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MS-13 gang member sentenced in fatal 2015 Sterling shooting

Jose Miguel Espinosa de Dios, a 19-year-old MS-13 gang member, was sentenced to prison and fined for the 2015 shooting death of a 17-year-old in Sterling.

A Loudoun County Circuit judge sentenced Espinosa de Dios to 35 years in prison Wednesday for first-degree murder and a $25,000 fine for the use of a firearm during the murder, three years on the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and three years post-release supervision for both charges, according to the Loudoun Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney.

Espinosa de Dios previously submitted an Alford plea of guilty to both charges on June 7. An Alford plea is one where the defendant maintains his innocence, but enters a guilty plea because he believes it to be in his best interest rather than proceeding to trial.

On the morning of Sept. 4, 2015, witnesses said they saw a young man shoot a victim multiple times as he walked toward a school bus stop in Sterling.

The victim, Danny Centeno-Miranda, was a member the 18th Street gang, a rival gang of MS-13. Espinosa de Dios was identified as a suspect.

When police searched Espinosa de Dios' home, they found the gun used in the shooting stored in the house's freezer. While he originally denied involvement, Espinosa de Dios ultimately admitted to shooting the victim. He said he had been given the gun specifically to kill the victim, and that he had had problems with the 18th Street gang in the leading year.


Schten-  I’m actually correct on both points.

He reassigned the the traffic deputies to patrol the area to give the impression of increased security just to remove them after election.

By the way,  there has been an increase in gain activity over the past several months. See if you can get the people at the Eastern Station to provide the details. One would assume they have the facts.

He also decreased the Sheriff’s Office participation in the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force until the gang issues began to get out of control.

Riverman_VT@yahoo The Virginia General Assembly abolished parole in 1995 under then-Gov. George Allen. So criminal defendants sentenced to prison after 1995 have no opportunity for parole at all.

INSIDER you’re kidding about Chapman right? I hope that’s sarcasm. Simpson, for more than a decade, said “Gang Problem? What gang problem?“He refused to acknowledge the growing gang problem in Sterling/Leesburg. One of Chapman’s main focuses during the election was addressing the gang problem! Don’t know where you’re getting your news….oh wait…yes I do….that explains your lack of knowledge!

Funny how Chapman kept the gang connection out of the media until after the November election that year.

Why no press on the gang issues that have been occurring in the Sterling area over the past several months?

Have police in Loudoun County met with the FBI to set up some ongoing action to rid our area of these violent youth gangs?

None of that really matters, as once the perp is released to the state he is a mark with a big X on his back. He did a rival gang member and won’t be protected by anyone other than his homies in prison. See how long he lasts in The Big House even with reduced sentencing for good behavior. I’ve worked in all these neighborhoods in Sterling and feel for the good folks and good kids who keep getting victimized. Our police, sheriff’s, etc. are defenseless against the gangs, unfortunately, who especially keep preying on the young kids.

Assuming he’ll complete his full sentence he will be 54 when he gets out.  I assume that he’ll be deported at that time (unless of course the laws change and we are a world without borders).  So in short he’ll be back in Northern VA at the age of 54 and a half.

The judge probably doesn’t matter since it was a plea agreement. But since it was I hope they are getting some good info from him to justify the sentence.

Right, a $25,000 fine that will be paid when and by whom???? An additional 25 years would have been more like it or a more proper sentence of life without parole. What kind of pansies is Virginia putting on the bench these days that cannot hand down a proper sentence for admitted murderers? No wonder you didn’t include the judges name. Shame in him or her!

Why not life?

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