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More than $13,000 in currency seized at Dulles Airport

A citizen from Ghana left the U.S. a little lighter after representatives from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office at Dulles Airport seized $13,585 during his departure from the country.

The traveler, whose name was not released, was allegedly in violation of federal currency reporting regulations. Under U.S. law, there is no limit on how much currency a traveler can import or export, but amounts exceeding $10,000 U.S. dollars (or the equivalent in foreign currency) must be reported.

According to a release from Customs and Border Protection, the traveler was leaving the country for The Netherlands. He was interviewed and had the requirements explained to him multiple times in an interview. After declaring that he was only carrying $8,700, a subsequent search determined that he had $13,585 in currency.

The entire amount was seized with only $185 being returned for humanitarian purposes. The traveler was advised on how to petition for a return of the seized currency.


Can somebody enlighten me as to why a foreigner wouldn’t just declare his money, rather than risk losing the whole wad? Do we tax it at the point of entry or something? Something is missing from this story. I don’t get it.

He should have bought 11 US Mint Gold Coins with a face value of $50.00/each.

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