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Orbital boldly goes with new street name

You don’t need light speed to reach Warp Drive.

All you need to do is turn off Route 28 in Dulles. 

Loudoun County supervisors on Dec. 6 voted to change the name of Steeplechase Drive to Warp Drive at the request of Orbital Sciences Corp.

The request was made to “improve the identity and to better integrate the Orbital campus,” according to county documents.

Orbital agreed to pay $500 for the new sign for the street.

Originally on the supervisor’s Nov. 6 consent agenda, Supervisor Stevens Miller (D-Dulles) asked that the vote be placed before the board for discussion, which, of course led to Star Trek jokes.

“To Orbital, live long and prosper,” Miller said.

The supervisor said he couldn’t resist the discussion, since he’s often made fun of for his love of science fiction movies.

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) also couldn’t help himself during the discussion.

“Can you give me any speed, Scotty?” Delgaudio said.

But Supervisor Jim Burton (I-Blue Ridge) wasn’t amused.

“There’s another interpretation of the word warp. You need to think about it before you vote on it,” Burton said.

“Would you prefer ‘Beam me up, Scotty?” Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) replied.


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How stupid is this….are we going to start changing signs because Wegman’s want a special sign, what about Target or Walmart?  What a bunch of yahoos on the BOS….and we still have York to deal with?  Great…a lousy $500 and yes Thompson’s comment is right, those are going to get ripped off and thanks to Orbital the taxpayers will get to replaced them.  What a waste of money.

How soon until the street signs are stolen by rowdy star trek fans?  Will Orbital pay for each replacement or is it now the county’s problem?

Corporate welfare? $500 for the naming rights to a street. Wonder how much FedEx paid for that stadium to be named FedEx Field? Probably slightly more than $500. Ya know, if the Board is going to sell out to their election donaters, maybe at least they could a nominal donation to the General Fund for such niceties.

Burton-  wonder why you were voted out? Lighten up

Yeah who cares?  What’s they guy’s name who killed himself last week?  How about a follow up report?

Dulles, VA:

Where’s Dulles, Virginia?

How about a picture of the street sign?

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