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UPDATE: Diner at Ashburn Anita’s stiffs server, leaves a racist message

A diner at Anita's restaurant in Ashburn stiffed an African American server Jan. 7 and left a racist message on the receipt, setting off a wave tense, race-fueled debate in Loudoun County.

Shown in a photo, the diner did not tip on a $30.52 check. At the bottom of the receipt, he or she wrote: "great service don't tip Black people."

The incident, which quickly garnered national media attention, was first reported by the Times-Mirror.

The local NAACP tweeted a photo of the receipt Jan. 8 along with the message: “Hatred will not be tolerated and we will not keep quiet. This has been confirmed and did happen per Mgr @ Anita's in Ashburn.”

Anita's of Ashburn owner Thomas Tellez confirmed the incident to the Times-Mirror Jan. 9. "It's real. It did happen," he said, adding that it was “disheartening.”
Regional and national media quickly picked up the story.

A photo of the receipt posted on the NAACP's Twitter page. The Times-Mirror has redacted credit card information. Twitter/@NAACP_Loudoun

The server, Kelly Carter, said the receipt was left by a white man and woman to whom she had served breakfast. Carter says there was no indication the couple was unhappy with her for any reason.

Tellez said Carter is a loyal employee and beloved by her customers.

Since the incident, Tellez said, customers have requested Carter as their server and some are even stopping by to give her hugs and money.

Despite the confirmations from Carter and Tellez, the incident has many skeptics on social media. Many observers' immediate reaction was that the message and receipt was a hoax. They called media reports “fake news.”

Bonnie Callahan Fulks, writing on the Times-Mirror's Facebook page, said the article is being used to “bait another political outrage.” She urged the newspaper to “grow up.”

“I find it so interesting that the Loudoun Times-Mirror continues to bait people with articles such as this one. This is truly a horrible situation and I don't find it funny, amusing or even informative,” noted Fulks. “I find it hopeless and disgusting and just cannot find the reason to even report on this. As a grandmother of 4 mixed grandchildren I would truly be upset if this happened to them … but, lets face it, things like this happen everywhere and probably every day … people continue to be rude and mean when they haven't been raised correctly.”

Phillip Thompson, the president of the local NAACP, commented on the situation Jan. 9.

“I generally don't get to have too many quiet days being president of the local NAACP because I live in Loudoun County, Virginia,” Thompson noted on social media. “And if it isn't the schools, county, towns or politicians, it's some knucklehead trying to prove a point … I do believe under the current political climate this is just the beginning. Can't even get a quiet day to watch football. Well the bell is rung, time to go into action.”

Thompson told the Times-Mirror "we need to treat people better."

NBC Washington, the Associated Press, the Huffington Post and the New York Daily News are among the outlets that have reported the story.

A YouCaring fundraising page for the Anita's server has been established.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


the deliciousness of the leftist anti-trump tantrums are a wonderful thing. After eight years of Obama buffoonery taking race relations back 50 years, any change is for the positive.

Please, don’t suggest that Trump is raising important issues.

If you want to understand Trump it is really quite simple: Where there is certainty about a fact or issue, he injects uncertainty. Where’s there’s uncertainty, he appears absolutely certain. The goal? Chaos.  No fact carries any more weight than any non-fact.

The hope is that as everything is open to question, you’ll decide that the one and only thing you can count on is Donald Trump.

Basic strongman, dictator stuff really.  America won’t prosper with this sort of low-budget Mussolini running things.

Trump has massive conflicts of interest that will likely result in new legislation or rules.  However, he did raise a lot of issues that no other politicians were addressing.  That, along with the utter corruption from the other side, is mainly why he was elected.

Many voted for Trump to send a message to the establishment to start addressing the real issues (immigration, regulations, entitlements, etc.).  They did not see Trump as some unblemished leader.  He does appear to have nominated some successful individuals who hopefully can bring in some new ideas.

Trump is not some ideal President.  But by speaking the truth about certain political issues, without regard to the obvious nonsense racial and gender attacks that folks would levy (see immigration), he has given voice to millions of Americans. Not to be racist or sexist but to really address issues from a factual and realistic perspective.  We need to figure out how to help many Americans being left behind without being afraid to address the underlying issues.  The answer is not to give everybody a welfare check.  The fact that you all can’t see that just shows how detached you all have become.  And the fact that you abhor Trump will heaping praise on Bill Clinton is mind-boggling.

