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Missing Ashburn woman’s family: “We want to know that she’s OK”


Bethany Anne Decker

The family of a missing pregnant Ashburn woman on Wednesday pleaded for the public’s help in finding their daughter.

Bethany Anne Decker, 21, was last seen by her family on Jan. 29 at a gathering in Columbia, Md.

Her family reported her missing on Feb. 19.

“We want Bethany safe. We love her and we want to know that she is OK,” said Bethany Decker’s mother, Kim Nelson.

Bethany Decker, who is five months pregnant and the mother of a 17-month-old son, was attending classes at George Mason University and working full-time as a waitress when her family lost contact with her.

Her son was living with her parents in Fredericksburg while she finished her education.

Her husband, Emile Decker, 21, is serving in Afghanistan with the Army National Guard.

Investigators said Wednesday the couple, who has been married about 18 months, was together from at least Jan. 18 to Jan. 23 during a trip to Hawaii when Emile Decker was home on leave.

He left Feb. 2 to return to Afghanistan. His wife did not see him off, investigators said.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Ken Pratt said investigators talked to Emile Decker at 10 a.m. today.

“He is cooperating. He’s answered several questions for us now,” Pratt said.

Pratt did not have details of the conversation with Emile Decker, but said investigators were trying to establish a more concrete timeline of when Bethany Decker was last seen based on information from her husband.

Emile Decker has not been named a suspect or a person of interest in the case.

“I don’t want to limit him saying he’s a suspect or a person of interest at this time. We’re playing catch up on an investigation of a missing person, therefore, we would like to talk to as many people as possible,” Pratt said.

Investigators have made contact with U.S. military officials to possibly bring Emile Decker back home.

“He wants to cooperate fully. He was very concerned of Bethany’s whereabouts, condition. Obviously, being the father of their child he wants to hear a good resolution to this,” Pratt said.

The investigator said there is no evidence or indication that Bethany Decker is not alive.

Loudoun County deputies searched the nearby woods for clues as part of a routine investigation near her Orchard Grass Terrace apartment on March 1, but came up empty handed, Pratt said.

Investigators are combing through Bethany Decker’s cell phone records, bank and Facebook accounts for evidence of her whereabouts, Pratt said.
All activity on those accounts stopped on Jan. 29, investigators said.

Bethany Decker usually was in contact with some member of her family every day, either through phone calls, text or Facebook messages, her mother said.

As the days passed with no contact, her family said they didn’t begin to worry right away since the 21-year-old had such a hectic lifestyle.

It was only when her grandparents stopped by her Ashburn apartment on Feb. 19 and found her vehicle still parked at the complex that they began to worry, her grandmother Evelyn Bayles said.

“We just had a feeling. We were concerned,” Bayles said.

Bethany Decker’s family describe her as “strong, outgoing and determined” woman.

“She is my lip gloss and flip flop girl,” Nelson said.

Bethany Decker is about 4 feet 11 inches tall, weighs 130 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Inv. Mack Halley at 703-777-0475.

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Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves it doesn’t matter if she did or did not have a boyfriend or what her personnel life was!!! The point is this girl is missing and with child!!! God forgive these people who are talking crap and watch over this poor woman and bring her home to her family!!!

Here are my questions:
-the boyfriend moves out Feb 1st, but where was husband living while visiting on leave?
-was the boyfriend staying in the apt while bethany and her husband take a trip to hawaii
-has forensics been taken from the apt, car, boyfriends car, boyfriends house,  etc.
-why on earth would bethany not showing up at the airport with rest of family to see husband off not concern HER PARENTS!
-If the boyfriend was that possessive, as she told her mother, why didnt they intercede. 

This is sad because I feel this could have been possibly prevented had parents got involved.  It’s strange that they didn’t report her missing sooner.

Amber, I do not know if your family would be chuckling if you were missing, but you are definately right. This article says the family is pleading for her safe return. I do not see any pleading at all.
Doubting Thomas, there definately is a boyfriend, he is the one stated in court documents that he is the father of the child she was or is five months pregnant with. This article is several weeks old. They have searched his mother’s house with a search warrant on suspicion of murder, and the boyfriend has now “lawyered up” as they say.

In neither this story nor the video that goes with it is there any mention of a “boyfriend” nor any hints of infidelity on the young Mrs. Decker’s part.

Are you people just making this stuff up about her having an affair?

And no, “I heard it from a person who heard it from this or that” is only anecdotal, not at all factual. Please post the legitimate source of your information.

Try having some compassion for a change. The police are doing another search around the apartments right now, they’ve been here all day, and I’m guessing they’re not looking for her alive in undergrowth around here. This girl and her unborn child are probably dead.

What’s funny about her missing? Why is her family laughing about her disappearance in this video?

What a crock. These people do not seem concerned about her disappearance to me at all.

If I was missing my family certainly would not be chuckling about it at press conferences!

Why is the in a relationship with two men at the same time?? WHO DOES THAT??

I’m not saying she deserves to be missing but when you put yourself in those situations there is no telling what can happen.

She should have been at home taking care of that child and not put the poor kid off with the parents. what kinda mother does that?

Also if she wanted to have a “boyfriend” she should have gotten a divorce first!

Im sorry but it is what it is.

If she had a boyfriend while married and was pregnant…are they sure the husband was the father of the baby?

Can someone give me the definition of “slut”?

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mmmm there’s always more to the story….she has a boyfriend while married?  heard that on the news today.

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