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One Loudoun focusing on food and entertainment

A new food and entertainment district is emerging at One Loudoun in Ashburn with new restaurants like Redskins Grille, a concept which has been done before for the Indianapolis Colts. - Courtesy Photo
One Loudoun has announced it will be adding Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro, the Redskins Grille and an Italian restaurant inspired by chef Robert Wiedmaier to its already long list of establishments that have either already moved into the development or are slated to move in by year's end.

"We've focused on entertainment and food," said Bill May, a vice president with Miller and Smith, the One Loudoun developer.

In explaining the recent spate of new restaurants coming to One Loudoun, May says he and the developers at One Loudoun wanted to build a retail base on the backbone of entertainment and strong restaurants, expecting other retail outlets to follow.

One Loudoun owners believe it will be easier to sell residential units if the development is a fun place to live. The hope is that it will also be easier to snatch commercial real estate clients.

Matchbox Pizza has six locations, three in Washington D.C.; one in Palm Springs, Calif.; one in Fairfax and one in Rockville, Md.

The Matchbox Food Group also operates D-3 and Ted's Bulletin in Washington, D.C.

This is the first Matchbox Food Group iteration to find its way to Loudoun. It's expected to open some time in 2015 on Thorndike Street.

Likewise this will be the first Wiedmaier restaurant in Loudoun County.

The well-known chef moved to the United States from Belgium and trained in Washington D.C. for eight years until he started a series of successful restaurants like Marcel's, Brasserie Beck
He was named Washington’s Chef of the Year by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington in 2009.

The third new addition, the Redskins Grille, was originally announced at a recent meeting between supervisors, the county and economic development. It was used as a case in which the county has received direct economic benefit from its partnership with the football franchise.

Even though restaurants and entertainment have dominated One Loudoun's retail focus, May has not lost sight of other retail opportunities.

"Now the focus is on home goods and fashion," May said, hinting that he expects to see more clothing and household retail options coming into the center soon.


Everett - Then Ma & Pa working at Matchbox can rent an apartment - not everyone needs to own a house.  If everyone did, whose going to pay the rents to the uber rich property owners/slumlords?


Data centers typically take up over 1M square feet, and may employ only 50 people (at best). Do you think that is a good use of space ?  The mid-rise I work (Montgomery County) has 700,000 feet spread over 14 floors and employs close to 3,000 people. Open your eyes- that is MUCH better use of space.

Most of the people taking these restaurant jobs are teenagers, college students, and those that live far out west.

If husband and wife both work at this so called Matchbox Pizza or Redskin Grille and average $15 an hour with tips you are looking at a household income of $62,400 ($15 * 40 hours/wk * 52 weeks/yr * 2 people). Most lenders only allow you to finance up to 3 times your salary for a house. That comes out to approx. $235,000 for a house factoring in a 20% down payment . That as you may or may not know won’t buy much house in Loudoun…

ruckerz what are you defining as a chain? Most of the places they have announced lately are chef owned businesses with a few location. We are not talking about Applebees or Ruby Tuesday here. Matchbox, Family Meal, and Wiedmaier are all excellent places. Also Elevation burger might be a franchise but its all grass fed beef (local sourced) with french fries done in olive oil.

Everett has a point.  The workers in these restaurants can’t begin to afford to live close to work.  Loudoun has pretty much turned into the land of have’s and have nots.  Very high-end and very low-end, and not much in the middle.

Please, no more chain restaurants. The overhead (big screen tvs, faux mahogany wood) could better be spent in making creative dishes with locally sourced ingredients instead of the food service behemoth Sysco.

And finally, let the food speak for itself. I’m not impressed with complex (and usually salty) sauces/finishes and overly dressed salads. You’d be surprised how much flavor simple vegetables have when they’re picked fresh and minimally processed.

Sounds about right…Loudoun County has trouble attracting “real” employers such as SAIC/Leidos, VW/Audi, Lockheed Martin, Marriott, etc…However, attracting lots of residential units, and sub-par food places seem to be the norm.

The wages that these jobs provide is minimal (maybe $15/hr). The people working these jobs won’t stimulate the local economy much because they don’t have much buying power. An example is can a person working at this so called Matchbox Pizza place afford a 425K townhouse ? I doubt it. We should attract high end employers so Loudoun
residents don’t have to drive to far off places like DC, Arlington, and Tyson’s Corner.

It seems like Fairfax and Montgomery Counties have got the process down and are able to attract big name employers, while Loudoun will just be in the shadows and a bedroom community. Sad…

Another high end restaurant going in? It will the entertainment center of Loudoun soon.

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