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Northern Virginia Transportation Authority approves projects

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) approved a list of more than 30 transit projects carrying a combined $210 million price tag during its July 24 meeting in Fairfax.

The NVTA, which is tasked with prioritizing and shelling out funds for regional transportation initiatives, is expecting nearly $200 million in new revenues this year from the landmark transportation reform bill passed by the General Assembly in the 2013 session.

Through House Bill 2313, the legislature approved an additional sales tax and a string of other fee hikes in Northern Virginia localities, the revenues from which will be dedicated to road and transit enhancements.

In Loudoun County, which expects to receive approximately $30 million in new transportation funds this year, the road initiatives include the Belmont Ridge Road upgrades ($20 million requested; $20 million proposed from the NVTA), the interchange on Edwards Ferry Road at the Route 15 Leesburg Bypass ($5 million requested; $1 million proposed), improvements to Route 28 “Hot Spots” ($12.4 million requested; $6.4 million proposed), transit buses ($880,000 requested; $880,000 proposed) and work on the Leesburg park and ride lot ($1 million requested; $1 million proposed).

In addition to approving the first year of projects valued at $116 million, NVTA voted for a project bond package totaling more $93 million.

Carrying some of the largest price tags in the NVTA-approved road projects are the Belmont Ridge enhancements, more than $30 million for Route 28 widening in Fairfax County, $28 million for Route 28 improvements in Prince William County and $12 million for Columbia Pike improvements in Arlington.

In the transit category, the authority pledged $41 million to the Innovation Center Metrorail Station in Fairfax and $19 million for additions to Virginia Railway Express stock.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) serves as the Loudoun representatives on the authority, which is chaired by Marty Nohe, a member of the Prince William Board of Supervisors.

“This is a critical time for the region. We no longer accept that hours spent sitting in traffic or overcrowded trains and buses is acceptable for our residents and businesses,” Nohe said in a prepared statement following the July 24 vote. “Tonight we acted to address one of the greatest threats to our region: Congestion. Congestion impacts all Northern Virginians both economically and from a safety standpoint.”

The final proposed project list was vetted by the NVTA’s Project Implementation Working Group (PIWG), which considered more than 200 public comments received between June 6 and July 22, according to an authority spokesman.

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Help me out here it look like 209 million dollars is being spent of which Loudoun gets 30 million is that correct? If so that leaves 179 million to be divided up by Arlington, Fairfax and Prince William so that’s about 59 million per county. Arlington has 2/3’s the population of Loudoun but they might get double the amount of money that Loudoun gets? Help me out here guys?

York failed again.  Just like he failed during the Metro negotiations. 

Time and time again, York and the Loudoun delegation appear to be Double A players trying to play ball with the major leaguers. 

Do they just not care about getting Loudoun a fair share?  Is he there just to make friends for his own gains?  Or is he and the Loudoun team just incompetent negotiators?  Either way, it is time for a change.

Yeah, if only the media would ask York more questions….Why Loudoun got so little? What part of 28 needs widening and how come that amount is close to Loudoun’s full amount? Why does Loudoun continue to have 4 way stops at major interesections? Why are red lights not turned off or blinking in front of schools during the summer months? Why are good roads paved every year(or so it seems)? When will fairfax widen route 7 between Loudoun border and tysons corner?

It may be time to get rid of Scott York as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  Clearly, he is pretty ineffective on what should have been a “good for Loudoun” committee.  It could be that all the bullying that we saw from Scott York toward the Town of Leesburg was to hid from view that he was doing such a poor job getting transportations funds for Loudoun.

Northern va expected to get only 200 million, with Loudoun only getting 30 million. I wonder how they came up with where the money goes? Probably because Scott York figured we(Loudoun) didn’t need more money…Heck Fairfax is getting 30 million for route 28 widening….Where are they going to widen 28?

It’s amusing seeing a Prince William representative talking about no longer accepting congestion.  Outside several Florida municipalities I can’t name another area that’s done a more reprehensible job of managing the traffic effects of population growth than PW, unless you consider “more stoplights” a solution.

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