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Northern Va. Transportation Commission signs off on I-66 tolling compact

The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission approved a resolution late Thursday night authorizing the NVTC executive director to sign on to Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe's controversial “Transform 66: Inside the Beltway Project.”

But the new compact does not signify the NVTC's approval of the commonwealth's proposal to impose new tolls on I-66 inside the Beltway, or so says supporters of the resolution.

What the agreement does do, those supporters say, is ensure that the NVTC is the decision-maker when it comes to spending revenue from the governor's tolling plan. The details of the 40-year agreement are spelled out in a memorandum of agreement.

(Click here to view the MOA.)

Opponents of the plan say the vote essentially endorses new tolls on I-66 inside the Beltway.

Commission member and state Del. Randy Minchew (R-10th) call the notion that NVTC isn't endorsing new tolls with Thursday's vote disingenuous. Minchew joined six of his NVTC colleagues in opposing the measure. All but one of them represent a portion of Loudoun County and all but one are Republicans.

“I think it's disingenuous for the NVTC to claim that they aren't asking for a toll increase by virtue of approving the memorandum of agreement,” Minchew told the Times-Mirror. “That's almost Clintonian in its ingenuity.”

The delegate said, yes, technically NVTC is correct in saying that it isn't the entity imposing the tolls – it's the Commonwealth Transportation Board doing so. But by signing onto the agreement, Minchew said, the NVTC is signaling it won't fight against the new tolling proposal, which adds tolled HOT lanes for single-passenger vehicles.

The only Democrat to vote against signing onto the MOA was state Sen. Jennifer Wexton (R-33rd), whom Minchew went out of his way to praise for bucking her party and fighting the governor's proposal.

Conversely, Del. Tom Rust (R-86th) was the only Republican to approve the measure. "Do we want to be a part of the decision-making?" Rust asked rhetorically.

Here's how the vote came down.
Vote to approve:

-Sharon Bulova (Fairfax chairwoman)
-Jim Corcoran (Governor’s designee)
-William Euille (Alexandria mayor)
-Jay Fisette (Arlington supervisor)
-John Foust (Fairfax supervisor)
-Catherine Hudgins (Fairfax supervisor)
-Mary Hynes (Arlington chairwoman)
-Timothy Lovain (Alexandria councilman)
-Jeffrey McKay (Fairfax supervisor)
-David Meyer (City of Fairfax council)
-Karen Oliver (Falls Church council)
-Del. Thomas Rust (Virginia General Assembly)
-J. Walter Tejada (Arlington supervisor)

Vote in opposition:

-Sen. Richard Black (Virginia General Assembly)
-John Cook (Fairfax supervisor)
-Del. David LaRock (Virginia General Assembly)
-Del. James LeMunyon (Virginia General Assembly)
-Del. Randall Minchew (Virginia General Assembly)
-Kenneth Reid (Loudoun supervisor)
-Sen. Jennifer Wexton  (Virginia General Assembly)

The Commonwealth Transportation Board is scheduled to approve the agreement Dec. 9.


Does not make traffic move faster just another stream of money out of taxpayer pockets. Looks like Wexton actually read the info for a change.

Once again, Democrats demonstrate they have no regard whatsoever for their constituencies and vote to advance the universally hated tolling.

I’d say they are doubling-down on stupid, but they have tripled and quadrupled down.

“2. Toll Collection and Establishment. Subject to the necessary approvals of the CTB and FHWA, and in accordance with law, VDOT and the CTB, as applicable, shall establish, charge, modify and collect tolls throughout the term of this MOA for vehicles using the Facility during peak hours in the peak direction, which shall include dynamic pricing consistent with FHWA Value Pricing Pilot Program. The CTB reserves the right to make any changes to the tolling of the Facility that increase the hours or directions of tolling and any toll revenue generated from any change shall be governed by this MOA.”


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