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Obama secures second term

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Evan Macbeth, right, Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair, gets a hug from campaign volunteer Pam Lewis of Leesburg and Astoria, NY, as CNN announces that President Obama has been called the winner of the election. The watch party at Palio Ristorante Italiano in Leesburg erupted in cheers at the announcement around 11:15 p.m.

For four more years, Barack Obama, the nation’s first African-American president, will remain commander-in-chief of the United States, working at least the next two with a divided Congress.

As he did in 2008, Obama carried Loudoun County and the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2012, taking 51 percent of the local vote to Republican Mitt Romney’s 47 percent in a high-turnout election.

The president’s second term was shored up after the always-crucial 18 electoral votes of Ohio were projected to fall in Obama’s favor, just after 11 p.m. More than an hour later, around 12:20 a.m., Virginia’s 13 electoral votes went to the incumbent as well, and Obama was poised to lock 270 electoral votes necessary to remain in the White House.

With the Democratic victory in Virginia, Old Dominion was ingrained as a true battleground. In 2008, Obama was the first Democrat to win the commonwealth since President Lyndon Johnson in 1964. But following that historic election, Republicans swept statewide races in 2009 and voted in only Republicans to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in 2011.

Those circumstances considered, the spotlight was shone on Loudoun County and Northern Virginia as one of the marquee swing regions in the nation. President Obama and the first lady, and Mitt and Ann Romney, all headlined rallies in Loudoun during the final months of their campaigns.

“Tonight, Loudoun County proved that a call to citizenship, and a call for everything that is great about America will carry the day,” Evan Macbeth, chairman of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, said late on election night.

Speaking candidly, Macbeth said two months ago he wouldn’t have expected a four or five point victory for Obama in Loudoun.

“But in the last four weeks, I witnessed the Obama ground game in person. And it is second to none,” Macbeth said. “More people in Loudoun turned out than anyone expected. And they chose progress for the future.”

Obama, a former U.S. Senator from Illinois who first made a national name for himself with one of the most powerful political speeches of the 21st century, given at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, has been caught among a starkly divided Congress since 2010.

In his first term, Obama led one of the most substantial overhauls of the nation’s health care with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The program, which was upheld as law after a review by the U.S. Supreme Court, aims to provide health coverage for a greater number of Americans while driving down insurance costs once fully implemented by 2014.

Republicans in Congress have vowed to repeal the health care reform effort, often referenced as Obamacare, given it’s a key legacy issue for Obama; fighting against the Affordable Care Act was indeed a common talking point for Romney.

Millions of Americans – notably opponents of the president – have been quick to lay blame on Obama for the frail economy. Over the past four years, unemployment has climbed as high as 10 percent. Only in the months immediately before the 2012 election did unemployment dip below 8 percent, where it was when Obama first took office.

Still, the 44th president campaigned on a message that the nation was moving in the right direction, though not as quick as anyone hoped. The president pointed to drawing down troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, bringing Osama bin Laden to justice, rescuing the American auto industry from collapse and pulling the nation back from the brink of a severe depression as major achievements in his first term.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny State Sen. Mark Herring addresses the Democratic watch party at Palio Ristorante Italiano in Leesburg shortly before the election was called for President Obama and Tim Kaine for the Senate. Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair Evan Macbeth, left, and Director of Precinct Operations Ross Patterson stand beside him in the crowded room.


President 0bama will need all the help he can get, considering the mess he’s inherited.

Once upon a time there was a country called the United States of America.  The End.


One thing to take away from this election….The rich will continue to get richer while the poor continue to get poorer. Taxes going up for everyone except those that no how to play the game.

Hey “unknown” - why are you disgusted ?  That you lost?  Don’t be.  This is the greatest country in the world BECAUSE we can vote.  If you are disgusted because the Republicans didn’t pick a strong enough candidate, then I agree.  He and his VP pick were too out of touch for the Moderate Voter, and without them, there is no win.

Thank you angry whites males.  The angry white wing of the Republican Party needs to start accepting their new minority status.  You got your asses handed to you because of your stand on women’s issues.  Also, your message did not connect among the better educated in more populated urban and suburban areas.  Poking us in chest with your bigotry, radical individualism and general lack of conciliation will not help you in 2014 either.

@Shaking My Head - your schoolyard theatrics do nothing to help OUR country prosper.  You hope we choke ?  WE are YOUR neighbors, co-workers, public servants, and maybe even friends and relatives.  WE are Americans - all of us - including YOU !  Start acting like it.  We can only thrive if all of us work together.  Quit listening to Rush (the fatty, not the awesome rock band) and you may not get so worked up.

@Shaking My Head, if you hate America so much and have that much disdain for the vast majority of us, leave.  America will be better off without the likes of you.

Stay Classy Tea Party

Really dissappointed with the rhetoric still going on.  Even though I am a democrat, when Bush was president I respected him and the office he held.  Didn’t bash him just because I disagreed with his politics. Bush deserved a chance and I hoped he would succeed, because that would mean success for America.  He didn’t succeed.  Instead America was led us down a path that was we should not have gone down.  I still respect him, like all presidents, it is a tough job. Also, I still believe not one man can make that big of an impact, it is Congress with thier inablility to work together that is the issue.

What I would like to see is for Republicans to not get mad, angry and mean, but work with Democrats to get our country on track.  Which means getting all our our elected officials to work for America and not a political party.

To work for a common good.  If the future is as bleak as some are saying, now is not the time to turn away, but to work together.  I am not gloating or reveling in Obama’s win, but glad that we have a chance to get our congress off their soap boxes and work.

I am going to continue to work with everyone to make our community, county, state and country a great place to live.  Will you or will you just continue bashing anyone who disagrees with you.

I am sure I will get some negative comments, but thats ok.  I won’t hold grudges or respond to them.

Shaking My Head—- seems you lost a little something in shaking it to much.  How dare bullies like you continue to bash the less fortunate.  I have worked my entire life, since I was 15.  You don’t pay for #hit of mine or most Democrats.  The difference between us is that people like you want to sit on their food, water, shelter and ammo like a demon poised for attack instead of sharing with less fortunate people who have been devestated by disease, proverty, job loss, etc.  “choke on Obamonomics”?  Really?  The elderly, children and disabled you want to choke? Thank God the people that act like you were not chosen by the people to run this Nation.

saddened, disappointed, disgusted -

@Shaking My Head

The reason you lost is because of clueless statements like “maybe those of us who work and pay for all your stuff ought to just up”

The majority of my office and working neighbors all voted for Obama!

Also people are smart enough to know that the economy alreasdy imploded and Bush, his policies and deregulation were the reasons why and a disaster of that magnitude will take years and years to fix.

Glad to see so many tea party types got the boot from the House. Now maybe the government can get back to work.

Never doubted Loudoun! Signs outnumbered 9-1 everywhere you looked, but Obama and his constituents pulled it out!  4 more years!

I gotta tell you… this Western Loudouner is just sipping on an Orange smootie, Shaking his Head in awe of this monumental win. I guess Some Will, Some Won’t, but Obama Did.

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