If you think Trump is the answer, pray tell, what is the question?

OrangeJulius, I am not a “snowflake”. I am merely part of the objective and ethical electorate who prevented Hillary from gaining power. There are thousands like me here in Loudoun.

You see, we all are informed. We all know this race baiting has been going on for years. And the gender baiting. We simply got tired of it particularly when the ones pushing it were so corrupt.

Thank you sincerely for “appreciating” my comments. But I can tell you some who do not appreciate the truth being told such as Chair Phyllis Randall, Kristen Umstattd, Supt Williams and the school board who were only too happy to have the public believe teachers were living in poverty.

I am sorry your NeverNeverLand story had to end. Maybe your side can finally become high information voters now who are aware of facts.

VirginiaSGP, we know you’re not racist and that you never make a judgement based solely on race.

You are indeed a pretty special snowflake and believe me, we all appreciate your sharing your wisdom with us on nearly every article the LTM publishes. 

98Loudouner, let’s see what other facts are inconvenient:

1. Blacks and Hispanics obtain less education than whites and particularly Asians who are the most educated

2. Blacks and Hispanics score lower on all standardized tests than Asians at the top and whites who come in second

3. Blacks are much more highly represented in professional sports leagues, particularly ones that focus on athletic ability than whites

These all also represent stereotypes.  Where true on average for a group, they tell you NOTHING about an individual.  For example, who scored higher on the Wonderlic (IQ) test: Tom Brady, Petyon Manning, Calvin Johnson (black) or Brett Favre?  Johnson whipped all of them by a lot.

The same is true for tippers.  If you see a black patron, he/she may be the largest tipper in the room.  Note that males also tip more than females.

These statistics are uncomfortable for you.  Maybe you can get AG Mark Herring to make politically incorrect (but true) speech designated as a “hate crime” so you can blissfully bury your head in the sand.

I, for one, will continue to seek out facts.  However, I will always judge an individual based on their individual characteristics, not by a stereotype.  Maybe you should do the same.

Virginia SGP,
I know from seeing you rage against the LCPS SB regularly that you are indeed white. Your rant on this topic is despicable in my opinion. Just because you found some trashy “study” to justify your post doesn’t make it so. You should be ashamed of that post but you most surely not only aren’t ashamed but proud.

BabyFingersForTrump, I’m going way out on a limb and guess you don’t understand logic or the big picture.

Virginia SGP, I am going to go way out on a limb and guess that you are white.

if this were NOT a fraudulent scam, those perpetrating it would be answering all the questions being raised in a public forum. They aren’t. Nothing but crickets from the waitress and the media. SCAM

The problem is Loudoun times condones a fund me page without knowing if it’s a scam by providing the link. The tip at most would have come to $6 to $10 at most if good tipper, however the fundmepage has over $3K. How to justify? Who will really get that money? I expect better from the media, even Loudoun Times…...

BabyFingersForTrump, so let me get this straight.  If this article were about something that a left-winger did (say vandalize the Republican HQ) and a commenter noted that there was research showing right-wingers were more likely to cause damage to minorities’ property, you would really call them out for being off topic? 

Or would you chastise someone who referenced one of Trump’s off-color remarks in such an article?

Me thinks not. 

The action (if true) was not good.  Was it crime?  No.  The end of the world?  No.  Did the server make out better in the end?  Many time$ over. 

But what will make this server’s income demonstrably better is to be assigned a higher percentage of white customers.  That will make her income rise.  It’s a fact.

And surveys have also shown that most races prefer having a white supervisor (absent one of their own race).  In other words, the second most preferred supervisor race is always white.  So Hispanics prefer a white manager over a black or Asian one.  Blacks prefer a white manager over a Hispanic or Asian one.  Etc.

Bottom line is that while their are some pockets of racism, by far, the most tolerant group (as a whole, not any one person) is whites.  I realize that doesn’t play into the “white people are all bad, most whites vote Republican, therefore Republicans are all bad” world-view.  I also realize you want to get as much air time for an isolated incident and make all Loudoun citizens apologize for this one person.  We get it.  The larger picture is much different.

