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One dead in Potomac Station shooting

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a domestic-related shooting that occurred Saturday afternoon in Potomac Station in Leesburg.

Deputies were called to a house on Shadow Terrace around 2:45, where they found two adult family members involved in a physical altercation. The fight ended in gunfire.

Schueyler Francis, 21, was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital, where he died from his injuries.

An investigation into the incident is currently ongoing.

This is the fifth fatal shooting in Loudoun County this year. In January, a husband in Aldie killed his wife before turning the gun on himself. Then in March, a Maryland man shot and killed his wife just outside of Leesburg; two weeks later, a Sterling man was shot by his roommate in self-defense. The most recent fatal shooting was in Purcellville, when 17-year-old Christian Sierra was shot by a Purcellville police officer when he allegedly lunged at the cop with a knife. Sierra was threatening suicide during the call.

Additionally, two other Loudoun residents have been murdered this year by other methods.


#FrankCries—just looked up you’re Liberal talking points you get from MSNBC.  Your “74” number is yet another inconvenient lie…

@FrankCries is at least honest by saying he wants to take our 2nd Amendment right away.  However, the Founding Fathers thought it was so important that they made is the Second Amendment after the First (free speech.)  I’m sure you wan to take that one away too.

Right, the CHP holder risked his own life to defend others.  I guess you could call him coward…

Ill just be what the NRA says I am, i want to come to your homes and take your guns!!

Thats my goal!  Thats Obamas goal, he is just waiting for millions of people to go to work so he can sneak in and take your guns.

I am always amazed that NRA loyalists cant even relent on anything being because of lack gun control.  Its always something else, there is always an excuse.  School shooting after school shooting and you all have NRA approved excuse after excuse.  Its pretty sad that you are so delusional.  Just look at the rest of the world for the percentage of gun deaths.

Frank Grimes - I agree with you domestic abusers should have restricted access to guns; however I asked what registration has to do with domestic violence and you changed the subject.

However lets make one thing clear, the domestic murder rate is unlikely to go down even if guns go away, the violence these men are willing to do to control a relationship will have to change. Mostly through education and better quality of life for people.

Frank Grimes - You don’t understand what the so called gun show loophole is. Dealers always require ID, however we private citizens can sell our firearms without a background check. That is the so called loophole.

BTW most crime guns come from a gun dealer, as in 93% according to the ATF and FBI, straw buying is the real issue, people who buy guns for felons they know. Mostly its girlfriends, then family members, then some sort of deal by acquaintances.

Closing the so called loophole will not keep guns out of criminals hands. If we start punishing straw buyers more that may help but often in cases they are given a pass for testimony.

Read the story on old guy being held up at gunpoint.

Old Man still alive.

21 year old in Leesburg dead bc of guns.

Las Vegas shooting this weekend. Civilian tried to stop it with a gun in walmart.  He failed and died.  Just bc you own a gun, does not make you Chuck Norris.  Everybody gun owner thinks they are some fantasy hero.

You are a clone to the NRA.  Jump they say, you say how high.  They scare you and make you carry a gun to Wegmans bc its your right but really bc they have scared you so much.  Cowards

SWS, Good, glad you’re being asked to show your papers. However, it’s the “private sale” loophole that’s the problem.

@FrankCries…. How about going to a gun show first hand and get your facts straight?  You need two forms of ID to purchase a gun and you have a background check run through the state. 

And yes, I do like to have the ability to protect my life and those of others.  Go read the story on this site where someone was held up at gunpoint?


One more thing, schools are a so-called gun free zones.  Criminal know where to fish.

The NRA has continually blocked government research into gun violence.  It’s just a matter of time before the NRA is brought down and an archaic 18th century right is updated/reinterpreted—meanwhile Rome burns.

I think people are just asking simple things like you have an ID at gun shows to buy a gun.

You know, like conservatives make people bring IDs to vote because of the phantom “voter fraud” canard that they scare you with.

Thats the thing though, you all are just afraid of everything.  And think guns can fix that.  You are wrong.

So you would rather get into a shootout during a stick-up to “protect yourself” rather than living and having something stolen??

Ill take my life.  And no- I do not blame everything on hispanics.  I dont think NoVa crime is because of border enforcement, even though Obama has deported 1000’s more than Bush.

74 school shootings since Sandy Hook.  Glad you guys can sleep at night, but watch out the gun under your pillow could go off. Paranoids!

How can you call for gun control when the facts, as presented in this article, say nothing.  Go read the other story posted where a person was robbed at gunpoint by two Hispanics.  Doesn’t that person have a right to protect themselves?  And FrankCrimes, let’s also enforce our borders too….

Satchmo:  Guns are a Constitutional Right per the Supreme Court. Check out McDonald v. Chicago in 2010.

As for the rest of you leftist, you’ve lost the debate. Americans have a “RIGHT” to own firearms and the Supreme Court has up held that right. So save your rants for some other liberal agenda items, because this topic is an effort in futility.

Yes, lets restrict drinking and driving.  Yes, lets restrict drivers licenses to those who break the law.

This is reasonable, why is it not reasonable to have even the most minimal gun regulations.  You all buy into the NRA scare tactics.  You are pawns to their riches.

Guns are a problem.  You are in denial until it happens to you and your family.  And if you have a gun in your house, be safe bc the percentages go up that someone in that house will be shot with that gun, even by accident.

tell all the woman with black eyes and who are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends each year if domestic violence is “a crime of passion”.

Gun owners come up with pathetic excuses to justify making gun buying as easy as buying a bike.

It should be harder to get guns, especially if their is a history of domestic violence.

Fact is: no gun in that house, that guy would be alive.

I did not know they had any legal standing to interpret the Constitution for anybody but I’ll bite: what is the NRA’s incorrect interpretation of our Constitutional rights? How does their incorrect interpretation differ from the law of the land, as interpreted and defined by the Supreme Court? I assume this is some reference to the 2nd Amendment?

Alot Fred.  It’s a start in a national effort to reduce gun violence and get them under some element of control. 

You tell me how the deceased would have benefited by having a gun?

Agreed that cars are also dangerous. That’s why they are registered and their operators must be licensed to legally operate them.

Satchmo - Exactly what does gun registration have to do with domestic violence?

Fred, you don’t understand your Constitutional rights.  The NRA interpretation is not correct.

Darn, if only there had been another gun in that family and the two of them could have had a royal OK-Corral shoot out. 

Tell me how the heck more guns would have helped this situation?  Rhetorical question and unanswerable.  What a tragedy.

Get guns registered!

Frank Grimes

Once again, a gun is more likely to kill you or a member of your family then a burglar or other criminal.


Untrue over-hyped stat. Lets look at domestic violence, its a crime of passion where nearly 50% of the deaths are stabbings and beatings; in fact up until this year its been 50/50 here in Loudoun cases since the late 90s if you go back and look at the murder rate. Gun or no gun is not the issue; violence in the home is.

That makes 4 this year, 3 locals and an out of towner; whats going on?

1 of 8000 people killed this year by a gun in a nation of 315,000,000/citizens. Still far less than the 33,000 deaths by motor vehicles (10,000 of which are drunk drivers). If saving lives is the goal, lets restrict alcohol sales and driver licenses so we don’t lose 30,000+ people a year? You are more likely to die driving on RT.9 or RT.15 than you are by gun shot. 

Gun’s aren’t the problem and attempts to deny citizens of their “Constitutional Right” because of a few bad apples is foolish.

Once again, a gun is more likely to kill you or a member of your family then a burglar or other criminal.

Very sad that most of these Loudoun deaths are domestic.

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