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More distressing budget news for Loudoun County Public Schools

More unwelcome budget news came for Loudoun County Public Schools Wednesday night.

During their second February business meeting, members of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors were briefed by county staff that Cost of Competing education funding from the state – money funneled from Richmond into the region and then divvied between local school systems – will likely fall significantly short of what's due to Northern Virginia.

Recent Cost of Competing projections from the county came in around $35 million for the region, but proposed budget submissions working through the General Assembly have that figure listed at roughly $5 million.

“The only thing I can say is schools did not account for that in their [budget],” John Sandy, assistant county administrator, said, searching for a bright spot in the news. “ … I don't hold out good hope.”

Wednesday's discussion of the low Cost of Competing funds came one day after county Chairman Scott York (R-At Large), in a joint Board of Supervisors-School Board meeting, told School Board members the county will not fully fund the school system's $949 million adopted budget. Currently, there's an estimated $40 million shortfall between the LCPS budget and what the supervisors would allocate at the equalized tax rate.

Members of the Board of Supervisors and School Board will meet again the first week of March to further discuss their respective spending plans.

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This headline and article are poorly written. It is unclear that LCPS never counted on this money. It is simply the Board of Supervisors who were hoping the state would provide more than expected this year. It’s only bad news for LCPS if the County is not planning to fund the School Board’s request, due to their insistence on keeping property taxes flat when property values have increased. Yes, it would be great if the state contributed more money to education, and I have talked to Delegate Tag Greason about that, but the County could cover the School Board’s request if they just didn’t cut the tax rate this year.

Oh, and I am also agnostic. Surprised?

Actually I’m in my 20s AND I’m a minority.

Only in the world of CNN and NBC are young adults and minorities all democrats.

Sigh… as a high school student myself, I will say that LCPS has much to improve on, BUT it does not take a spending increase!!! What they need to do instead of teaching things like FLE is they need to teach CHARACTER! In addition, make the teachers’ pay merit-based; that will be good motivation. There’s so much internally that LCPS needs to fix that would tremendously improve the students’ quality of education. Think about it: students come to school to get a basic education, and yet we fuss over the other fluff. How about we tone down on the exterior fluff and get to the meat?

Someone tell me how per David Ramadan’s newsletter we are adding all this state money to K through 12 education yet we now have additional shortfall of 30 million. Could it be the funds in the old shell game went to the indigent health care inflation fund? 118 million to be more precise sounds like they are funding the mental health with school funds!

Hey “DontTreadOnMe”
It always goes back to Obama doesnt it.

Tell me, how was living in the 1940s?  Because you like most Fox News viewers have to be in your 70s

This reminds me of the sequester, where the President and the media successfully fooled half of Americans into thinking it was a spending cut.

Folks - this is a spending *increase* cut. We’re still going to spend more next year than we did last year.

We already pay for the buses so we should charge the family’s that drive their kids to school that live in the bus zones a dollar a day. Raises revenue and gets the helicopter parents off the road. Have you noticed how nice our roadways work when there is no school.

$30 million is $420 per pupil, based on the current number of students. The entire transportation budget, per pupil, is $723 per pupil.

Northern va needs to secede from VA. How is it we don’t get more of our tax money back from Richmond. What the heck is our northern va reps doing down there? Tag, I could careless about all the school bills you put forth, give us back our tax money… We now pay more for schools and transportation thanks to our corrupt no good politicians from northern va.

LCPS can trim their budget by pushing out completion dates on construction projects and better manage their school buses. I’ve seen kids getting on school buses who live within a stone throw of their school.

Although a good segment of the LCPS budget is labor cost. There are plenty of other areas burning cash which could be trimmed. It wasn’t too long ago LCPS was buying new books each year for students. Hopefully that practice has ended.

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