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Movato: Loudoun the best county in the nation

The view from Hillsborough Vineyards, just outside the Town of Hillsboro in western Loudoun. Courtesy Photo/Instagram, Trevor Baratko
The secret's out.

Loudoun County is the best county in the nation, according to the popular real estate blog, Movato.

“This is one of those instances where the winner was a pretty obvious one,” blogger Laura Allen wrote.

Movoto liked our numbers:

・Median household of about $120,000
・High median rent for apartments
・Low unemployment
・High school graduation of over 93 percent

That's a little like saying RG3 has good numbers. True, but we like him because he's just so RG3. It's like that in Loudoun, too. The numbers are fine, but what we appreciate is the life between the numbers.

No need to elaborate. If you live here you know. Let the rest of the 640 U.S. counties that Movoto considered try to figure out what it takes to be No. 1.

The also-rans: Fairfax County (No. 3). Fairfax? Not even close. Montgomery County, Md. (No. 8) and Frederick County, Md. (No. 9).

Some secrets are better kept close.


@Everett, You’re a hoot. you live in Loudoun because your gym and ladyfriend is here. Yet you complain about taxes, traffic and commute to MD.

I can see why you don’t live in a gated community, you’d probably have trouble finding your way out…

Everett.. You should be a good liberal and go live with your people in the leftist state of Maryland with it’s high taxes, anti gun laws, and truly liberal policies like a Rain tax.  You should feel right at home in Maryland and not trouble yourself and pollute the environment by commuting all the time to work in Maryland. Liberals to the East and Conservatives to the West of the Potomac.

Everett - You are on crack if you think we have a high real estate tax. DC and Maryland are much higher than Loudoun Co. Loudoun is on par with other parts of NoVA.

Your opinion that its too high is not reality when you compare our tax rate to the nation as a whole or even the local region.

I think most people who live in a gated community do so because the house is nice. I looked at a home in the Belmont community not because I wanted a gated home but because the price was right, to bad the people who got foreclosed on destroyed the carpet.

I felt a gate is a negative myself, I like having people over and dealing with guards is a pain.


To clarify I do not live in either of those 2 communities, and have no intention to.

I outlined in my previous post why I live here, so please read it.

Although you do bring up a point about the taxes, MD has a county “piggy back” tax where each county has a income tax rate on top of the state tax rate. Montgomery county is 3.20% and the highest state tax bracket is 5.75%. VA is different as there is no county income tax, however there is an astronomically high real estate tax. VA highest tax bracket is also 5.75% just like MD.

Wow, more class warfare from people like @Everett.  You buy by location, location, location and RC/Belmont will most likely hold their value.  I wonder if I’m paying your salary as a Government worker since you mentioned NIH???  I wonder if you’re one of “those” people creating N.Va’s traffic problem???  I bet you’re staying here because you don’t want to pay your fair share of taxes to Maryland???

They chose to live in a gated community because they don’t want to deal with anyone “less” than them. Think about it..no person from the outside “world” can drive into their community without being harassed by the toy cop out front.

Yes, I work in MD (near NIH) and have for many years and proud of it. I chose to work there on purpose so I can get away from N. VA 8 hrs plus a day. One may ask why I bother staying here and that is 1) my ladyfriend is here 2) my gym is here 3) most of my family is here.

I have served proudly on the jury many a times to answer your question.

Look at the report…it’s from a real estate blog.

Meaning Loudoun is really good if you are in the real estate business.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re evaluating the quality of life.  We know there are many, many places in the US where people have higher quality of life. 

We’re stuck with local governments who won’t ask people to pay the sort of taxes that support things like ball fields, parks, better roads, public transportation, the arts and on and on. 

@Everett, and what is meant by hide behind gated communties, River Creek & Belmont?

You do seem to complain about everything in Loudoun and northern va, yet work in Md…

I can see why most make fun of you on here…. You make some of the stupidest comments… About time we here about your workout, cooking all your food, commute and gf.

scary to think you could sit on a jury someday…

FestiveBigSteve - Its good because its not as high as the average income meaning earnings are higher than rents. If rents are low but you make almost nothing then life still sucks; add that commodities are about the same everywhere no matter what you earn.

Fred there is nothing wrong with PG County MD. I work in MD,  but live in Loudoun. It was actually voted not too long ago the most affluent black county in the nation.

As for keeping out poor people, high median rents wont keep them out. Look at Sterling Park and the Plaza Street part of Leesburg. Multiple people living in apartments that are meant for 1-2 people. Most of them are blue collar, and many stand outside the 7 eleven over on East Market Street looking for work.

I have more respect for them compared to people like you who hide behind the gates of communities such as River Creek and Belmont.

High median rent for apartments keeps out the poor people who would drag down the county with their demands on public services and lack of funds put into the public coffers. The higher the rent, the better. We don’t need Loudoun looking like PG County Maryland.

It is not a good thing. Creates a demand for people to rent out rooms and basements to entire families, and you have a situation where 2 or 3 families are living in 1 house.  Do you want to live next to a house that has 8 to 12 people living there when it is meant for maybe 4 people ?

Also, this “study” did not take into account the lousy road infrastructure and lack of public transportation. If anything Montgomery and Frederick Counties should have been ranked higher. What happened with Howard County in MD?

How is “High median rent for apartments” a good thing?

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