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NVTA considering fiscal 2017 funding for interchange at Route 7 and Battlefield Parkway in Leesburg

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority recently released its draft fiscal 2017 program for public comment. The draft program includes 24 candidate projects, requesting a total of $668 million in NVTA funding for fiscal year 2017.

NVTA funds transportation projects that are primarily intended to relieve traffic congestion in Northern Virginia. Thirty percent of NVTA’s funds are distributed directly to the authority’s member jurisdictions which then allocate it to transportation projects that meet their local needs. The remaining 70 percent of NVTA’s funds are allocated to regional projects as evaluated by the authority.

The Town of Leesburg and Loudoun County have jointly requested $37 million for construction of the grade-separated interchange at Route 7 and Battlefield Parkway. The project previously received $13 million for the interchange design study, which is currently underway.

If not funded, the Route 7 and Battlefield Parkway intersection will be the last at-grade, signalized intersection along the Route 7 Corridor from Route 28 to Berryville. All of the other remaining at-grade intersections along that section of the corridor are under construction or in final design for transition to grade-separated interchanges.

The Route 7 Corridor is a major commuter route through Leesburg and Loudoun County and continues to be one of Northern Virginia’s worst bottlenecks. The Route 7/Battlefield Parkway interchange is a key congestion reduction project for the region.

In addition, the interchange project is the only project in Loudoun County among the list of candidate projects in NVTA’s draft fiscal 2017 program.

Understanding the importance of this project and the impact that funding delays will have on area traffic congestion, Town of Leesburg officials encourage residents to submit comments to the NVTA in support of funding the project.

The NVTA will hold an open house and public hearing on the draft fiscal 2017 program at 6 p.m. June 9.

Comments may be submitted via email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) until June 17.

Additional information about the draft program, the open house and public hearing and ways that the public can comment on the draft program is available on the NVTA website at http://www.thenovaauthority.org.


I’m not sure the statement “If not funded, the Route 7 and Battlefield Parkway intersection will be the last at-grade, signalized intersection along the Route 7 Corridor from Route 28 to Berryville.” is true.  What about the light at Cardinal Park Dr?  Is an overpass being built there too?

Because it does, LoCo Wonders. Which is why it was so laughable when Will Estrada, during last November’s elections, demanded that the Town of Leesburg build the road improvements he damanded that were OUTSIDE the Town of Leesburg, just because he wanted it done.  These things cost millions and millions.  Which is why you do have to wonder why people demand new road construction, while at the same time refusing to pay for them.

How can it possibly cost $50 mm to build an overpass?  $13 mm design + $37 mm to build.

If you don’t put an interchange at RT.7 and Battlefield, you’ll end up with a massive traffic jam as all that Rt.7 traffic runs right into that stop light after the interchanges at Ashburn Village and Belmont Ridge are completed.

The best actual transportation SOLUTION we have is road improvements.  Fund it!

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