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No sign of movement on Medicaid debate

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- There's still no sign of any compromise between Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Republican leaders in the House of Delegates over whether Virginia should accept federal Medicaid funds in order to expand health insurance coverage to as many as 400,000 low-income residents.

McAuliffe, who wants to expand Medicaid eligibility, and House Republican leaders, who don't, said Wednesday that there had been no movement on the issue after meeting to discuss an upcoming special legislative session.

"I don't think the leadership has changed their mind," said McAuliffe. "I didn't get that feeling coming out of the meeting."

House Majority Leader Kirk Cox expressed a similar view when asked if he thought the governor's position had changed.

"It was very cordial, but no," Cox said.

The special session is set to start Monday.

The impasse over Medicaid expansion led the General Assembly to adjourn earlier this month without passing a roughly $96 billion biannual budget. The state's fiscal year begins on July 1.

McAuliffe has argued that the state cannot afford to forgo the $5 million a day in federal funds attached to expanded eligibility. He's been touring hospitals and free health clinics around the state to highlight the need for the extra funding.

House Republicans have steadfastly opposed expanding Medicaid eligibility. They have argued that the current Medicaid program should be reformed before any large-scale expansion is considered.

House Republicans have also pressed McAuliffe to allow a state budget to pass without Medicaid expansion and then debate the issue later at a special session. The governor has rejected that suggestion but says he's hopeful a compromise can be reached quickly.


@Stevens Miller, unlike you, I don’t defend either party. I can think and choose for myself. You will always pick whatever agenda the dems are pushing. Both parties are corrupt and can’t be trusted. If you can’t pay, then you should give 20 hours per week at some federal, state or local govt office. And where does it stop? is dental Insurance next? what about eye coverage? I do think pre-exsiting should be covered, however they should pay a little more.

Polls of convenience? Unofficial of course kind of like the polls that had Obama and McAuliffe up by double digits. How about that official poll of Virginians that 57% say marriage is between a man and a woman. Oops, that’s not so convenient is it? Makes me wonder if he is a real poll man?
What’s the governors bar bill to date?

  If you think nationalized health care and the corporate takeover of your rights to determine your own health needs is going to benefit anyone but the rich, you might be an idiot. If you think abortion is a progressive, feminist right that removes males from the reproduction process or the ability to choose whether or not to be a parent, you might be an idiot.

“What poll(s) are you referencing?”

Start with the Judy Ford Wason Center’s poll, which you could easily have found on Google if you wanted to.

“What are the internals?”

Support/Oppose expansion:
56/38 All
58/36 Democrats
55/38 Republicans
55/39 Independents

“People do not support when they are told the truth about the real costs.”

Your citation, with internals, please?

What poll(s) are you referencing?  What are the internals?  People do not support when they are told the truth about the real costs.  From the face of it I too would want to help more people, but unfortunately Medicaid is a failure.

“It’s about the lazy that want free handouts.”


Lots of people want to work hard in self-employment, but are considered “uninsurable” by an industry that refuses to create a common risk pool (while laughably claiming their lobbyists can’t get the legislature to make that legal).

America is already falling behind the EU in entrepreneurial success, partly because of the absurd notion that, unlike almost anything else you can buy, health-care should only be available from corporations big enough to offer it in addition to salary.

The only “health” being protected here is that of the Republicans’ insurance-industry donors.

@Grandma, it’s not about the money or how weathly…It’s about the lazy that want free handouts. If they want free health Insuarance, they should work 20 hours per week. They could file, answer phones, pick up trash along the highway/rest stops, work in a library, at a school…

Most of the opposition to expansion is coming from Republican delegates afraid they will be the next Joe May, primaried out of office by a Tea Party challenger.

Polls show that the majority of Republicans in Virginia want expansion. Republican delegates need to put their faith in their own electorate. If they would simply do what their own majority wants, then ask them to come to the polls and thank them for it by defeating a punitive Tea Party challenge, they’d win renomination by doing what their own voters want.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

@orange869   Get over it!! They are human just like you! Everybody is not as wealthy as you. Just because you have money doesn’t make you any better than anyone else!

5.2 million dollars a day for people who have not earned healthcare. Illegals also. That’s the same as giving them $4500 dollars a year for nothing. If it’s not used the money goes to insurance companies and hospital. This $375 dollars a month is the same as taking 400k property tax bills of $4500 dollars and flushing that money down the insurance company or hospital toilet. Don’t waste my taxpayer dollar on this and call it for the common good!

McAuliffed and the Dems holding the citizens of Virginia hostage over expanding a program that is inefficient and rife with fraud.  Obmanomics have come to Virginia.

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