If you are really interested in helping minorities, why don’t you speak out for more equally integrating the schools in Sterling and Lessburg where some have 50%+ FRL/minorities while other schools nearby have about 10%.  But I guess that would take work instead of feaux outrage.  We wouldn’t want your tired typing fingers to have to do any of that, now would we?

Since this story broke several days ago people here and elsewhere have been raising questions about the receipt—the time stamp, the reprint, the zero balance due, the handwriting—and none of those questions have been answered by the server or Anitas.  It’s gotten to the point where I find the silence deafening.  If there are answers to these questions that would establish the integrity of the claim then pass them along—I’d actually love to be wrong and will say so.  Until or unless that happens, I’ll continue to believe what I believe about this—and note that the YouCaring page has now raised $3,616.

Our right-wingers here seem intent on proving there’s something more than a person being a racist jerk at work here. 

Let’s just focus on the facts of this case and say the behavior was deplorable.

John M, this is commonly known among all wait staff.  It is also true of other cultures (overseas) who are not used to tipping.  Even after living here for years, they refuse to tip more than 10%.  So I would sometimes excuse myself to use the restroom and leave some extra on the table as I caught with them on the way out (assuming I pay bill and they were supposedly responsible for tipping).

It obviously is not true in all cases or possibly most.  But on average, the facts are the facts.  The whole tipping policy leaves much to be desired but fixing it is a whole new ball of wax.

If you look in that paper I referenced, it appears between 3-5% of folks just don’t leave tips.  So 1 out of 25 or so may not tip.  Thus, the $0 tip at Anitas is not so uncommon absent the note.

But just like the graffiti on the old colored school building, it’s few and far between.  It prompted a lot of clicks for LTM and a TON of feaux outrage from the righteous liberals so they are all happy now.  Happy to pat themselves on the back in the knowledge that they are so superior to all those deplorables.  Don’t those make up 1 in 4 according to Hillary?

VirginiaSGP, you are getting into an area that needs to be tiptoed around, but you have a very good point- one that I have always been curious about.
Many years ago, one of my brothers was a waiter while he was in college. He always mentioned that African Americans and older people were always “light tippers”. Fast forward 15 years and I’m married to a woman whose father owns a restaurant at which I would help out now and then. One of my father in law’s waitresses of over 15 years comes walking into the kitchen saying “Aw man, I don’t want to wait on this table that just came in, they are going to work me like a dog and not leave a tip”. The table was African Americans and they did not left her a $5 tip on a bill over $150. Did I mention the waitress was African American? When she said that, I was dumbfounded.
Now, many years later I go to lunch with the same group of people almost every day, two of us white, one African American and we take turns paying the bill. I routinely tip over 20% and so does the other white person, but the African American guy is always leaving under 10% and it embarrasses me.
To each his or her own I say, but I’ve always wondered why this is.

Anyway, if the Anita’s story is true, I hope the dirt bags get exposed publicly and since I eat at that Anita’s about once every two weeks, I’ll make sure that waitress gets a nice tip. I want her to know that people like the ones who left the note are definitely not the majority, they are losers.

Will the Loudon Times do a little investigation and buy something from Anita’s with a credit/debit card to see if “Reprint” appears on original receipts?  How about asking the NAACP for a good picture of the full receipt with the date/time printed on it?

Tobaum is asking the right questions. No one has been able to answer them. Another FRAUDULENT claim of racism that does nothing but hurt the true victims of racism. The overused word has lost its teeth, thanks to hoaxes like this.

You should read “Black-White Differences in Tipping of Various Service Providers” by Michael Lynn, School of Hotel Administration at Cornell Univ

I suppose it’s also possible that some version of this happened, but the server/restaurant threw out/lost the original receipt, and someone decided to reprint and “recreate” the original in an effort to have “proof” in anticipation of the public claim and YouCaring effort.  But, regardless, this isn’t right and someone needs to fess up soon if an active effort to solicit funds based on a fraudulent piece of evidence is going to continue.

As of now, the page has raised $3,546.  Criminal misrepresentation at this level is at or approaching felony status.  This really needs to stop.

Maybe another interesting question is why individuals of different races tip, on average, at different percentages.  See a Washington Post story from Jan 21, 2015 that talks about such racial differences in tipping.

