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New Democrat emerges to challenge Sen. Dick Black

Democrat Jill McCabe, a pediatric doctor and medical professional, announced Thursday she will challenge incumbent state Sen. Dick Black in Virginia's 13th District.

McCabe, who has worked at Inova Hospital since 2006 and formerly chaired the Department of Pediatrics, is making her first bid for public office.

A Democrat who had previously announced a candidacy for the Senate's 13th District, Tom Mulrine, is stepping aside for McCabe to swiftly become the nominee.

"I'm running for Senate because I am inspired by the idea of making a greater impact in our community," McCabe, who also chairs the Loudoun Country Day School Board of Trustees, said in a statement. "Healthcare, public policy and business are intersecting now more than ever. I believe that my experience as a health professional, a working mother and an education leader have helped prepare me to tackle the challenges facing the Commonwealth today. From affordable healthcare to full-day kindergarten, we have a responsibility to give our children the very best Virginia has to offer."

The 13th District covers portions of eastern Loudoun and Prince William counties.

Black, one of the most conservative members of the Virginia Senate, defeated Democrat Shawn Mitchell by 14 percent of the vote in 2011. Prior to serving in the Senate, Black was a member of the House of Delegates for eight years.

Correction: This article has been updated to show that Jill McCabe is a former and not current chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Inova Hospital, and that she has worked at the hospital since 2006.


If 100,000 people had voted Richard would have got 57,000 of them. A double digit victory and a huge margin. I think Jill could defeat a lot of candidates just not Richard Black.

I hope people under stand that the democratic party is nothing more than the party of radical women. It is not the party of JFK or FDR. These activist are committed to and have destroyed our families.  They have used their ideology to fill are prisons.  Because of their policy’s Virginia’s Prisons population contain 98% of men who did not have fathers. These social policy’s that the democratic party want to shove down peoples throats have helped murder are children. One thing you will never witness is these woman talking about how to protect children.  The protection of children should cross all party lines but in order to protect our children these new feminist could no longer push their selfish ideas. Dick Black would choose children over ideology that’s why I will vote for Dick Black.

Black won thanks to ridiculously low turnout.

Jill is about to be educated in the reality of running as Democrat in a gerrymandered district full of Republicans. If Jill starts off with that left wing nonsense of being Pro-Union, Pro-Abortion, Anti-Business, Anti-Gun, and all those other leftist positions, she will have lost before she has begun. After all, Black won by 14% in 2011.

The 13th is Red and will remain as such.

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