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WATCH: Ashburn man’s icy experience goes viral

A video of Tim Besecker from Ashburn has gone viral
Footage of an Ashburn man sliding down a slippery slope, otherwise known as his driveway, has gone viral.

Tim Besecker was leaving his house Tuesday when he found himself on a stretch of black ice that stretched the length of his driveway. Besecker, who resembled a less than agile ice skater, was caught on camera by his wife, Kelly, who then posted it on social media.

The video has been viewed more than 40 million times and shared one million times on Facebook.

On Twitter, his wife posted the video with the hashtag #BlackIceIsReal.

Besecker wasn't injured in the incident. He told Fox 5 that he's surprised by all the social media attention, and he laughs every time he seems the video. "I was looking for something to grab onto -- and there was nothing -- so, down I went!" he said.


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