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Parents, teachers urge supervisors to “fund our future”

Supporters of the school budget wave signs at a rally before the Feb. 27 Board of Supervisors hearing in Leesburg. —Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Alanna Dvorak
Wearing red shirts and waving signs, a group of 50 parents and teachers assembled in front of the Loudoun Government Building in Leesburg before the Feb. 27 Board of Supervisors public budget hearing to demonstrate support for the school budget.

The Loudoun Education Association, which sponsored the event, encouraged attendees to speak during the meeting.

“We can't cut anymore from the budget,” said Jeff Dunn, a Loudoun County parents and social studies teacher at Woodgrove High School told the crowd. “Our voices, our impact is what's going to make a difference.”

LEA vice president John Patton explained that the group is urging the board to adopt the proposed property tax rate of $1.23 per $100.

“We want people to speak about fully funding the schools,” Patton said.

Wednesday's public budget hearing is the first of two the Board of Supervisors will host. The next will be March 2 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Loudoun County Public School building in the Broadlands.


Charge the parents of kids riding the bus 4 dollars a day. That gives you 60 million dollars a year to put back into education It saves parents time and money plus it’s the safest way to get the kids to school.

Agree with the comments so far. Cut the administrators out. That’s your fat.
And those LEA insignias ain’t helping your case, people.

Yellow school buses half empty, some only had a rider or two get on the bus. So many assistant supers at the tahj Mahal. They always seem to cry wolf this time of year. Any cuts and it will hurt the students. Meanwhile every classroom(and then some) have those smart boards. At back to school this year, 2 out of the 10 rooms those smart boards were out of order. I will bet 1 million dollars my house assessment goes up by at least $20-30K this year, so i will pay more(like I have for the past 25 years living in Loudoun) keeping it at the same rate 1.23. It should be lowered by at least 10 cents. Please let me know if you need me to help trim the fat. I had to cut back in my family budget thanks to 2% increase in SS and the loss of $2500 in health care spending account.

Recently, I received a menacing letter from the LCPS central office suggesting that I’m not providing my child with the special education services to which she is entitled through her IEP.  Problem was, my child does not have an IEP and never has.  When I addressed the problem with the administrator who sent the letter, she dismissed my concern with an excuse about why the error was not her fault.  And now she and other central office staffers want me to pay additional taxes so they can get a raise?!  How about cutting the fat in central office and pushing more funds into the schools themselves?

If you focus on funding the classroom, cutting the administrators, consolidating departments, streamlining services, and finding a replacement for Dr. Hatrick, you will discover a budget that is more than adequate to provide the quality of education we have come to expect in Loudoun County.

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