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Montgomery County joins lawsuit against FieldTurf, company used for Loudoun schools’ turf fields

Montgomery County, Maryland, is the latest jurisdiction to join a class action lawsuit against synthetic turf company FieldTurf, questioning the company’s claims on field quality, durability and safety.

Loudoun County Public Schools utilizes synthetic turf fields in nearly all of its high schools. Four fields in Loudoun were made by FieldTurf. They were installed at Loudoun County High School in 2014, Broad Run High School in 2015 and two in Riverside High School in 2015, LCPS Public information Officer Wayde Byard said.

Jurisdictions from 46 states and Washington D.C. have joined in the class action suit, alleging FieldTurf misrepresented the quality of the synthetic turf fields. FieldTurf advertised their fields as durable and long lasting, but school systems across the country have seen their fields fall apart as soon as one year after installation, according to court documents.

Court documents in Pennsylvania state that FieldTurf officials knew some fields were degrading after less than a year of use instead of the promised 10 or more years, yet the company continued to advertise the durability of the fields.

The lawsuit also alleges FieldTurf officials delayed warranty claims, telling counties and school systems that the field deterioration was normal or needed more maintenance.

The nationwide fraud claims are yet another mark on the synthetic turf debate taking place in Loudoun and across the country. Loudoun parents have also already expressed health concerns over the synthetic turf.

The turf fields utilize a crumb rubber infill that some parents and health studies say contain lead, which can be released when the turf heats up in the summer. Students can then breathe in or absorb the lead through skin contact.

Parents also have concerns about an increased likelihood of concussions on turf fields.

The Environmental Protection Agency is conducting a study on the synthetic turf to investigate the health concerns.

FieldTurf has disputed the claims made in the lawsuit.


The worst thing about these fields are the rubber pellets that pour out of your child’s shoes when they remove them at home.

Please stop building crumb rubber fields. Just outsource the maintenance of grass fields in a bidding process to area lawn care firms. We don’t need our children inhaling crumb rubber pellets so the field always looks green and you can save a nickel on maintenance costs.

We can thank Debbie “turf fields are more important than textbooks” Rose for leading LCPS down this foolish path.  The product is subpar, leads to more concussions, and could cause serious health effects.  But athletic “equity” is being achieved in LCPS.  Meanwhile, kids still don’t have math textbooks.

Class Action means the Attorneys will get paid and all schools in on class action will get a 25% discount on new turf fields.

So the lawsuit has nothing to do with health issues dealing with the rubber pellets or any other chemicals. Simply a poor product.

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