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Not Your Average Joe’s closing in Lansdowne

The outdoor patio at Not Your Average Joe’s in Lansdowne. Facebook/Not Your Average Joe’s
Not Your Average Joe's restaurant in Lansdowne Town Center is closing, with its last day in business coming Nov. 29, according to a Facebook post.

“After eleven great years, we're sad to tell you that Not Your Average Joe’s in Leesburg will be closing on November 29th,” the company stated Sunday morning. “We will miss this beautiful community and all the wonderful people we've met here. After all, if we hadn’t met you at our first DC location there wouldn’t now be 5 more restaurants in the area. All of our Leesburg employees have been offered opportunities to transfer to our other locations, including one of our newest Joe's adjacent to Reston Town Center.”

“ … It’s never an easy decision to close a location in a community we’ve served for so long, but it is part of the natural business cycle,” the post continued. “This is not goodbye, but a thank you!”

While numerous restaurants have come and gone in Lansdowne Town Center, Not Your Average Joe's has been a fairly popular mainstay, making Sunday's announcement a surprise to many. The restaurant unveiled a new menu earlier this fall.

In recent years, Blu Víno Rífugío, Lansdowne Tavern and Pike's Fish House have closed in Lansdowne Town Center, while Ford's Fish Shack and French Hound moved in.


“Found out some time ago that landlord/owners actually get a tax break when their property sits empty and Not rented. “

Can anyone elaborate on this?  I’ve seen properties sit vacant for years and wondered why don’t they lower the rent if nobody will take it?  That could be one reason.

This has been a pattern here since the town center opened—the thai place is now (I think) the surviving actual restaurant and maybe that should tell us something…it serves affordable, unique, quality food. Joe’s was far from high-end but eventually, when you can sit at home and get a pizza delivered for $10 that’s hard to fight. 

In general, too many similar restaurants in Loudoun and too many that think we all have unlimited budgets.  Unique, affordable and you’ll last…otherwise, too much competition.

Such a shame. We love this place. I especially love the gluten free menu and attention to service. My husband and I and friends have spent many nights there. The rent is more than likely the issue. Found out some time ago that landlord/owners actually get a tax break when their property sits empty and Not rented. Guess that is why they keep escalating rent prices everywhere and the community loses good properties. We do lack good food in LoCo these days. Many new places do not take reservations and the noise level of their establishments make it impossible to have a conversation during dinner. We will not go to those places. Sad but we do drive to Reston to get a good meal. Just such a shame we have to cross county lines and take our business elsewhere. Wonder when LoCo will wise up and control some of this.

Left off some other good restaurants at this location: Dock, Velocity 5, Emilios

The rent it too dam high!

Really liked that place.

The Northern VA restaurant market is so frustrating.  The good restaurants close while mediocrity seems to thrive.

Due to high rent, hard to compete with Village of Leesburg and One Loudoun. It’s unfortunate that landlord charges high rent as if their center is Reston TownCenter. The landlord would prefer their center to sit empty vs a restaurant trying to stay a float. Look for more shops to close at that center. Even center outside Belmont CC has better options than Lansdowne.

That is terrible…we loved Joe’s. Went to one in Watertown MA and then learned we had one here. Don’t only blame high rents, blame the jackal builders who come here like bulls in a china shop, do their nasty deeds of building everywhere and then leave us to pick up their mess, pay the taxes to support more schools etc. Shame on LoCo BOS now and in the past for building on every piece of land for their own selfish and greedy needs.

it is the rent.  mexican restaurant lsted exactly one year and folded in July.  Before that, you can list them out…French Hound probably wont make it one year.  Ford’s seems to be doing well, but if the rent jumps after one year, it will fold as well.

can we dump saul properties????

Joe’s was a solid restaurant and I always thought they did well in Lansdowne.  So it, and many other places that were good have gone belly up.  Somehow this model of town centers doesn’t seem to work for the average restaurant around here.  You have to be killin’ it just to survive.  The rents are too astronomical to make a go of it.  Just think, there are several other town centers scheduled to be built as well, just adding more competition.

That’s unfortunate.  It’s been a favorite of my family’s since it opened. Curious as to why, since it was always busy.  And it is goodbye, as I won’t be driving to Reston just to eat there.

It’s a shame this restaurant is closing. It is one of the few places I have visited in this area and have revisited many times since. The food is always very good and the staff is very nice and accommodating. I hope they are all able to find a place to work in the area.

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