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‘Mitt Romney won’t fail,’ wife Ann tells Northern Va. crowd

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Ann Romney addresses supporters at a Women for Mitt Rally in Leesburg Friday.

Flashing Mitt Romney pins and American flags, donning dresses and cowboy boots, hundreds of women convened in a Loudoun County barn Sept. 7 to hear Ann Romney speak boldly about her belief that Mitt wouldn’t fail the nation if elected president.

Continuing on one of the prime messages from her speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Ann Romney promised the female-dominated crowd of roughly 450 her husband would turn around the nation’s ailing economy. In addition to painting her husband as a compassionate and devoted family man and successful business hawk, Ann Romney criticized President Barack Obama’s economic policies.

On creating jobs and bolstering the country’s economy, Ann Romney said her husband “knows how to do these things.” The presidential candidate made millions as a co-founder of Bain Capital, a financially successful asset management, venture capital and private equity firm.

“He’s done it, he’s proven it. This is his time, it’s his moment, because I believe in him, and because we believe in America,” she said to the crowd at Cavallo Farm in Leesburg.

Friday’s “Women for Mitt” event came just hours after the U.S. Department of Labor’s employment report showed the economy added 93,000 news jobs in August. That number was lower than the Obama administration had hoped and many financial analysts expected. With the slim jobs gain, the unemployment rate dropped from 8.3 percent in July to 8.1 percent in August, though that dip was mainly attributed to more than 300,000 people giving up looking for work.

While Ann Romney, 63, said the weak economy has hit women harder than men, the Department of Labor report shows women had a slightly lower unemployment rate than men.

Ann Romney declared her husband and his vice presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, have a plan to improve the nation’s economy and grow jobs. She stopped short, however, of providing any specific policy details in her 12-minute talk.

The selection of the riding academy coincided with Ann Romney’s extensive history in the equine world. As a child, she said she considered herself a “barn rat,” meaning she was always hanging around in stables. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or MS, in 1998, she took up dressage – often referred to as “horse ballet” – for therapeutic purposes, a common aid for people suffering from MS.

“I feel right at home right now because I’m in a barn,” she said in Leesburg.

Riding and being around horses, Ann Romney recalled, brought her peace and a purpose in a difficult time; rekindling her passion for horses was a “speck of light” in a period of darkness.

Following Ann Romney’s remarks, local resident Kelly Quinn said she liked everything she heard from the potential first lady’s speech. When asked what proposals from Mitt Romney stand out for her, Quinn said “there’s so many” before listing simply “taxes and family and health care.”

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Ann Romney poses for a photo with Tatyana Broughton of Broadlands after the Women for Mitt Rally at the Twin Oaks Riding Academy in Leesburg Sept. 7.

Loudoun County Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) opened up the ceremonies, leading chants of “Mitt, Mitt, Mitt,” and reflecting on the Republican battle cry, “You did build it.”

“That term doesn’t only apply to business. Your efforts built the victories we had the last three years,” Volpe told the crowd, speaking of the 2012 GOP sweep of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, the 2010 majority gain for conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives and the 2009 state election that led to wins for Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Volpe made several religious references during the event, saying first she hoped it was a “good church-going crew” in the audience. Later, after referencing the “good book,” Volpe said “unlike some other folks, we like to pray around here.”

When asked Sept. 11 what was meant by those remarks, Volpe said she just “wanted to make sure nobody would be offended that we were praying.”

Other “Women for Mitt” speakers included state Del. Barbara Comstock, a top adviser for the Romney campaign in Virginia, Carolyn Stover, the wife of Congressman Frank Wolf, and former first lady of Virginia Susan Allen.

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Sept. 11, the presidential race continues to be neck-and-neck, with Obama ahead 49 percent to Romney’s 48 percent.

“Among a larger sampling of registered voters, the president received a four-point, post-convention bump, drawing 50 percent of the vote to Romney’s 44 percent,” Real Clear Politics reported.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Ann Romney’s smile fades to concern as Cynthia Johnson, with her mother Marilyn Holgate, both of Hamilton, tells her about her daughter Jocely Rodearmel who has cancer at age 27. Johnson had wanted an autograph but no pens were allowed. She said Romney told her they could send her an autograph.
photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Fans cheer during a Women for Mitt Rally with Ann Romney in Leesburg Friday.
photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Fans cheer as Ann Romney speaks during a Women for Mitt rally at Twin Oaks Riding Academy in Leesburg Sept. 7.
photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Ann Romney speaks at a Women for Mitt rally in Leesburg Sept. 7.



