for narcotics and were left behind on a flight (United 653) arriving at Washington Dulles International Airport on Jan. 20,” according to a spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

McGowan's attorney, James W. Hundley, appeared before Judge Dean S. Worcester at Loudoun County Courthouse Thursday. Hundley said a motion for McGowan to appear had been waived with agreement from Jim Plowman (R), Loudoun County commonwealth's attorney.

Worcester set a preliminary hearing for McGowan for Jan. 23, 2018, at 1 p.m.

McGowan is required to sign an affidavit within 14 days that's she aware of the preliminary hearing.

After apparently learning about the charge last month, McGowan, whose name has hit the headlines with the onslaught on Weinstein coverage, tweeted: “Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of HORSES—.”

McGowan is best known for her appearance in the TV series “Charmed” and her role in the first "Scream" film.

McGowan, through her attorney, has pleaded not guilty in the incident.

Hundley said he had no comment to make to reporters as he left court.


It’s standard that a suspected controlled substance gets sent to the state lab, and then it takes six or more months because the lab is backed up. If it’s positive…indictment issued. Just another case.

McGowan says she is being silenced, but didn’t mention it was for felony possession of a controlled substance.

Hopefully a sensible Loudoun Jury finds her guilty and she is sentence to “REAL” time. Or split her time with putting people who die from drugs into body bags. Maybe that will help her understand the seriousness of her crime.

Chris McHale, McGowan revealed she was raped by a Hollywood mogul months before her trip to D.C. in January 2017, so Weinstein was already on her tail with his private investigators following her.  She didn’t identify who her attacker was, but I’m sure Weinstein needed to do whatever it took to keep her quiet.  When I first heard of the warrant, I knew right away it was in retaliation against her speaking out.

Criminal styles of the rich and famous!

Why is is news just is just amazing.

(a) Is it standard for the commonwealth attorney to waive the attendance for a preliminary hearing, if not, then I have to agree with Virginia SGP.

(b) Her comment about being silence is misguided.  The warrant was issued back in February 2017, and she only recently came out against Weinstein.  More than likely her name meant nothing to the local courthouse LTM reporter, now it has recognition from recent news articles.

Interesting. I just had 2 employees over the past year have same charge(different times of year) and after all said and done spent 5 months of a year sentence in Loudoun county jail(7 months suspended), both had no priors. I’ll bet $10 million she doesn’t do any jail time and charge is dropped altogether.

Holy corruption, Batman!

James Hundley represents none other than Jim Plowman in his federal civil rights case. Hundley also contributed to Plowman’s political campaign. Now Hundley jumps across the table and “negotiates” with good buddy Plowman on a criminal matter. How can such corrupt practices not be illegal?

I don’t think the drug charges merit a conviction (nor our drug laws in general) but there has to be some minimal integrity in the system. At least McGowen was smart. In searching for a local attorney, she probably just checked Plowman’s campaign contributors.

Loudoun has the dirtiest politicians in the state. It is just a cesspool over at King and Market. These officials and rules are clearly not working. We need to replace them all and start all over.

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