Sat, Jan 13 at 07:09 AM by BobOEsq | Report this comment

Doesn’t Loudoun BOS have any authority to manage the land under the Greenway since it is a private road NOT a federal or state road? Can’t your treasurer negotiate a reduced rate coupoun for Loudoun citizens who use the road as part of their tax due to the county? I am so tired of hearing the Dillon State argument to excuse representatives from taking appropriate action on behalf of those they represent when we are the cash cow of the state. The power to fix problem such as this and moving Dulles parking lot land back under Loudoun property taxes and making VDOT do their job is within our control if we would just focus on getting it done. IMHO
Bob Ohneiser Esq.

Sat, Jan 06 at 03:10 PM by Jonathan Erickson | Report this comment

And for 2 years this same message by Meyers gets posted reminds me of Rubio on the debate stage with canned talking points.

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