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Perriello: Refugees are vetted ‘more thoroughly than the average Trump appointee’

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Tom Perriello, left, speaks with All Dulles Area Muslim Society board member Bob Marro. Times-Mirror/Trevor Baratko
Democrat Tom Perriello was back in Loudoun County Friday, only this time there was no whiskey involved.

Nine days after the gubernatorial hopeful took a tour of Catoctin Creek Distillery, a popular small business in Purcellville, Perriello hit the other side of the county to attend a prayer session and speak with members of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society in Sterling. ADAMS is one of the largest mosques in the D.C. region.

The Perriello campaign billed the event as a chance to “show solidarity with Muslim Americans and emphasize [the candidate's] commitment to protecting their rights.”

The Democrat's visit came two days after a federal judge in Hawaii put a hold on President Donald Trump's revised travel ban to Muslim-majority countries. The new measure removed Iraq from the list of banned countries, exempted Visa and Green Card holders and removed a provision that some claimed prioritized religious minorities in the Muslim countries. A Maryland judge has also ruled against Trump's new order.

Perriello, a former Congressman and diplomat, sharply condemned Trump's orders. He said he's worked with refugees both in the U.S. and in conflict zones.

“There's no group that is more thoroughly vetted,” Perriello said. “These refugees are being vetted a lot more thoroughly than the average Donald Trump appointee.”

Perriello continued, “Having worked in the national security sphere, I can assure you that the kinds of things President Trump is doing directly undermine our national security, our standing in the world, our ability to conduct intelligence and diplomacy efforts … He's using the kind of language and tactics that only help embolden those who want to hurt the United States.”

The Trump administration has said it will appeal the orders from Hawaii and Maryland. The president has maintained the intent of his order is to keep America safe.

Perriello, who represented the Charlottesville area in the House of Representatives from 2009 until 2011, is viewed as the underdog in the Democratic nomination fight against current Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D). The Perriello campaign has pushed back against the notion Northam is the front-runner despite the lieutenant governor's lead in campaign cash and political infrastructure.

“We are going to go and fight for every vote in the reddest counties of the state, because I want to govern all of Virginia,” Perriello said.

Speaking with reporters at the ADAMS mosque, Perriello underscored his support for raising the state's minimum wage – though he didn't announce a specific figure – and fighting against what he called “rigged” election districts for the state's General Assembly. Both the state House of Delegates and the Senate are currently controlled by the GOP.

Opponents of Virginia's election districts, which are drawn every 10 years by the General Assembly, say they've been gerrymandered to favor Republicans, and a state court is currently hearing a case on the matter.

Perriello said the "rigged state legislature" is to blame for Virginia's denial of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, a major policy defeat of Gov. Terry McAuliffe's administration.

"If we had a legislature that actually worked for the people instead of working for the lobbyists who drew the map lines, then you would see common-sense issues like early childhood development, infrastructure and Medicaid expansion have a much greater chance," he said.

On the Republican primary side, former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie, Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart and State Sen. Frank W. Wagner (R-Virginia Beach) are seeking the nomination. Businessman Denver Riggleman, co-owner of Silverback Distillery in Nelson County, dropped out of the GOP primary race Thursday.

Democrat Tom Perriello removes his shoes before entering Friday prayer at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque in Sterling. Times-Mirror/Trevor Baratko


“It is absolutely true the information regarding xenophobia and racism is from another source…..I encourage all to Google those words or phrases as JeanneT did. “

“debbbie”—Actually, I didn’t google anything in your comments. I didn’t have to in order to know that you weren’t posting an original thought.

It is absolutely true the information regarding xenophobia and racism is from another source.  The last time I tried to quote from another source with a reference, it was removed by LT-M.  I encourage all to Google those words or phrases as JeanneT did.  In doing so, I hope readers learn what it is to be an American.  Our country, very unfortunately, has experienced too many violent acts and creating more enemies is not a a good path to go (we are only ~ 5% of the worlds population out of ~7.5 billion people).  Yes, racism and xenophobia can be experienced overseas just like it is experienced by others in our country.  I have seen and heard it too many times both here and have been on the receiving end as an American overseas.  Education, communication and empathy is something that we all should strive toward to address our fears and make the world a safer place.  I hope our political leaders never stop trying this approach (of course, any country needs to protect and ultimately defend itself).  Another good learning reference would be Malcolm Gladwell’s book “David and Goliath” which offers some excellent real world case studies on how to (or not) succeed during adversity, including clashes between groups of people.  You may be surprised by some of the more successful “protection” methods.  And/or, try the 4-star reader rated “Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong” by James Loewen.  It provides a healthy approach to learning about our country’s DNA.

The alt-left injected racism and xenophobia into a conversation using their “fact light” talking points?!  SHOCKING!

