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Park View treading on new turf

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder addresses the media surrounded by LCPS officials and Park View High School students before presenting a check to the school for funding a new multi-use synthetic sports field at Park View High School on April 22. Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Jonathan Taylor
The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors hosted a press conference April 22 at Park View High School's football field to announce a $1 million funding partnership to fund a new synthetic, multi-sport field.

The WRCF donated $100,000, the NFL Grassroots Field Grant provided another $100,000 and the Board of Supervisors supplied $800,000 to fund the project.

According to LCPS spokesperson Wayde Byard, the $800,000 from the Board of Supervisors is from a surplus fund.

“Park View was the only school to qualify for the NFL program. Jane Rogers of the Redskins brought it to me and I took it to Ms. [Brenda] Sheridan who deserves a lot of credit here. She took it to Chairman York,” Byard said. “This is not any kind of long term funding obligation. The supervisors decided they would take it. This is not related to the operating budget at all and is a surplus fund which went through the county finance committee first.”

Redskins owner Dan Snyder Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York and Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Edgar Hatrick all spoke at the event, which was emceed by the Voice of the Washington Redskins Larry Michael.

“Of all the high schools in Loudoun County, Park View holds a special place in my heart as all my children graduated from Park View,” York said. “I want to take this opportunity to thank the Washington Redskins and the [WRCF] for coming up with the idea of investing in Park View. This field will be open to the community because we will not have to worry about keeping it closed. It will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the community.”

With the funding partnership, Park View is the first high school on the eastern end of Loudoun County with a synthetic field. The field will improve playing conditions for high school and local youth sports and increase the number of playable days on the field.

Hatrick referred to Park View as the flagship of eastern Loudoun high schools since its inception in 1976.

“It has been the flagship for all of the schools that have followed it in this part of the county. It was the first modern high school in a long history of high schools,” Hatrick said. “It has taken a little longer than we would have liked to get to where we are today, but thanks to the Redskins, the [NFL], Mr. Snyder and the Board of Supervisors this school is going to have the opportunity to have a fine turf field for competition in the future.”

In December, when the partnership was first announced at a Board of Supervisors meeting, Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio spoke about the impact the new field will have on the community.

"The LLBFL has a thousand boys and their families that use their private field. As many as 2,000 high school students and their families attend the Park View High School football team events and when taking into account the additional students and families from the other eastern Loudoun high schools that do not have artificial turf we are talking about impacting almost a full third of the high school population with this new facility," Delgaudio said.

In his closing remarks, York jokingly challenged Delgaudio to a race once the field is completed to see who is faster.

Field construction is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2015.


If York and Delgadaudio ran in a race, they’d probably fall and sue Loudoun county….

The NFL Grassroots foundation only kicked in a $100K. The majority of the money came from Loudoun taxpayers($800K). Knowing that York’s kids graduated from Park View, it gives the appearance of corruption in BOS. I’m sure that any of the other 8-9 HS that don’t have synthetic turf could have gotten $100K from donations of parents and businesses if the BOS were willing to give out $800K to each HS….Great for Park View, bad for corrupt politicians with our tax money…..

Loudoun County Virginia - Where are politicians pay 500k of tax payer dollars for Redskins season tickets for themselves.

Scott York=Corruption

Stat provided by Virginia Dept of Education

Loundoun County starts on page 83

Looking at the NFL Foundation Grassroots site, here is why PVHS is the only school to qualify in LCPS… “In addition, all organizations applying for funds must be located specifically and exclusively within NFL Target Markets, listed in Attachment A and serve low to moderate-income areas within those markets.” 

Not sure where sickofit got the data that PVHS has a free/reduced population of 63.58 percent, but it does have the highest rate in LCPS.  Numbers I found show 26 percent (341 out of 1288 students).

@sickofit, everybody in Loudoun knows why Park View was selected…. I wonder how much money is in that BOS surplus(extra tax money that should have been returned to taxpayers or even lowered our tax rate….). Lexington Developer donates $1 million to local HS and next thing you know they’re approved for those extra 250 townhomes….Corruption is alive in Loudoun county BOS…..

I would imagine that out of all the applications submitted to NFL Charities via the Grassroots Field Grant process that PVHS was the only high school selected. I also imagine that other recipients might be of the “little league” type of organization.

As for asking for donations above and beyond what is already a standard practice for regular expenses at each school in LCPS from the local community & parents, whom do you think is donating when the free and reduced population at PVHS is 63.58%?

Does this mean Scott and the BOS get even better Redskin’s tickets next year.  I love to see them cut the schools and then give money to Dan Snyder.  Priorities…

Curious what was meant by Park View was the only HS to qualify for the program???? $800K surplus, now that’s funny… Only 8-10 more HS in Loudoun needing synthetic turf….. Most are asking for donations from businesses and parents.

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