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No Loudoun Summer Music Fest this year

The Loudoun Summer Music Fest, an outdoor concert series that debuted at Belmont Country Club in 2004, will not host concerts in 2011.

The festival is a charity fundraising event of the Loudoun Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to youth enrichment programs in Loudoun. It has hosted concerts that were headlined by such names as Blues Traveler, Travis Tritt and Billy Currington.

“We are so sorry to disappoint our fans,” said Tracey Parent, organizer of the event, in a statement. “This has been a labor of love for seven seasons now. But the lack of sponsorship dollars in this economy, and the weather-related losses that we have had over the last three years, simply prohibit our mounting a 2011 season.”

Parent said the recession and the rain where major factors in shutting down the event. The end of the 2008 concert season was plagued by inclement weather and canceled three big shows at the outdoor venue, she said in the statement.

“We tried to bounce back in 2009 and had the same exact thing happen again. A new management company took over in 2010 and the weather and economy hurt them, too. You can’t swim against the current,” Parent said.

Parent said she hopes to relaunch the festival in the future and after the business model has been revised. She added that the venue may still host events this year, just not concerts.


Anyone who wants to carry a weapon for the purpose of shooting someone if they “feel threatened” is a lunatic who should be required to have a mental examination before being allowed to have a weapon.


I agree with the other poster. There are numerous restaurants I won’t go into simply because they don’t allow me to freely exercise my Second Amendment rights. It’s their right to make that decision, and it’s my right to decide to spend my money elsewhere.

I honestly don’t see why so many people are so pretentious and frightened around people who choose to exercise their rights anyway. Perhaps it’s those folks who are trying to overcompensate for something they lack, by trying to take something away from everyone else.

Those who don’t like guns should just go live in Maryland and leave the rest of us freedom-loving folks alone.

@Seriously, yes I am compensating for the fact that I know I can not keep my family safe from several armed criminals intent on harming myself, or my family. perfect example is the landsdown couple.

@Stephen, that is why I don’t attend those concerts. My rights are more important to me.

It’s a shame there will not be any shows this year, it will be missed!

How many venues have you been to that have allowed weapons? I have attended hundreds of shows and am searched or have to pass through a metal detector for most. I understand wanting to protect yourself but to skip an event just because you can’t carry is ridiculous.

Karma is a “B” Tracey!

Well it certainly didn’t stop Ted Nugent from performing…c’mon, really? I think someone who must carry a weapon everywhere “just because he can” is likely overcompensating for something…

Should the folks packing car keys be prohibited from drinking alcohol at such events?  Should they be limited to one or two drinks?  Or should they just be permitted to drink as much as they want?

Should the folks packing concealed weapons be prohibited from drinking alcohol at such events?  Should they be limited to one or two drinks?  Or should they just be permitted to drink as much as they want?

To Susan: Sure he could have.  He could have said….......”@Jim - You couldn

@Jim - You couldn’t have said a more ignorant statement.

Jim—-  Its about protecting yourself. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine a person at the concert who decided to attack you. Without protection, you end up a victim. Just ask Mrs. Bennett when they got attacked in Landsdowne while on a walk. Husband ended up dead and she was severely beaten. Not to mention, he had a conceal carry permit, but no gun that day.

Why would you want to bring a gun to a family music festival in a small corner of Ashburn?? Sure it’s your right but so what, why would you WANT to even if you could, you going to protect yourself or shoot a child there?
Will miss the concerts.

It was a great run!

too bad so sad…never went anyways.  too many wuss Ashburnites for me.

Would have attended except for the ant-rights policy that they had, making the concert a ‘gun free zone’ They should take a lesson from Herndon and not deny folks of their rights. I think a lot of folks like myself voted with their wallets when it came to this important issue.

Russell Branch parkway is going to run right through that spot anytime now, so probably best to bag it and look for another location. It would rain once a week, right before those shows…ironic.

There were several shows I would have like to have seen, but I always seeemed to be out of town during manhy of those weekends.

As for the weather, 4-6 pm is primetime for Summer t-storms.  Perhaps if the time was moved back earlier, say noon on a Saturday instead, or better yet, aim for early Spring and/or early Fall timeframes, then better weather would prevail.  I know of at least one concert I bagged, because it was just too hot, and I am suseptible to heat exhaustion pretty easily.

Loved going to Belmont for the SMF - saw some greats shows there. But I only wonder if the new baseball stadium at 7 & 28 will be hosting concerts when the team isn’t playing. Outdoors, comfortable seating, restrooms, concessions, lights, etc.

Weather is the downside of outdoor venues. Time for somebody to build a covered amphitheater in Loudoun.

Bummer…always a good time…

Don’t forget Lynyrd was the biggest concert held there

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