@Jeanne T. - “debbbie” didn’t come up with those comments on her own.  With the exception of her last two sentences the rest of the text is a verbatim copy from a section called “XENOPHOBIA AND RACISM” on the What-When-How site.

Debbie, your comments show you are obviously an intelligent and educated woman.  Your words will go over the heads of most of the right wing knuckle draggers who post to LTM.

“debbbie” clearly didn’t come up with those comments on her own.

“Anyone want to guess what one of the major causes that lead to WWII was?  note for SWSWSW- the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem has a mens section and a womens section for prayers.  Should we have a fear of Jewish people because of this?”

Men and women are also separated in mosques. I’m curious to know why “debbbie” selected the Jews as an example, because no one has anything to fear from them.

We know that WWII didn’t start because men and women were separated at the wailing wall. “debbbie” apparently believes that cultures and religions cannot be critiqued. They can.

When you don’t have an coherent argument, you shut down the dialogue by accusing others of “xenophobia” and racism.

“Consequently it is sometimes difficult to make a clear distinction between racism and xenophobia because they exhibit similar motivations for exclusive behavior designed to demean others and the exercise of political violence.”

Which side is exercising “political violence”?  Thank goodness we have “debbbie” to lecture us all.

debbie ... Trust me, Muslims are not a “minority” in the world, and they have brought the “fear” of their religion on themselves because of the way they treat women and homosexuals in countries where their religion is intertwined with the government.  Even in places such as the United States, we see Muslim families practicing female genital mutilation and “honor” killings. So if they don’t want people to “fear” their presence in our country, maybe they should speak out against these things and bring an end to the practice of such detestable things.

By the way ... the Jews were NOT doing such horrible things when Hitler decided to try to annihilate them.  His treatment of the Jewish people was purely based on racism ... TRUE racism.  There’s no comparison whatsoever to the “fear” non-Muslims have of Muslims today.

Although racism and xenophobia are distinct phenomena, they are closely interrelated. Racism generally implies value-laden distinctions based on presumed or aggrandized differences in physical characteristics, such as skin coloration, hair type, facial features, and body type. Xenophobia, by contrast, is the perception that people and communities identified as “other”’ are foreign to a given community or society, that they lack the capacity for integration, and that they can bring harm to the authentic identity of the majority. Racism is an ideological construct; it assigns a certain race or ethno-religious group a position of power and privilege on the basis of the group’s physical and cultural attributes. It involves the establishment and sustenance of hierarchical relations in which the self-appointed superior race exercises domination and control over others. Xenophobia too refers to attitudes, prejudices, and behavior that reject, exclude, and vilify its targets based on the belief that they are perpetual outsiders who cannot be included or trusted. Consequently it is sometimes difficult to make a clear distinction between racism and xenophobia because they exhibit similar motivations for exclusive behavior designed to demean others and the exercise of political violence. However, there is one element missing in racism that is often present in xenophobia: religious identity. Manifestations of xenophobia occur not only against people with different physical characteristics but also against those of similar background who are believed to hold different and presumably dangerous and hostile religious convictions.  Anyone want to guess what one of the major causes that lead to WWII was?  note for SWSWSW- the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem has a mens section and a womens section for prayers.  Should we have a fear of Jewish people because of this?

I’m sure Perriello asked about the connection to ISNA.

Oh, that’s right, women can’t pray together with the men.

WesternSky, John Flannery is astonishingly, dare I say willfully, ignorant about Islam. He made a fool of himself a few weeks ago when he appeared on a panel on Sean Hannity’s show. Flannery can’t be taken seriously. I’d also like to know how many “refugees” Ithaca Manor could accommodate. Perhaps the Loudoun gadfly can tell us that.

And Alan Dershowitz is much smarter than John Flannery, who is an utter fool.

Why are Democrats sucking up to Muslims so much?  Follow the money ... that’s all I can say.

We need tough, no nonsense governing from a GOP candidate who will limit government, lower taxes and be tough on crime and immigration.

A complete moron…loser of a candidate.

“what a panderer”

What a Dhimmi….

Loudoun County’s John Flannery discusses the travel ban on CNN – though oddly accuses Alan Dershowitz of defending travel ban because it would be good for Israel.

‘I Never Want to Be on the Show With This Bigot Again’:  Said Alan Dershowitz

Why should Perriello care about refugees coming to VA?

No refugees are ever going to move into the gated (and mostly white) neighborhood where he lives.

Such worries are for the commoners.

Ironically, ADAMS just had one of their Refugee members just recently charged, convicted and sentenced due to Terrorism related activities. Say what you want, but facts are facts…..

what a panderer

What an idiot.  He’s taking his shoes off in the picture above just to stick his big foot in his mouth.

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