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Loudoun County instrumental in electing Northam governor

Virginia Governor-elect Ralph Northam at his victory party in Fairfax Tuesday night. Times-Mirror/Alexander Todd Erkiletian
Loudoun County was instrumental in propelling Democrat Ralph Northam to a decisive victory in Virginia’s governor’s race, a race that many viewed as a referendum on the rhetoric and tactics of President Donald Trump.

Nearly 60 percent of Loudoun’s votes went to Northam in Tuesday’s election. Northam got more votes than any other candidate in the history of gubernatorial races in the state by a quarter-million votes.

Part of that dominance was a function of the growing and shifting population in Virginia. Fairfax and Prince William counties -- Loudoun’s northern Virginia neighbors -- provided similar margins for Northam.

The “NoVa Triangle” provided an insurmountable advantage for Northam, who dominated Washington’s suburbs as well as urban counties around Richmond and Hampton Roads. Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate, ran strongly in rural counties throughout Virginia, also strongholds for President Trump.

More than shifting demographics were in play.

“The bigger explanation is a backlash to Trump and Trumpism, pure and simple,” political analyst Larry Sabato explained. Sabato is also the founder and director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia and publishes Sabato's Crystal Ball, an online newsletter and website that provides political analysis and electoral projections.

Sabato cautioned pundits against attributing Northam’s landslide to “changing demographics.” Accordingly, political operatives and analysts turned to Loudoun to understand the extent of Northam’s victory.

Traditionally Republican and conservative, Loudoun is now viewed as a bellwether county that has moved from purple to blue.

“The American suburbs appear to be in revolt against President Trump,” the New York Times reported.

Leaders in both parties said the elections amounted to “an earsplitting alarm bell for Republicans ahead of the 2018 elections,” according to the Times.

Both parties are analyzing Tuesday’s results in Loudoun, preparing now for next year’s mid-term elections.

"I have so many thoughts, but I better not. Northern VA is a new political frontier,” Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer (R) wrote on Twitter following Tuesday’s election results

CNN’s “dream team” panel of experts from both parties pointed to Loudoun as a county to watch as voters assess President Trump.

Although Trump has a vocal band of supporters in Loudoun, he received only 38 percent of the county vote in the 2016 presidential election. Trump’s approval rating now runs between 30 to 40 percent in the county, similar to his approval ratings statewide.

Democrats not only swept Virginia’s statewide races but neared a majority in the House of Delegates, a legislative chamber that many say was gerrymandered to make the Republican majority virtually unassailable.

The extent of Northam’s victory was a surprise as recent polls showed his lead over Gillespie narrowing in the final weeks of the campaign.

Trump did not campaign in Virginia, but wrote on Twitter while traveling in South Korea that “MS-13 and crime will be gone” if the state elects Gillespie, a reference to a violent gang with roots in Central America. “Ralph Northam will allow crime to be rampant in Virginia,” the president claimed.

The bombast worked for a time as the ads focused attention on divisive social issues. But many voters found the ads objectionable and unfair, tiring of the relentless onslaught of prime-time attacks.

Northam called Gillespie’s TV attacks despicable. During the primary campaign, he channeled the anger felt by many Democratic voters toward Trump by calling him a “narcissistic maniac,” only to vow during the general election that if Trump is “helping Virginia,” he will work with him.

Justin Fairfax (D) was elected Virginia's next lieutenant governor over state Sen. Jill Vogel (R). Times-Mirror/Alexander Todd Erkiletian


8 years of Obama bought us hatred of police and and men using women’s rest rooms and vice versa. Not a very good track record

Being conservative today means you’ll look the other way when a scummy character like Roy Moore is exposed as a pervert.

If partisanship demands that you support an abuser and a predator, Trump or Moore or whoever’s next, well…that’s exactly what you’ll do.  You overlook it because, hey, he’s on your team.

Eight years of Obama and I don’t recall a single moment like the nonsense these godless-though-bible-thumping conservatives have put us through over the past year.

to those who think 20 point spread in loco & 9 point lead in va is not reflective of love, equality, workers rights, healthcare, etc. see exit polls &

pls just trot out corey next yr

revised - “instead of thinking something is wrong with (the system), we should be noticing that there is something seriously wrong with (trump).”

Loudoun is now full of Democrats who scream equality for all, and support social justice causes from their $700,000.00 houses in their all white neighborhoods, while their kids go to the best schools. The hypocrisy of the left is deafening.

Look Democrats spent 20 years giving this Country away to Republicans, so we have to get out our axes and keeping chopping the wood.  As the demographics change and the Republican Party goes further off the right wing ideologue cliff, more and more will get clipped.  No more Clinton’s to help them now.  Corey Stewart will drive a bigger landslide in VA next year.  His Minnesota butt will be wearing Confederate Uniforms like he just lead a charge at the Bull Run. Can’t wait for this clown to get more attention, this will be fun to watch.

