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Military widows, widowers may soon be exempt from property taxes in Va.

For the second consecutive year, Loudoun state Del. David Ramadan's proposal to exempt military widows and widowers from paying property taxes advanced through the General Assembly without an opposition vote from any of Ramadan's Richmond colleagues.

The measure, following the signature of Gov. Terry McAuliffe, will be placed on the ballot for referendum in this November's election. If the proposal is approved by majority vote, the law will go into effect in January 2015.

“It's not often you can amend the Constitution of Virginia, and to potentially do that with the full support of my colleagues in the General Assembly, it's a great feeling,” Ramadan (R-87th) said.

The constitutional amendment resolution, HJ 8, and its complementary bill, HB 46, provide “that the General Assembly may provide a real property tax exemption for the primary residence of surviving spouses of members of the military who are killed in action. Such tax exemption may not be claimed by a surviving spouse who has remarried,” according to a summary legislation.

Any measure lifting property taxes in Virginia must be enacted through a state constitutional amendment, which must be approved in two consecutive sessions of the General Assembly and then passed by the commonwealth's voters through referendum.

Ramadan said his legislation is simply the “right thing to do.”

“I’m sorry, somebody gives the ultimate sacrifice and dies, the least I can do is not charge his wife or her husband taxes on their house,” Ramadan said when discussing the bill in 2013. “Especially that we already exempted the disabled veteran’s taxes. It’s a slap in the face for the people that have died.”

The measure regulates the tax exemption so the value of the qualified property doesn't exceed the average price of single family homes in the county, according to Ramadan.

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What about those that have given their life in the line of duty as active law enforcement? Carving out these exemptions on tax relief is really not a good idea, and yes, I love our military.

Actually 1.3M out of 4.5M registered voters said “marriage” is only between a man and a woman.  So 29% of Virginians, if you limit “Virginians” to registered voters.  Hardly what most would refer to as “overwhelming”. 

Too bad that pesky old Constitution is getting in the way of the prejudice of 1.3M Virginians though.  Sorry guys.  Tough break.

I got your joke, Oranges869, and appreciated it.

Gay marriage was placed on the ballot and Virginians overwhelming voted that only a Man and Woman constitutes a valid marriage.

How about placing a gay marriage bill on the ballot?

Really?? You’ve got to be kidding.

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