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MORE: Notice the heavy police presence in eastern Loudoun? President Trump was in town

President Donald Trump’s helicopter arrives in Sterling Feb. 2. Courtesy Photo/Rebecca Horvath
Eastern Loudoun residents may have noticed a heavier-than-normal police presence in the Dulles corridor this afternoon.

The reason? President Donald Trump was in the area.

Trump (R) choppered into Sterling, at the Potomack Lake Sportsplex, around 2:15 p.m. and then attended a customs and border protection roundtable in Reston, according to his schedule.

The meeting took place at the Customs and Border Protection National Targeting Center and was slated to last a little over an hour.

Trump and congressional leaders are currently working to hash out deals on government funding, border security and immigration to avoid another government shutdown Feb. 8.

Trump and the first lady were planning to head to Palm Beach, Florida, later Friday.

President Donald Trump exits his helicopter at the Potomack Lake Sportsplex in Sterling. Courtesy Photo/Rebecca Horvath

President Donald Trump en route to a customs and border protection meeting in Reston.
Courtesy Photo/Rebecca Horvath

A crowd of local residents caught a glimpse of the president when he landed in Sterling Feb. 2. Courtesy Photo/Rebecca Horvath


One of these days there will be a large police presence escorting those who launder money for Russian oligarchs off to prison.

oh boy..another hit to the taxpayer for the many golf games and trips.

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