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New FBI headquarters could relocate to Loudoun

The FBI is shopping for a new home for its headquarters and Loudoun County could be in its sights.

The prospect has Loudoun County officials ready to market the area for a relocation prospect, but so far talks are preliminary as to when, and if, that could happen.

“It is something we would very much like to pursue,” said Steve Hargan, business development manager of the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development.

According to a report by the Washington Business Journal, the FBI has outgrown its 40-year-old space in the J. Edgar Hoover Building. The agency, the report said, will need to spend about $1 billion or more to renovate the space, demolish and rebuild on the same spot, or find a new location for its network of about 20 off-site locations in the Washington area.

The FBI needs at least 55 acres and 2 million square feet of office space near a Metro station, the Washington Business Journal report said. It currently spends about $170 million for all its leased space in the Washington area, the report said.

There are several sites up for consideration in D.C. and Prince William County as well, but Loudoun, with Metrorail set to expand into the area by 2017 and several mixed-use developments planned near the extension, would be prime real estate for the FBI, according to Hargan.

“The time frame they’re looking at lends itself to the time we’ll have the Metro out here and several developments that are ongoing would be excellent locations,” he said.

So far, many Loudoun leaders are tight-lipped about the prospect because talks of the relocation are in the early stages.

“Right now we haven’t been briefed in closed session on the economic development plan,” said Supervisor-elect Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn). “Until we’re in closed session and I’ve got a better feel on the particulars,  I don’t know that I can comment on the specifics.”

Chairman Scott York (R-At-Large) also declined to comment on the prospect, saying he couldn’t discuss the particulars.

York did say the county would be happy to welcome the agency to Loudoun.

“We would be pleased to have any entity locate in Loudoun County   to help provide good jobs here and hopefully work closer to home as well as all the business support it would bring,” he said.

With Loudoun looking to boost its commercial tax base, Hargan believes an FBI relocation could bring with it other businesses looking to cater to the agency’s workforce, which is now more than 17,000 strong.

Hargan said Loudoun economic development leaders are waiting for federal budget talks to be finalized before they make their move to pitch the county as a prime location for the FBI.

“It’s a matter of waiting until they’re ready to hear from us,” he said. “We would consider that a prime prospect and do what we can to bring them to Loudoun. It’s not just the agency itself, it’s the number of support contractors that would also look to move closer to them.”

Hargan said it’s likely to be two years before a decision is made as to whether the FBI will look for a new location.


Laugh, everyone who regularly reads the LTM knows you are “Truth Detector”. 

Your delusion really is scary though.  I feel like your location deserves a red dot on a map so people can know to stay clear.  I just hope you don’t have children or a spouse.  Must be a joy to live there.

I normally do not respond to comments to my comments, but in this instance I do so, in order to point out to LeeJ that, whether he exists or not, is not what is important, but that he insists on writing on this site with many made up names, in order to disguise the fact that he is the one posting, and is thereby to be seen as expressing only one opinion.  Further, from the way the post was written, little doubt exists that LeeJ is in fact the same poster as almost all of the other posters, to which he really should be ashamed of himself.  It should be kept in mind that whether or not the FBI puts an office in Loudoun County, is not something privy to anyone, especially someone claiming to be a brother, or best friend.

The FBI in Loudoun? Haha..don’t be silly…they are using Loudoun as a pawn. I know some FBIers and they say they will only relocate to nearby Fairfax or PWilliam. Loudoun is just a toy..no one wants to be that far out.Same reason Loudoun lost another big corporate relocate to Fairfax…just too far out…

Truth Detector @ Lee J is my real name as Barbara said i am well in the community of Loudoun. I don’t need to hide like many here. I am who I am with a beautiful wife that looks a bit like Natalie wood and actually prettier . and we met Natalie just before she died over in Catalina.

My point is we Dalyn and I are real people not like the fakos that show up here. ;-) I am easy to find :-)and i have a borther in law in the FBI as the foremost expert in the world as a bomb expert. ANd thank god we have people like him protecting this country.