Fri, Sep 14 at 07:40 AM by Jonathan Erickson | Report this comment

Why is it that at events like this there always seems to be more horses behinds than there are horses?

Wed, Sep 12 at 05:56 PM by waya | Report this comment

When the GOP votes against everything Obama does, like in jobs bills, its hard to say how successful Obama could have been if the GOP was really interested in helping the average American vs. getting back in power.  If they would have “compromised” (I know, its a bad word) instead of trying to make someone look bad, I might have listened to them, but not now.  Any group that is willing to hurt their country to gain political office is a party that doesn’t need my support.

Wed, Sep 12 at 04:08 PM by Paul | Report this comment

It was wonderful to see Ann Romney in Loudoun County.  She’s a very classy lady and would make a great First Lady.

Now that Obama’s post-convention bounce is over, I see Mitt Romney has a slight edge in Virginia in the Real Clear Politics poll of averages. I like Mitt’s vision, he has laid out his guiding philosophy for all to see - the only one’s who don’t understand are liberal democrats.  And we all know who they are voting for anyway…

Wed, Sep 12 at 03:34 PM by Frank Jameso | Report this comment

I was laid off just as Obama took office (same week he was sworn in). I was able to find work in about a month (I know I’m very lucky for that). I now make about $30k more base then 4 years ago, more if you count bonuses. So I guess I’m doing better then I was 4 years ago, not by light years or anything.  But I know not everyone is, and in no way can I say it is directly related to anything Obama did. But fact is, I am better off then I was 4 years ago.

Wed, Sep 12 at 06:54 AM by SoEmbarassedByOurFakePresident | Report this comment

I for one appreciate the fact that I paid just a few pennies more on my taxes last year so Mitt and Anne could get a $70K business deduction on their horse.  I like subsidizing people like the Romneys and I’m sure they appreciate me.  I know Mitt won’t fail.  I just wonder what he won’t fail to do…

Tue, Sep 11 at 11:48 PM by Kenny F. Powers | Report this comment

@ Cowbell:  Fact, I am better off; and so are most the people I know here in Loudoun.
Anybody claiming to be better off 2008 when Bush’s failed policies had finally caught up with us are lying. 
That cannot be put on Obama, that was W!
Defining the middle class has many variables (Single/married, # of dependents) but it is anybody +36K-75K if single, and 72K-150K if married.  Which is still most of Loudoun.  Even thought the cost of living in NOVA probably puts anybody south of 50K virtually in poverty and not in the middle class. 
Anybody south of 300K is going to foot the bill for what we know about Romney/Ryan’s policies.  We will never know for sure because they wont address actual policy, and they wont be elected.

Tue, Sep 11 at 02:54 PM by more cowbell | Report this comment

Kenny, I’d love to call you on whether you really are better off than 4 years ago…. And perhaps you can tell me who are these middle class people Obama speaks of? are the unemployed considered middle class? anyone making over $25K? What about incomes over $50K, $75K? $100K, $150K? Obama keeps mentioning middle class, yet nobody(even press) don’t mention who they are?
And can’t wait for my taxes(roughly $5-7K since my wife and I both work) to go up Jan.

Tue, Sep 11 at 10:41 AM by more cowbell | Report this comment

@enuf, I’m an independent that voted for Obama(for change because I hate both parties). In my mind, he did very little so I will vote for Romney and if fails I will vote for the next dem(or hopefully an Independent candidate in 2016). Get in do the job or get out. Stop complaining about the previous person or the other party. Very simple!

Mon, Sep 10 at 09:54 PM by enuf | Report this comment

Would someone from the Republican ticket please explain in detail their plans for the economy and healthcare?  I am tired of the “anything but what Obama did” battle cry.  I can’t choose between two things when I only know what one is.  When will the R and R get that??  Start telling us what you will do…I’m tired of “trusting” politicians to do the right thing.  I am also tired of being told someone won’t fail…sounds good but it’s freaking impossible with the folks we have in Congress these days.