So maybe a better question for this server is if all the customers were assigned by race to the various servers (whites to one server, blacks to one server, Hispanics to one, asians to one), which group of customers would he/she pick?

Can the Loudon Times do a little bit of research and go buy something using a credit card and see if “Reprint” appears on the original receipt?  How about asking the NAACP for an in-focus, full photo of the receipt?  This seems pretty easy to solve.

The biggest moron on this comes from the local gop leader himself….”@TrevorBaratko @NAACP_Loudoun Very sad, very wrong, and a grievous sin against God. Thanks for getting this info out.”  A grievous sin? give me a break, will ya….probably a con, and this guy Estrada falls for it every time….

This is from another news story:

“Carter did not ask for all this attention. It was two of her regular customers – who witnessed her reaction to the message and who were outraged by the incident - who posted the photo on Facebook. By Sunday night, the Facebook post had been shared nearly 900 times.”

So if I’m understanding this correctly, 2 of her regular customers saw her reaction to the receipt, presumably at the time the receipt was left on the table?  But Anita’s closes at 10PM, and the receipt with the handwriting has a time stamp of 1:17AM.  How can that be?  Ok, maybe the time is incorrect on the CC machine?  Did Ms. Carter allow the 2 regular customers to take a photograph of the receipt so they could post it to Facebook?  Did she take a photo of the receipt and send it to the 2 regular customers, “not asking for all this attention”?

If this is truly real, and the customer(s) in question left that remark, then they are scum.  But this story has a bunch of unanswered questions.

Why does the receipt say “Reprint #: 1”?  Why is the balance $0.00 on the reprint?  Why is the date and time on the receipt 1/7/2017 1:12AM when Anita’s closes at 10:00PM on both weekend days?  (An image of the entire receipt can be found on Reddit)  How did the customer’s handwriting get on a reprinted receipt timestamped at 1:12AM, 3 hours after Anita’s closed?  LTM, are you asking any of these questions?

Sky prince, let’s be honest here, you may be a social justice warrior on social media but you would not leave the safety and security of your keyboard to confront this person. Social media provides an avenue to express frustration but a one on one confrontation will quickly show you that most people are not willing to put up with BS when confronted personally and it may go very badly for you. so let’s not make veiled threats.

One other possibility here—if the customer paid cash and barely covered the amount of the check, a reprinted receipt would show zero balance due. 

It’s not hard to then figure this whole thing out—it all makes sense.  Let’s say the customer was a jerk who left little/no tip—just stuck $31 in the check folder and left.  Poor form.  The server or someone else is steamed about this and decides to make it appear to be a racial issue.  They reprint the receipt, zero out the tip line, and write the message at the bottom to indicate this was the factor. 

This is what I believe happened.  The scrawled signature that appears to be deliberately unreadable.  The writing at the bottom that seems to be female in nature.  The time print on the receipt.  The zero balance due that does not fit a bill paid by a credit card.  The server/someone got mad and fabricated this because she got stiffed on a tip and wanted, literally, some payback. 

Sorry if she got stiffed—but taking matters into your own hands to get payback is worse—creating an impression we are a racist community and attempting to fraudulently raise money is worse.  I’m also guessing there will be a criminal investigation of this…soon.

On that last point…is there any reporting about who started the fundraising page?

Print the name of this miscreant so we can go and give him a “tip!”

So here is a picture/video of the FULL RECEIPT.

It is also shown in better light.

The times read 01:12 AM!

No wonder the original picture didnt show the time and date!

There is a post on reddit that shows a FULL picture of the receipt….It was printed at 1 in the morning. Anita’s closes well before that. This is fishy on all accounts. I’m not implicating the server by any means either. Maybe it was a joke by someone else in the restaurant and now they feel they’re in too deep. If it’s real…shame on that person. I will not acknowledge racism, nor will I acknowledge the party responsible if it is indeed a fake.  What I’ll do instead, is continue to treat every human being with compassion and respect (excluding those who do not warrant it). Notice I did not say “black people” or “brown people” or “white people” or “oriental” or “Hispanic”. There is one race, and it’s the human race. Stop feeding into racism…It feeds off of our reactions. Treat people with love and compassion, bottom line. Racism/Racists will not get my attention any further.

Is it normal for a credit card receipt, where you are possibly going to put a tip on the meal and change the total, to say “BALANCE DUE $0.00”  ? 