Curious.  It appears that Laugh has caused a reaction with persistent comments.  Since the topic of the story is a federal agency coming to Loudoun County, and the first poster being someone named Leej, I also have to ask the obvious question.  Why would an obvious republican, clearly, take that position, and then, when pressed on it, post time and again, under numerous fake names, most obscene in nature, attacking Laugh?  I would guess it is because, for what ever reason there may be, Leej, and presumably many people in the local republican party, do not want to have the FBI located in Loudoun County.  I can only conclude that Leej, and other republicans, do not want the FBI so close to their back door.  Maybe, because they fear that, now on top, they will again fall to the bottom with criminal investigations into their actions.  It is amazing how often history repeats itself.  New Board of Supervisors, meet the Myers Board of Supervisors.

Laugh, if you only knew…if you only knew.


Its really very sad when LeeJ (and Tom Dunn) sink to the level that they have in the recent posts, writing under made up names.  Very sad indeed.  But is certainly speaks loudly to their character.

Laugh, I apologize for my extreme comment.  I try to remind myself not to get involved in the extremities of such discourse.  Alas, I wish to recant or change my mind regarding the previous comment as I believe there is some common ground based on other areas of opinion. Nevertheless my initial comment was based on the perception that everyone loathes a bully—like Ken Cuccinelli or Eric Cantor.  There I go again.

Laugh, are you over-compensating for a lack of genitalia.  That’s G-E-N-I-T-A-L-I-A.  I wanted to make sure you understood the word, tough guy.

Ah, my dear friend NotSoPoliticallyCorrect.  Or should I say, LeeJ.  Your really are so very disappointing.  Bottom line, is that since the universe of bloggers on this site consist, it appear, of two or three people, the chances are pretty good that your singularly shallow attempts at censorship fall on the rocks of failure, since I could care less what you do.  So, have fun, and remember, I’ll be laughing, and laughing, and laughing at you, as well as Ken “I feel the need for speed” Reid, and Tom “Why should I tell the truth on my campaign finance reports” Dunn and Katie “A brain only occupies space” Hammler. and Barbara “developers are my god” Munsey.

I think there is something to gain from everyone in life.  I learn both good and bad from all kinds of people.  I learned from you that some loads should in a sock instead of a mother.

Well thank you notsopoliticallycorret.  Glad to know that I educate the readers of this page, NOT!  If you think there’s something of value to gain from blog sites, I feel real sorry for you, indeed.  Truth be told.

It says I read as much as possible and try to stay educated.  I couldn’t help but point out the fact that when people argue, it is sometimes hard to spot the idiot.

I can’t resist:  NotSoPolitically Correct:  Maybe, but you took the time to read it all, and so, really, what does that say about you?

FYI:  You all look like idiotic trolls. 
Is LC paying you knuckle draggers to be blogging at work?

Oh, boy, guys, you really are looking kind of sicko. LeeJ and Barbara, be careful, otherwise the morals sheriffs will be looking you up.  And try not to ramble so much, LeeJ.  Calm down, take a few deep breaths.  You’ll feel much better.  Now, let’s get back to topic.  Some in this County -LeeJ for example, lives in a bunker, and won’t come out.  Others, like Barbara Munsey, want to see the entire county consists of houses, on top of houses, on top of houses.  Soooooooooooo, who knows.  Maybe the incoming board members, who had been slash my taxes, can take you your causes, and then they will be out in four years, and won’t that be funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I will try to end this but the reason I say Cliff lost because of the Millers.

I had Cliffs signs in my yard and several neighbors talked to me and said you got us to vote for Miller and he was horrible not a chance in hell will we vote for the Millers puppet. That is where that came from. end of story

“”” I have to admit who i could care less about is the master politician, whether you like him or not you have to give him credit.”“”

I meant to say Scott York

Laugh the lonely clown not a chance you started this public and it will continue in public and more may join in if you don’t try to be a good little boy ;-)

and Barbara was a excellent planning commissioner
look up her record before spouting off.

And looking back Snow was a better BOS then Miller
and i went all out for Miller even giving him a meet and great at my home. Good family terrible politician and bos. Miller never except once returned a email. and the only one i got from him was thank you for supporting me. nothing about what i wrote about. Snow always returned my emails with substance and he many community meetings unlike Miller and after the meeting he would always talk to me and my wife about issues.

I believe in part Cliff got slaughtered because of the association with the Millers just like that architect guy I believe Ronis got beat liz was doorbelling for him too.

