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Naughty Girls Donut Shop coming to Sterling

Naughty Girls Donut Shop is going national with its 1950s rockabilly flair.

The pinup-themed donut shop is making its return this year with locations in Sterling and Georgetown, and then the owners plan to expand nationally.

Natalie and Tiana Ramos, the mother-daughter team behind Naughty Girls Donut Shop, originally opened for business in Front Royal in 2014, and another location in the Potomac Mills Mall in 2015. But the bakery had a tumultuous run before closing in 2015.

“We closed down the Front Royal locations because of all the turmoil that was happening there, and it was a lot for Tiana as a young woman and first time business owner,” Natalie Ramos told the Times-Mirror.

Tiana Ramond was 17 and a senior in high school when they began the venture.

Though their mission was to have a fun, family-friendly bakery with a girly, vintage vibe, Ramos explained they were on the receiving end of anger and boycotts from the community over the name of the shop and the pinup theme. Ultimately, it became too much, the elder Ramos said.

“We closed down in so Tiana could focus on going to school at the Culinary Institute of America and learn to better run her business,” she said.

Soon, however, the ladies would have an opportunity to expand the Naughty Girls brand on a national level.

“We were approached by SNM Global Holdings saying that they would like to invest and take it national,” Ramos told the Times-Mirror.

And first up? The District of Columbia and Loudoun County.

“SNM Global Holdings is very excited about joining forces with this budding enterprise. Naughty Girls Donut Shop has a great product and has become an attractive destination to sweet-treat aficionados,” SNM Global Holdings CEO Troy Lowman said in a statement.

Naughty Girls Donut Shops will now be full-fledged cafes with liquor licenses and a donut-themed menu, including entrees like fried chicken with gravy on a doughnut and doughnut breakfast sandwiches. Each day will feature select donut flavors out of 175 in the bakery’s repertoire, including vegan and gluten free options.

With the help of SNM, Naughty Girls plans to open in Batimore, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. But first, they will open in Georgetown and on Overland Drive in Sterling in October. You can follow Naughty Girls Donut Shop on Facebook and on their website http://www.naughtygirlsdonutshop.com.


Just what we need. More sexualization of women to degrade our daughters and mothers.

On the rare occasion that we buy donuts we will go somewhere that is friendly for the whole family and that has a better reputation.  Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t mean much to me.

Pretty sure I saw them on Shark Tank

The Truth:
—Shop received nothing but support
—Yes a radical group of religious zealots spoke up and acted out only to be rebuffed by the community
—Original shop was in an expensive and poor location for morning commuters—usually those people want to stop to get gas, coffee, and a donut.  The location didn’t serve that market
—Quality was so-so
—Service was so-so
—Allegedly sold gift cards while the shop was closing down
—Front Royal didn’t cause the Potomac Mill location to close.  Wonder what happened there.
Just my opinion based upon experience.

I’m going to this donut shop just because of the name.

Yikes, that location in Sterling is terrible.

I give them 6 months.

If you look at the reviews on Yelp, their name and décor do not seem to be their problem.  I wish them luck, but unless they change somethings it won’t be time to make the donuts.

I’m sure that the name gets a lot of attention.  I can’t say I can argue that when it comes to marketing.  However, I think it’s a form of exploitation and it sends the wrong message to our little girls in more ways than one.

i love the name and i love the theme! CANNOT WAIT to visit when they open!!

Uh, maybe they should change the name. Many people probably avoid it because of that.

Who knew that the Citizens of Front Royal were such Prudes?

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