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Most Virginia Electoral College members see need for changes

Virginia's Democratic members of the Electoral College are all strong supporters of Hillary Clinton. What they're less sure of is the process they will be a part of next week.

On Monday, the electors will meet at the Virginia Capitol to cast their votes for the next president of the United States. Usually a ceremonial step in the road to the presidency, this year's meeting of the Electoral College has drawn intense scrutiny after an especially divisive campaign and with Hillary Clinton leading the popular vote but trailing Donald Trump in electoral votes. Trump won 306 electoral votes on in the Nov. 8 presidential election, easily enough to make him president, though he lost the Virginia vote.

In interviews with The Associated Press ahead of their meeting, the majority of Virginia's electors expressed support for changing the Electoral College, an original feature of the Constitution, though they were divided on how to go about doing so.

None reported receiving the barrage of phone calls and emails that some Republican electors in other states have experienced after campaigns sprung up to try to persuade electors to deny Trump the presidency. And all but one said with certainty that they plan to cast their vote for Clinton.

Jasper Hendricks III, a 38-year-old political strategist from the Farmville area, said that while he "most likely" will vote for Clinton, he is considering other options as a form of public protest about changes he thinks are needed in the Democratic party.

Democrats are overlooking people of color, despite the fact that they're an important voting bloc for the party, he said. Hendricks said he thinks Democrats need to make an effort to hire more black staffers and said he wondered if his position as an elector could be a way to force the party to consider the issue.

Such a move would be unusual. Electors are usually the party's most faithful members, and according to the National Archives, throughout the nation's history, more than 99 percent of electors have voted as pledged. And only a handful of those so-called "faithless electors" have been in the modern era.

Of the state's 13 electors, eight either said the Electoral College should be changed or changes should be considered.

Terry Frye, an elector from Bristol, where he's an attorney, minister and the city's commissioner of revenue, said he supports a reform plan called the National Popular vote Interstate Compact in which electors would be bound to cast their ballot for the winner of the popular vote.

"If we continue to have this situation where the loser of the popular vote can win the election, it undermines the confidence of the American people in the democratic process," he said.

Clinton would be the fifth candidate in the nation's history to win the popular vote but lose the presidency.

Just one of Virginia's electors said the institution should be kept as it is.

Jeanette Sarver, an administrative assistant from Dublin, said she thinks the Electoral College properly balances the interests of large and small states.


So, a political strategist named Hendricks wants to lodge a protest vote because the Dem party need changes? Has nothing to do with Elec Colleg but his own corrupt party that cooked books to nominate Hillary.  He and the author of this story doesn’t have a clue. 
Also, eliminate California and Hillary LOST the popular vote.

Donald Trump: Elevated to the presidency thanks to a document he’s never even read.

high unlikely BobO, I’m sure the educators are telling the students the same thing Obama said during his Friday press conference, that the Electoral College is outdated and no longer serves a purpose. We Constitutionalist need to be aware that the young millenials in this country are being prepped and groomed for Revolution by our education system. As flawed as a candidate that Hillary Clinton was, it’s amazing that she still won the popular vote. That only tells you where we are heading as a country. although we the election of a Trump was a reprieve, we still have to watch out for the onslaught of our media, left wing radical politicians, educators and students that will try to take him down in 4 years if not before then.

Democrats didn’t see any problem with the Electoral College when Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, and Obama won the Presidency. The Electoral College has worked flawlessly since 1789, including a tie between Jefferson and Burr.

Democrats are such sore losers that they rather try to up end 227 years of precedent because they forgot that America is a “REPUBLIC” in which states decide the leader of our Federal Republic.

The Electoral College is enumerated in the Constitution and isn’t going anywhere until Democrats find themselves with enough power to pass a Constitutional Amendment which needs a 2/3rds vote in the Congress and 2/3rds vote of states.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Looks like to me more people wanted to cling to their guns and religion than Obamas abysmal transformation.  Who the heck wants to be dictated by NYC or LA?  by the way, 70% of the precincts in Wayne county MI (Detroit) had more votes cast than people showing up to vote.  Fraud is ripe and I thank Jill Stein for bringing that to light…Hillary didn’t win the popular vote either when you discount the fraud the democrats always seem to be involved with…

I hope every history teacher in LCPS is covering the topic of states rights versus federalism in classes today. Should the popular votes from New York and California control the executive branch of the country? Should the permanent legislative elites in DC control the media? Is the candidate who was “horrified” by the mere thought that the other candidate would not accept the voting results of November 8th now dabbling with seditious behavior by undermining electoral college operations? These are all great topics for our kids to study and when they understand how the thirst for power can corrupt they can explain it to their parents who have been unproductively glued to CNN, NBC etc and the view.
Bob O__ Esq.

I’m sure if the Snow Flakes candidate won they’d be fine with the Electoral College. Stop Whining!!!

“If we continue to have this situation where the loser of the popular vote can win the election, it undermines the confidence of the American people in the democratic process,” he said.

I’m sick of hearing about the irrelevant popular vote. Donald Trump lost the popular vote because he wasn’t competing for the popular vote. If it were the popular vote that determined the winner, Trump’s (and Clinton’s) campaigns would been run entirely differently. For starters, there would be no “swing states” to barnstorm.

So who would be our next president in the alternate universe of popular vote supremacy? Nobody knows, and I’m not sure what good it does to speculate.

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