Trump is 100% the face and voice of the GOP. Among ALL the other candidates in the presidential primary, the GOP chose him to represent them.  Keep in mind the majority of Americans did not vote for him in the general election, an outdated system of the electoral college did. Republicans have look at themselves in the mirror and think what they have done. Now that the “draining of the swamp” is happening, you have to deal with it. Comstock is next.

Glad to see there are others like John M. When they came knocking at my door for my support, I told them I dislike both parties because neither represent my views. And that they should have to pay me for my vote….

I think we need to confront his question:  Why are more-educated voters anti-Trump and less educated voters pro-Trump?

Since adults are free to choose their beliefs and political tilt, does “college-brainwashing” explain this?  Or has the conservative movement failed to convince voters of the wisdom of their cause?  Or has their been a seismic shift in the perception of what people expect from a government that is supposed to represent all the people?

People still think a vote against Trump is a vote against the GOP when it is not. Those who voted for Trump are tired of the two-party, lines drawn system. Trump is as much a Democrat as he is a Republican. All this whining and crying by people about how horrible Trump is and yet, what has changed? We have a President who is certainly not a polished politician, certainly not a lifetime politician who gets rich off the system ala HRC, and still- nothing has changed. Instead of thinking something is wrong with Trump, we should be noticing that there is something seriously wrong with the system. A complete novice is President and he is doing as good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) a job as any other politician. To me, it definitely enforces the need for a complete overhaul of the system.

“NoVa is not a swamp just because GOP didn’t win.”

oncerural4:  Who said that? Not me.

Equity says Loudoun voted for love not hate. Well I love this obtuseness. Loretta Lynch said that’s how we are going to beat terrorism, with Love. You and Lynch are a joke Equity. Standing for the rule of law is not hate. Maybe one of these days you will find this out. I hope wherever you live doesn’t become a sanctuary for illegals (Remember Kate Steinle?).


Sad thing for northern va is higher tax money going south and more new higher taxes to pay for services/transportation/education in the north. Too many people brainwashed into thinking either party has our backs. Both are corrupt and both party members seem to get very rich while in office.

Exit polls tell the story.  40% of Virginians voting yesterday said the top issue in their minds was health care (which the GOP just made a national spectacle of trying to destroy with no good replacement in mind); Only 12% thought immigration was the top issue (which was what Gillespie’s campaign was all about).

More that 50% said they were dissatisfied with Trump—who in his tweety little way endorsed Gillespie. 

Add all that up and I don’t think you can get very far arguing that Gillespie lost because he didn’t tie himself even closer to Trump.

wow.NoVa is not a swamp just because GOP didn’t win. VA is educated and doesn’t fall for fake news a’la FOX. GOP misses the point.More people want less extremism and more working collaboratively.Trump is a toddler who gripes instead of learning. let’s ‘learn’ him.

As I predicted, a two time loser…Ed didn’t embrace Trump and got beat—good message for all GOP candidates…

gillespie ads far from being jeb-like
waiting results of recounts
delegate committee assignments will be interesting
maybe incumbents will now start representing all constituents
loudoun voted for love, not hate

Sure, blame it on Gillespie…

Northern Virginia represents the swamp, both Republicans and Democrats.

As someone pointed out this morning, Ed Gillespie ran a Jeb campaign in a Trump world.

Virginia is filled with Federal Government workers (I was one for 31 years) who move to Virginia because the taxes are lower than Maryland. Both establishment Republicans and Democrats want to grow government.  there really is little difference between the two on many issues. Among other things, trowing government means all those Federal workers, including contractors (I was one, too), get to keep their jobs.

But here’s the main for Gillespie’s loss, among others:  While hatred of Trump on the Left brought out the Democrats, disappointment with the Republican establishment and its failure to keep campaign promises, like repealing Obamacare, was also a major factor yesterday.

So the lesson, among others, is this:  RINOs are no better than Democrats. Conservatives don’t want a Jeb Bush, and the Ed Gillespie of the GOP are going to continue to disappoint and lose.

I’m sure Democrats are jumping for joy. Although once the alcohol wears off, all that’s really changed in Virginia is a name swap in Government, not a party swap.  The General Assembly is still Republican Controlled, the Gov,LtGov,AttyGen. seats are still Democrat. 

This adds up to 4 more years of gridlock and nothing changing.

Guess the GOP can have a good cry at the foot of a Confederate monument and think about what they might do differently next time around

Zero interest in swamp candidates like Gillespie and Vogel. Many Reps said “no way” to such a duo.

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