Cliff is a friend of mine and a great guy and planning commissioner but when you get way less votes then McG there is something very wrong there. I will this to the equation Cliffs part and side in the hospital wars most likely cost him many votes. Including his own neighborhood. And looking back it isn’t surprising that Shawn Williams who i don’t know won. Politics is far different then heading a HOA no matter how big it is. I have to admit who i could care less about is the master politician, whether you like him or not you have to give him credit.

Barbara you are my angel love you girl :-)

Laugh the lonely clown boy do you have friends that good hmmmmm

not so casual observer @ thanks for giving the history of the Leesburg wolf furniture saga. But it did make Leesburg revamp their policies to be much more pro business and it has worked. Hopefully Loudoun can do the same with the new BOS
Economic Development will not come here in a big way without streamlining the process. Just getting a set of house plans approved at times can be a nightmare especially at the same time you try to subdivide the lot or lots. Even when the subdividing does not need a zoning change. Although i have not done anything in this county in a long time.  So maybe it is better today ;-)

Oh laugh the lonely clown you strat to mess with Barbara she will eventually out you out and she is far more relentless then me. Again Barbara you are my angel.

Wow, a group love effort, eh LeeJ, Barbara Munsey, and all the rest.  Hate to say it, but it does appear to be someone disturbing to watch, so could all of you do that, not in public, but under cover of night.  And, as to your views, well, keep those under cover of night as well.  Otherwise, those poor new incoming republican board of supervisor members might see them, think they are good ideas, and follow them, right out of office four years from now.  WAIT A MINUTE!  Go ahead and tell those incoming republican board members your ideas, so that they are in fact kicked out four years from now.  Just like Barbara Munsey was after her great effort resulted in the public disgust at her antics along with the board members who were shown the door.  Oh, LeeJ, caught your commenting to me!

Hey BOS I have 180+ acres near Point of Rocks MARC Sta. Make me an offer. :)It’s in Va.

laugh (Tom, IS that you?  He seemed to think he was funny as well), I haven’t referenced any good old days, nor any previous appointments—that’s those voices your tinfoil isn’t doing such a good job filtering for you.

Yes, Leej is straight James Joyce—try some Ulysses or Finnegan’s Wake, and you’ll see what I mean.

Or not.

Well done, not-so-casual.  I thought about feeding the troll with some history on Wolf, but passed.  he only got me out with his attacks on Leej and accusations of sockpuppeting (which he now walks back when challenged).

If it is who I think it might be, give him some time, because the waxing that individual took at the polls has GOT to sting!

Leej/Barbara - nice double-team. Count me in on the ‘sick of Laugh’ list.

Btw, Laugh, you showed your “johnny come lately” Loudoun ties pretty clearly in “Wed, Nov 30 at 04:57 PM by Laugh” - several years ago, perhaps 2006 or 07, Wolf Furniture got fed up w/ the TOL planning and development procedures, and bolted, making very public claims of the ‘anti=development’ attitude of the Town staff. Mind you, others, commercial and residential, were developing rapidly all over the Town at the time, and not complaining. I don’t know the specifics, but assume there was something in particularly difficult w/ the site near the bypass across from the Outlets.  But anyway, their complaints resulted in the TOL revamping their operations, and for whatever reason (pure economics), Wolf chose to come back and play ball in Leesburg. So that is the back story. One you’d know if you were HERE then, or if you yourself did some research.

And I will add Barbara was a excellent planning commissioner. And when people say she is so pro development. Look at her planning commissioner record. you may be surprised. she was extremely fair and understood and studied the projects she had before her better then most planning commissioners ever. she understood the rural part of the county better then most and her votes to keep it that way shows she is not the pro development beautiful lady a few call her.

now laugh the lonely clown what are you going to say but why don’t you do it by telling us what you do so you can say it with credibility. so far all we can see you are just the lonely clown boy no credibility at all all mouth and no substance. ;-)

Thanks Barbara you are a beautiful person and I am glad I know you :-)

Laugh i said i would not reply to but keep it up i am going to get my PI friend to the movie and sports stars out in LA and he was just here. He can find everything about you and we will expose your butt everywhere. But the more you post and seem to know everything about everything it most likely not going to be too hard anyway.