As PandaWest noted, this is clearly a reprint (it even says so on the receipt), but if it was a reprint before the customer paid, why would it show $0.00 due?  That makes no sense.

Also, how is it possible that we don’t even know if the server was male or female?

hard to believe that someone would write that on a receipt that bears his/her name. More likely a scam….

If this is real, the patron is an utter idiot and does not represent 99.9% of true AMERICANS.  This would be an example of “actual” racism, not the racism, sexism, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. labels that our so called “politicians,” “sports stars,” “actors,” “actresses,” or any other person with a microphone seems to throw out these labels with fluidity in today’s environment. 

I get the opportunity to talk with many people from other countries and they actually think my America is fraught with this #$%!.  PEOPLE, America is one of the least racist countries on this planet!

I, like 99.9% of my fellow Americans do not judge a person by their color, religion, sex, personal relationship, sect, or any other diverse trait, rather, the CONTENT and QUALITY of their character!

Again, if true and not a hoax, this person is truly a DEPLORABLE with 0 redeeming qualities, but again, I hesitate to use this term because it is yet another that was thrown out to divide AMERICA (not a political statement, just a fact).

Journalism 101.  Find out if it is true first, then print it.  Not print first and ask questions later.

Great service, don’t tip black people. This makes no sense to me. Is the Diner telling the wait staff not to tip black person(s)? I don’t understand the intent here. Or is the diner saying black people don’t tip? not sure how to interpret.

There have been so many scams like this recently that’s its impossible to take them seriously anymore. 

And even if it did happen, so what?  I doubt its an indicator of some kind of burgeoning racism movement in Loudoun.  Its probably just an isolated jerkoff acting out.  Or somebody’s sick idea of a joke. 

If he and/or she shows up at the restaurant again then just kick them out.

OMG Phillip Thompson!!!!  You can’t get a moment a rest for all the racism in Loudoun County? 


Isn’t the County Board Chair a Black Woman? Isn’t the Mayor of Purcellville a Black Man? The only racism I see in Loudoun is from the NAACP trying to create it to justify itself.

A single nasty note on a tip slip could have happened anywhere in America and for all we know it was somebody from out of town passing through Loudoun during the Holidays.

I refuse to accept the NAACPs claims of rampant racism across the county. Of all the places in America, this is likely the most diversified and culturally integrated place in America.



I’m reading the comments and trying to figure out who the racist are or trying to read the racist comments. I actually don’t see any racist comments. But the ones hurling around the racist accusations are most likely the ones that racist. QUIT THROWING THE TERM AROUND LIKE IT’S A BASEBALL!! RACISM IS A SERIOUS ISSUE AND FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE A COMMENT AND TO OPINE ON A NOTE WHETHER IT’S REAL OR FAKE DOESN’T MAKE THEM A RACIST!!!

TruthBTold “So often these “racist” accusations are found to be instigated by the accuser.” You listed one example. What constitutes this as happening so often?

LoudounRes name 2 or more of these incidences that have occurred since they happen so frequently in your opinion.

Buffacuse, not sure what your takling about. But this is not a bad area. Just go to uncle Julios in Ashburn. You will see African Americans severs, White servers, Asian servers maybe even one of middle eastern descent. The Anita’s in Leesburg is the same way. And Scottva, I was born and raised here in Loudoun. Why dont you leave my county and take bcuse and Loudoun4trump with you. Us locals won’t stand for this ignorance.

Some of these comments just prove that racism is alive and thriving here in LOCO. More cowbell, the date is at the top of this recipet. You can’t see it bc the camera cuts off the top. What you racists should be saying is. “I hope this story is fake. But if it is real I retract and apologize for my earlier statements.” One can only hope you will stand up and do the right thing when it’s proven that this is not fake news.

Are there racists? Sure. 
Are there great of all colors out there?  You bet
Was anyone hurt?  No
Are tips mandatory? No.
Is it accurate?  who knows.

Stories like this will continue to gin up hatred and divisiveness for everyone.  Shame on LTM.

Horrible if true, but we are all aware that racism is alive and well.  I’m having trouble understanding why there would be a fund set up though, was this such a grievous instance of racism that the server will no longer be able to perform at work?  Maybe the story is missing some details that would really illuminate a few things here.

