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New face enters Leesburg Town Council race

Another candidate has thrown her hat in the ring for a seat on the Leesburg Town Council and this time it's not an incumbent.

Suzanne Fox is the first new challenger for a town council seat. Four seats are up for grabs, including Mayor Kristen Umstattd's, who has served as mayor for six terms.

Fox, who will be seeking her first elected seat, explained that she has been put off by recent decisions made by the Town Council.

"There are a few issues that concern me as a business owner and a resident,” Fox said. "I want to see if I can bring a little bit of balance and a new perspective."

One thing, Fox said, that she found particularly dismaying was the Council's recent letter of endorsement of Medicaid expansion to the state government.

“I think it's a state issue and a federal issue and not a town issue. I don't think advocacy is role of the Town Council,” Fox said.

While Fox has never run for an elected seat, she's no stranger to the process; her husband, Bill Fox, represents Leesburg on the Loudoun County School Board. Suzanne and Bill Fox worked together in Bill's inaugural 2011 race, where he edged out incumbent Tom Marshall by 86 votes.

Fox said she learned a lot about campaigning through the experience. And although she thought twice about running, given her husband's position on the School Board, she ultimately decided she had something new to offer.

“[His position], it could affect my campaign. I'm a different person though,” Fox said. “But, we both share a passion about being active in our community.”

Fox and her family, which includes three daughters, moved to Leesburg in 2003. Her oldest daughter lives in Providence, RI and her two younger daughters are a senior and sophomore at Loudoun County High School. Fox owns or co-owns two businesses in town: Legacy Weddings, a wedding planning company and Weddings on Wirt Street, a small-event venue.

Fox plans to announce a formal campaign kick-off later this month.

The Leesburg town elections are scheduled for November. Seats for Kevin Wright, Marty Martinez and Kelly Burk are up for grabs, as well as the mayoral seat. Umstattd, Martinez and Wright have indicated they will seek re-election.


Some people are so selfish and can’t get past the thought of thinking only of themselves. Your tax money goes to more than one thing and if you think you are paying health insurance for someone else, think again. Why don’t you complain about Obama spending all that money traveling(for no good reason)and sending money to other countries instead of helping people in this country first. There is no excuse for this country to have homeless people, little children going hungry OR people not having medical care. I’m pretty sure all of you rich people don’t pay a lot in taxes, because you donate to everything you can so you won’t have to pay taxes.I bet you don’t donate to anything that will benefit the less fortunate. When you go to bed at night ask for forgiveness for being so uncaring!!

Isn’t the VA health care system a work of art, government run health care is a big drain and income redistribution. The money Obama takes from us goes to insurance companies and hospitals so some people can feel good about stealing my money. It’s for your own good is one of governments biggest lies. There is no money just more federal debt to pay in order that the left who support gay marriage, in state tuition for illegals, free health care, subsidized transportation and rent feel good about themselves. Balance the budget then talk to me about spending a additional 100 billion dollars a year on people who have not earned it. Then I will fell secure!

It is unfortunate that Suzanne Fox did not attend the Town Council meeting at which Leesburg citizens asked the town council to support our efforts to convince the State Legislature to accept the Medicaid Expansion.  Those of us who spoke do not view this as a State or Federal issue.  We view it is a personal and family issue.  Our lives and the lives of our family would feel more secure if we were confident that good quality medical care is available for those of us who can neither afford medical care nor afford to pay for health insurance.  Medicaid expansion is the best means to afford us that assurance.  We also spoke to the Town Council as taxpayers who dislike Virginia’s rejection of the federal taxes that we have paid and that we would like to be used for the benefit of Virginia residents.  We asked the Town Council to help us because we feel that our appeals to our representatives in the House of Delegates fall on deaf ears.  These representatives will not even consider our concerns.  Perhaps if we felt that as individuals, our representatives really listened to us, we would not have felt the need to appeal to the Town Council to make a statement in support of something that will improve our lives as residents of both the state and the town.  A key difference between our Town Council and our House of Delegate representatives is that our Town Council members truly listen to us.  I do not believe that the Town Council was advocating for themselves.  They were advocating for those Leesburg residents who took the time to attend the council meeting and speak to them.  I am grateful to live in a town where my representatives truly pay attention to us.

Than I would guess that Mrs. Fox does not like Tom Dunn.  After all, Tom Dunn was the one who brought up the idea of a resolution on Medicaid expansion.  So, another candidate who understands the problems that Tom Dunn brings to the town of Leesburg with his brand of angry little politician game-playing.

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