Let me give you a hint about me I am in the design building development business so i know a bit about what i am talking about and i have designed homes around the world. My homes are well known here and you drive by them all the time.

now clown boy what do you do and what is your real name. what makes you so smart about everything. I believe you are one that has a boring job and no one pays attention to you so you come out on the blogs because you have nothing in life. from now on you will be known as the “lonely clown boy” ;-)

so what are doing these days lonely clown boy lonely clown boy lonely clown boy. you want to play lonely clown boy i can be relentless as one of our bos found out lonely clown boy. but i won’t do it here i have a better place in mind as you will soon find out. I know people in person on these blogs and some are good friends. So where are your friends laugh the lonely clown boy. You don’t have any do you oh poor little lonely clown boy. so sad so sad for the poor little lonely clown boy so sad.

Oh, Barbara Munsey!  James Joyce?  Really?  I think not.  Maybe, oh, I don’t know, Thomas Harding, I think.  Slow, ponderous, boring, and really lame characterizations.  But anyway, I presumed that LeeJ was a real person.  No fictional person could be so one uninteresting.  The point of all of this, however, is that his opinions are based, it appears, on the bunker mentality.  So, really, how can one take such a person seriously.  Oh, and by the way, I find your constant references to the good ol days, when you were on the planning commission, to be highly instructive.  A manual for how not to do it, and result in republicans being swept from the past board.  Really top job there, Barbara.  But, that allows for me to have oh so much fun.

Leej is a real person, and there is just one of him (for which he might be the first to tell you his wife is thankful!), and he posts under his real name.

If you’re unable to read him laugh, then don’t ever try any James Joyce from his pure stream of consciousness oeuvres, because Leej is a definitive example of the genre.

You are a pretty remarkable troll, and as you seemed to appear during the election season (and seem to post near-identical things on a variety of sites and a variety of names), I’m wondering why your style matches so closely someone who used to blog every bit as rudely as you do, but under their own name.

They removed all of their own signed posts from the bigger news sites when they decided to run for office, and now that Scott York cleaned Bellanca’s clock, wound it, and polished the case without ever breaking a sweat, maybe that explains your extra activity (and extra bitterness)?

You’re a fairly detailed troll, but a troll nonetheless.

Leej is not a troll, no matter what people may think of his manner of expressing his opinions.

@Jim Sullivan -  If the metro ride is long, that is incentive for those workers to relocate to Loudoun and buy up our depressed housing market. The end result is a boost to the local economy.  Don’t give that free money away to Stafford.

Ah, LeeJ and your many made up post names.  So sad.  I am beginning to believe that in fact you are really that sad little man the nut hunters say you are.  You and Tom “I’m a sadder and littler man than LeeJ is” Dunn should get along together very well.

Stafford County/Quantico is a better choice. Better access and an airport. The FBI already has a large presence there and the all the military investigative agencies just relocated to Stafford - including NCIS HQ. Can you imagine how long a metro ride will be from Loudoun!

Hey “Laugh” (as you are a joke) go take your Saul Alinsky tactics elsewhere.

Noticed wawa’s comments.  Clarify, if you might be so kind.  Looks like you don’t like Tom “The Accountant” Dunn, Katie “I’ve got no brain” Hammmler, Marty “—-” Martinez,  Dave “I really hate losing elections” Butler, and Kevin “ah shucks” Wright.  Let’s leave out Ken “I feel the need for speed” Reid, since he’s decided to play his really bad games on the County level.  All of the above, have many, many, many times, pushed through votes that have actually hurt the residents of Leesburg, all the while taking campaign contributions from those they want to help.

Love the comments from LeeJ.  What an idiot.  Clearly a guy who lives in a bomb shelter.  Appears he is afraid the big bad wolf will come looking for him.  His answer to his paranoia is, attack anything new in Loudoun County.  Why?  Maybe, if one were to speculate, which is really so much fun, is that he wants to complain nothing is being done, and so, by arguing that nothing be done, he will always have something to do.  Like show up at Loudoun County Board of Supervisor Meetings, make speeches, and go home feeling oh so positive about is meaningless life.  HaHaHaHaHa!