Fake? Not buying? Wow, do you guys all have rooms with newspaper articles marked up with red ink and connected with string in them? Is it really THAT hard to believe their are racists in Loudoun? Why do you all first go to “this is fake?” I guess the same way I read your comments and think “Man, what abunch of racists!” But you’re all such good Christians! Go back to your background bunkers!

Wow!!  Who knew we had so many forensic handriting analysts in Loudoun County?! Funny…

total scam

Why is it crumpled up as if fished out of a trash can? Why does it say “Balance due $0.00” if it were printed before it was signed? (Maybe that’s normal, I never noticed.)

More likely: the person liked the service so much that they wrote “great service” and left a cash tip to ensure that the server got the entire tip. I do that kind of thing all the time. If you’re going to make a point of leaving no tip, you’re more likely to write “$0.00” in the “tip” line.

Boy, this seems like awful reporting of an act intended to pull at the heart strings, much like Dick Black and David LaRock do when dressing up in sheep’s clothing.

Fake News.  There have been way too many of these type of fakes for anyone to believe it any more.

Just another way to put racism out there and cause more issues in the county.  Should not even be in the news unless this is 100% true - to many variables.  Server probably was horrible, so they didnt get a tip and they were mad so they did this - its not unheard of.  If it is true then the person that did this is sad piece of human flesh

I smell another fraud….server maybe wrote the note on the receipt?  There have been so many that have cried racism only to have it turn out to be an ugly lie…

have to add that the person posting the receipt slip on funding page didn’t black out the credit card information which is huge no no. Shocking Loudoun times would allow the link…. The owner of the card could sue….

Why is everyone so sure this is some kind of conspiracy? That alone shows how disconnected this community is from reality.  We still have a real problem with racism, here, and all over this country.  Not admitting it, or BELIEVING our black friends and neighbors (and other minorities targeted by hate) is part of the problem.

You’d think Loudoun Times would get all the facts before posting a story. Date/time missing from receipt. Anita’s probably has video cameras which should be able to confirm the story. Most of the time a customer crosses out tip, they leave money. Agree that the print doesn’t seem to match the cursive style. Also, why would there be a need for a fund raising page when at most the tip would have been $6. And if this just happened, why is so crumpled up since this is the store’s copy, which they have to file away(keep for 6 years for tax reasons).

Also, funny that You Caring page popping up…why no effort to interview/ID the server.  LTM, are you simply taking this at face value?

OK, a virulent racist chooses to dine at a New Mexican cuisine restaurant in a heavily Hispanic neighborhood, walks in, is served by an African American, and leaves a racist note in the hopes he/she can make it out of the parking lot before getting called on it.

Not buying.

One other note is the racist working seems to have three different styles.

“great service” - Written with a mix of cursive and print
“don’t tip” - Written in cursive
“Black people” - Each letter is printed

Why does somebody who is racist decide to eat at a Mexican restaurant? You’d think they would enjoy breakfast at some place less ethnic. 

If you notice one thing about this receipt, is the person’s signature is impossible to read, but their penmanship of the racist note is very well written.

If I had to make a guess, the signer and the racist note writer are different people.

Hey Thompson, why not leave Loudoun County?

Of course its fake.  Won’t no white person, especially in Loudoun County do anything like this.

Anyone one else think this is mighty fishy? So often these “racist” accusations are found to be instigated by the accuser. And of course, don’t count on the media to investigate before reporting ~ those days are gone. Just sayin. (For example, Google: “Red Lobster tip receipt race hoax”)

I don’t know why the Times wouldn’t authenticate this with management before posting.

100% fake.

1) It’s a reprint.  2) There is no date shown.  3) The handwriting for the amount and the message are totally different. You can see by the indentions left on the paper. Also, why would the “customer” use proper punctuation, ie using a tittle over the I, and the apostrophe on “don’t”, yet not use a decimal point in the amount?

The check amount is for $30. If they tipped her 1000%, that would be just over $300.  But the You Caring page is asking for $7,500?  That’s beyond unreasonable. What was also unreasonable, were some of the comments under the original post, proposing this customer be murdered.

This is clearly a scam that probably sounded better before they started it. Anita’s will have no choice, but to track this customer down and verify they left this message.

I hope the Times posts the result as quickly as they posted this.

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