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More work to be done before TopGolf arrives in Loudoun

The Houston TopGolf facility that the Loudoun location will be modeled after. - Courtesy/TopGolf
TopGolf, a proposed driving range, restaurant and entertainment center near One Loudoun hit a slight snag on March 5 at the Loudoun Board of Supervisors meeting.

It was noted by board's staff that the project is inconsistent with the Route 7 employment corridor parameters.

The plan for Route 7 is for it to be developed with high-end commercial office space that will attract commercial development and create jobs.

TopGolf, with its driving ranges, large screen HD televisions, restaurant and bar doesn't exactly fit that plan.

In response, TopGolf has moved the facility away from Route 7 to the south and addressed some of the other issues, such as the height of the poles and other basic parts of the plan.

Despite issues staff had with the plan, Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) supports the project.

"Although not consistent with the plan, I think this would be a great amenity to the Ashburn area and I'm going to encourage my colleagues to meet with the applicant if they have any issues with this particular application," said Williams.

"This is great entertainment for our community and I will be supporting them."

The site plan application was submitted weeks ago to the county and plans are to have the facility up and running by spring 2015.


I agree Everett, and that metro to Loudoun will be more like 2020 and beyond before opening. MWAA in charge…They will milk the Silver Line and DTR collection.

Cowbell…Metro in 2018/2019 is supposed to be our savior (sarcastic) to help these commuting issues (sarcastic).

Metro should have terminated at IAD. We could have reaped the benefits at little cost to taxpayers. The 2 extra stations are only a couple miles away from the IAD station.

All those corporations along the 267 they are mostly on the FFX county side of things ? correct me if I am wrong.

Are you kidding me…. To the BOS, I’m tired of seeing you apporve extra housing for a failed developer year after year. How does that fit into the overall Loudoun plan? Once again, the BOS are lacking common sense….Why would any major corporation come to Loudoun with our tax rate, commuting issues, and just poor overall planning???

I find this move to be counter productive.  If the county wants high profile businesses to move to on Loudoun there has to be a reason.  Sorry the Hounds are not it.  You need mix of good restaurants, entertainment that is corporate friendly, a nice hotel, and high end offices all in a walking area.  In short I think Top Golf would fit in well in this mix, but I’ve yet to see any High end office building being built.

So Alamo got the exception to this rule of building high end commercial along RT 7? I can see it off the highway.  With the plans of high end commercial is there any future plans to fix trafic problems along that corridor ? One can only assume it will get worse.  This whole development One Loudoun will be at least 4 miles away from the closest silver line station which phase 2 won’t be completed til 2018 / 2019 (maybe).

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