Won’t be Leesburg. They claim to want businesses but only give permits for bazillions of “luxury” townhomes.  Ashburn isn’t any better.  With the number of stops required of Metro, it will take an hour or more to get from Dulles to DC.  You can ride a bike faster.

Hi Dan.  Don’t know if you heard, but Wolf Furniture is currently building a store IN LEESBURG.  Don’t get out much, do you.  Read the news more often.  Become informed.  DON’T BE AN IDIOT!

Won’t happen.  The people making the decision and their inner circle probably live in Arlington, Montgomery County, Alexandria, and DC.  They aren’t going to relocate their own job to what people down there call “the middle of nowhere”. 

With this Republican BoS, we could use the FBI presence though.  They should probably open a satellite office out here now to watch these guys.

Hopefully its not Leesburg or they will screw it up. Just ask Wolf Furniture

Maybe with an FBI office in Loudoun County, Tom “The Accountant” Dunn and Ken “I feel the need for speed” Reid can be given the close look over their 2008 town election finance forms which showed that on the same day each claimed they “loaned” their campaign $2,000.00, while at the time Tom “I’m filthy rich” Dunn claimed he had to hold down four jobs just to break even.  And then a few days later, Tom “Do I look honest?” Dunn ‘paid’ himself back the $2,000.00. putting the money in his pants pocket.  Makes one wonder, doesn’t it.

when is that baseball field going to open?

This makes sense. Finding affordable land in Fairfax County would be much more difficult. We do have the land available in Loudoun and the infrastructure, including the airport. Also, housing is available and more affordable than in Fairfax.

I suppose it is up to our elected officials to run a well orchestrated campaign to the FBI and present us as the best choice. Its is certainly worth it!

Give em time the new BOS will screw it all up!

@Leej - If Loudoun has to pay for rail extension from Dulles to win the FBI relocation bid, it is worth it to the county.

Eric and Rocket we will see. But I can say they will never come to Loudoun. Because the metro has a extremely good chance to only go to dulles and buses out here win win we are still close to the metro and don’t we have to pay a dime. :-)

Hello Clarice….

Quantico will likely not happen.  They do not have much more land available to them at the Academy and the lease the land from Quantico.  I really don’t see Quantico leasing more land the the FBI - they already have management issues with the lease they have (i.e., because of security rules).

@LeeJ, actually we are not the center of the universe for data centers.  Loudoun County is actually just starting to develop in that area compared to several other areas on the east coast that are already developed well past our current offerings.

DC is still the main target in this area.

If they move FBI HQ to this area, there will be no need to commute to the city, as the office will be out here. The goal is to get all the offices back into one central facility.

come on with the dulles airport and the bigger problem is the we are the center of the universe for the internet and data centers the terrorist find us a prime target. Another reason Loudoun is having a hard time attracting business. besides we have no class A buildings for them to move into. Raytheon took the last true class A space available. 

Quantico is extremely secure and the FBI already has a big presence there. And extremely secure. Loudoun does not have a chance in hell. They should end the metro at dulles airport. and we get all the benefits without the cost.

The newly approved Dulles World site seems an excellent fit. I hope it comes to Loudoun.

Quantico is a better choice due to I-95

This is just a sales pitch item for the Metro boondoggle.  This is all part of the PR push to put Loudoun taxpayers on the hook for the millions of dollars of debt Metro faces every year.  Don’t fall for it.

@Leej -  Ain’t gonna happen. Quantico is about the same distance as Ashburn, but Ashburn will have a Metro. Plus traffic to get employees to/from Ashburn is much, much, better than trying to get people to work via I-95 or RT.1.  And there is no major airport near Quantico. 

Logistically speaking, Ashburn makes the most sense. The Metro Rail + Tollroad/Greenway + Available Land + Dulles = Prime Spot

Nope if they would move it would be Quantico where they have a big presence and land available. And you know how long it would take to get downtown on the metro from here that ride on future metro is a long long long ride the bus is much much much faster.

“FBI needs at least 55 acres and 2 million square feet of office space near a Metro station, “

Sounds like Ashburn is Ground Zero. Not just the land and metro, but also access to a major international airport puts Loudoun at the top of the pack.

never going to happen. they will stay downtown

never going to happen

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