Mon, Sep 10 at 06:28 PM by Kenny F. Powers | Report this comment

I love the diversity in Romney’s crowds!!!
72% of Loudoun is White, 15% Asian, 12% hispanic, 8% black. 
So I should see 288 whites, 60 asians, 48 hispanics/latinos, and 32 African Americans in photos of this crowd. 
I count 3 Asian women in the pictures.  The diversity is appalling. 
Romney might win Loudoun, but won’t win Virginia, especially since Virgil Goode just got on the ballot.  In 2 months I never get to see Mitt Romney be relevant ever again, I am looking forward to 4 MORE YEARS!!!
1 more thing:
I am better of than 4 years ago!!! (When Bush economics had destroyed the equity in my home and my pay had been frozen)

Mon, Sep 10 at 06:16 PM by Kenny F. Powers | Report this comment

The Romney’s reported a $77,000 loss on their horse in 2010.  The dressage horses cost in the high six figures and into seven figures. 
The Romney’s are not for 99% of the USA and not for 99% of Loudoun! 
Spending more than most individuals make on a horse on an annual basis. 
Stop believing that you are “The Elite” because 99% of you have nothing to gain from a Romney Presidency.

Sun, Sep 09 at 02:52 PM by mementomori | Report this comment

I can’t wait for November 6th to vote for Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan. Aside from getting our country back on track, we’ll get to have Ann Romney for First Lady! I am so sick of the class warfare & anyone thinking the Romney’s owe them an exp
lanation for their hard work and good fortune in life. I was a horse-crazy girl who learned to ride by working in a stable as a young girl through my teen years. When I was 40 years old I was finally able to afford my own horse. We are a middle class family & our daughter has been able to have her own horse and compete in dressage at local/ regional shows and one national show. We are hardly “rich” by any stretch of the imagination. We haul her horse in a 1977 horse van & we have made financial sacrifices (no big vacations, drive our cars until they die, I cut & color my own hair - LOL! and the like) so that we can afford a modest, but very rewarding participation in the sport of dressage. I have found that the vast majority of “horse people” are very down to earth and not “la dee dah” people at all. Horses have a way of grounding people (and I not talking a little impromptu rodeo action where you may land on the ground!), and this applies across the wealthiest participants to those of much more modest means. The Romney’s strike me as very genuine, down to earth people, despite having the kind of wealth that can distort even the best of people. I agree with Clint Eastwood, Obama is the ‘greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people’. Let’s get the ever hopeful but failed hoax OUT of the White House so Mitt Romney can DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE! Just countin’ the days until November 6th!

Sun, Sep 09 at 12:02 PM by SoSickOfThisTrumpExperiment | Report this comment

Let’s all enjoy the last two months of the Romneys in the news…

Sat, Sep 08 at 06:47 AM by Spark | Report this comment

“...because we believe in American,” she said to the crowd at Cavallo Farm in Leesburg.  Believe in American what ?  Did she mean America ?

Sat, Sep 08 at 01:30 AM by SkidRow | Report this comment

Loudoun County will be Red in 2012.

Fri, Sep 07 at 06:25 PM by Equity | Report this comment

“Ann Romney declared her husband and his vice president candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, have a plan to improve the nation’s economy and grow jobs. She failed, however, to provide any specific policy details in her 12-minute talk.”

R&R don’t offer any specifics either.  We’ll just let you know after we get in office(?)  It’s suiting that she support her husband, it just doesn’t mean that the rest of us can trust anything he says or does.

Also, are we supposed to be impressed that hundreds of women could dress down for a barn event while the rest of us have to work for a living?

Fri, Sep 07 at 05:18 PM by TroyMcClure | Report this comment

First comment in is the obligatory “liberal bias” post.  What a surprise. 

Anytime the media doesn’t fawn over a GOP appearance, it is clearly showing bias. 

The story quotes some supporters, runs down the appearance, and points out that Mrs. Romney was incorrect in saying women have been “hit harder”.  I’ve seen that stat that men have in fact done worse for a couple years now. 

There is often some bad writing on display at the LTM, but this is probably one of the better pieces from recent memory.

Fri, Sep 07 at 04:42 PM by Frank Jameso | Report this comment

These “hundreds” of women must have been so relieved that their husbands permitted them to attend.

Fri, Sep 07 at 04:23 PM by Freedom Man | Report this comment

Can anyone besides me detect that this reporter is a shill for the Democrat Party?

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