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Party leaders give statements on Election 2012

As countless pundits predicted, the Nov. 6 elections in Loudoun County were determined by a slim margin. Also as forecast, Virginia fell in line with the choice candidates of Loudoun voters. President Barack Obama earned 51.5 percent of the local vote to Republican Mitt Romney’s 47, and Senator-elect Tim Kaine managed nearly 53 percent support from Loudoun voters in his contest with George Allen. Statewide, the presidential numbers mirror those of the county, though Obama took closer to an even 51 percent. In the Senate contest, the state and Loudoun County results were virtually identical.

A lone bright spot for local Republicans, Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia’s 10th District secured a 17th term in the U.S. House of Representatives by a 20-percent margin, which he has routinely done over the past 30 years.

In the days after the election, local party officials gave their take on the results of 2012.

Mark Sell, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee

“As always, Loudoun Republicans delivered a strong vote for Representative Frank Wolf, and we congratulate America’s best Congressman for yet another outstanding triumph. We are naturally disappointed that we were not able to deliver victory for the Republican ticket in Loudoun County. Nevertheless, we congratulate the President and Senator-elect Kaine for their wins here and overall.

Our Republican leadership and party base has never worked harder or been more united in its efforts to reach every voter in our County. I want to extend my deepest thanks to all our extraordinary volunteers for their incredible commitment and ceaseless efforts: all the calls made, doors knocked on, events organized, checks written and polls staffed.

Now, as is always the case in Virginia, we take a deep breath and turn our attention to yet another election next year that takes on greater significance than ever. As it has over the last four years, Virginia will continue to stand as a bulwark against creeping federal control. Loudoun needs to do our part to ensure that Republicans maintain control of all three statewide offices and a Virginia General Assembly that continues its tradition as the cradle and guardian of our liberties.”

Evan Macbeth, Chairman of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee

“Loudoun County proved that a call to citizenship, and a call for everything that is great about America will carry the day. I’m thrilled by the results, and a bit surprised at the Democratic performance in places like Sterling and Dulles. It just goes to show that when more people exercise their right to vote, they vote for Democrats. And it isn’t so much relief that I feel as energy and hope for building on the progress President Obama and his partners have made over the past four years. We will now see the Affordable Care Act fully implemented, for example, and that’s a great thing for our nation.”

John Whitbeck, Chairman of the Virginia 10th Congressional District Republican Committee

“Obviously we are extremely disappointed in the result but we are already moving forward to focus on electing a Republican Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General next year. We also have our Delegates campaigning for re-election as well. I would note the bright spots from the 2012 election in the 10th District. Congressman Wolf was re-elected by an overwhelming margin once again. Also, while the numbers are not official yet it appears that we won the 10th District for Mitt Romney. The tremendous work of our volunteers and Victory Office staff made that happen despite facing record turnout by the other side. We carried the 10th District portions of Fairfax and Prince William which is a very positive sign for our District.”

Charlie Jackson, Chairman of the Virginia 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee

“No one should be surprised at Tuesday’s results. President Obama’s campaign has put together the most sophisticated ground operation in the history of American politics. I’m proud that the 10th District Committee played a small role in that with our field operation that knocked on more than 13,000 doors identifying thousands of Democrats in this transient district that we had not talked to before

Our victories on Tuesday in Virginia belong to everyone who manned a polling station, knocked on a door, worked a shift at a phone bank or convinced their friends and neighbors to vote.

Republicans went into Tuesday hoping that certain communities—young people, women and minorities—wouldn’t turn out to vote at the rate they did in 2008 …  I’m not sure the ideas of self-deportation, legitimate rape, here in Virginia trans-vaginal ultrasounds, or voter suppression efforts are good ways to appeal to voters. In fact, I believe the GOP’s shift to the far right proved quite motivating for Democrats and independents across the country.”


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